20 & 40 Foot Refrigerated Storage with Cargo Doors

20-foot-refrigerated-storage-with-cargo-doors 40-foot-refrigerated-storage-with-cargo-doorsCarolina Container’s 20’ and 40′ refrigerated containers sit directly on the ground and will fit into a standard parking space. The 20’ refrigerated containers are able to maintain a much wider temperature range than the 20’ walk-ins.

They are capable of going below 0˚F and up to 75˚F. Because of their temperature versatility, the refrigerated containers allow for a much broader range of temperature controlled storage.

They are equipped with lockable double doors on one end. The door opening is 7’6”W (90”). The larger door opening gives you the option to store palletized products. They have a cargo capacity capable of handling up to 8 standard pallets (single stacked, side by side). The t-rail floor system is able to withstand pallet jack and fork lift traffic. They require 230V or 460V 3-phase power and are equipped with a 50 ft power cord.