10 Foot Containers

10 Foot Storage Container

The 10 foot container is a specialized unit designed to match unique onsite storage needs. This unit is 10 feet long in length and the normal 8.6 feet high. This can be a great mobile storage option for those with smaller storage needs and in tighter spaces.

10 Foot Office Containers

The 10 foot container office is an ideal alternative for those that require an onsite office providing you with the exact same durability of a shipping container. We alter 10 foot containers with windows, vents, AC and heaters, carpeting or other flooring, insulation, and an interior finish. We can fit them with electricity, light and communications wiring. These units can be found mainly for rent but please contact us if you would like to purchase the unit.

10 Foot Roll-Up Door

10-continaer-with-1-roll-up-doorWe can install one or more roll-up doors in your storage container, wherever you need them. Multiple Door Storage Containers provide flexible access to your good as well as partitions also available to help separate container contents.

10 Foot Guard Shack

10-foot-guard-shack-containerWe manufacture a wide variety of guard shacks and guard buildings to meet the needs of virtually any security application. Our pre-engineered design is a great alternative to a conventionally built guard shacks. Because we ship the building to the construction site completely assembled, we eliminate the considerable down time you would experience if you built your guard shack or booth with conventional construction methods.