10 Foot Portable Office Container with Walk-In Door

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Our 10 ft, 20ft & 40ft steel portable office containers have an outside dimension of 10’ x 8.5’ x8, 20′ x 8.5′ x 8′, and 40′ x 8.5′ x 8’.

We have office storage containers that are made from the same heavy duty steel frame found in our storage containers. These mobile office containers are designed for portable office use or as a construction office but may be moved from site to site and offer a secure portable onsite setup at remote locations.

Our containers are designed especially for secure storage and are delivered right to your site. With these containers, you can have separate offices or leave them open to maximize the space. You can configure our office storage containers in many different ways to suit your needs. We specialize in modifications that include facilities and installations like insulation, drywall, electric, lighting, AC and heating, which may all be added to mobile office containers. A toilet modification is also available.

Our 20Ft and 40Ft portable office containers are available for RENT, LEASE or PURCHASE. Pick up today!