20 & 40 Foot Insulated Storage with Cargo Doors

40-foot-insulated-storage-with-cargo-doorsOur insulated containers are available in 20ft and 40ft sizes, which have an outside dimension of 20ft x 8.5ft x 8ft and 40ft x 8.5ft x 8ft, respectively. The 20ft insulated shipping containers have the standard length for cargo shipments, while the 40ft variants provide more room for larger items.

Here at Carolina Containers, our insulated storage containers boast extremely heavy insulation to preserve perishable goods. Products that are sensitive to temperature changes, such as food, chemicals, and pharmaceutical products, may be transported or stored onsite with utmost preservation and security.

Just like the rest of products, our insulated containers are fabricated out of steel frames and aluminum t-bar floors for added strength. These insulated shipping containers also have standard cargo doors for quick loading and unloading of goods.

Our 20 foot and 40 foot insulated storage containers are available for rent, lease or purchase!