20 Foot Storage Containers

20 Foot Storage Containers

Carolina Container’s mobile 20 foot storage containers and steel 20 foot shipping containers characteristic frames are assembled from approximately 8′ gauge steel and body building of 14′ gauge steel. This makes our mobile 20 foot containers quite protected, with an about 1 inch wood flooring that can resist a great amount of weight, resulting in more durability.

20 Foot Office Containers

The 20 foot office floor plans offer up to 150 sq ft of workable space with total inside finish out, HVAC unit, overhead lighting, VCT flooring, and electrical outlets. Our 20 foot and 40 foot portable buildings may be used for many things, but some common uses involve:

  • Worksite offices
  • Auxiliary space for game rooms, music studios, exercise rooms, tackrooms, workshops, home offices, storm shelters, wine cellars, tool sheds, etc.
  • Concession stands
  • Housing for workers
  • Calamity shelters and temporary housing
  • Sleeping quarters for fire fighters
  • Overflow for penitentiaries
  • Temporary classrooms
  • Camp accommodation
  • Migrant worker home
  • Medical and emergency practices
  • Shower houses, offices, and activity centers at parks

Carolina Containers’ mobile buildings are accessible for rent or purchase and can be completed to match your exceptional needs and budgetary concerns.

20 Foot Storage Container with Roll Up Doors

Carolina Container also offers 1 or 2 heavy duty roll up doors on our storage containers which offers high security and a very attractive appearance to any container. The heavy duty roll up door is a spring loaded door constructed of double-walled lightweight anodized aluminum slats (with weather seals between each slat) and a lockable stainless steel lift bar. These doors come in a variety of colors and are available in 4ft to 8ft widths.

20 Foot Storage Container With Walk In Doors

The most common and most requested aftermarket entry door is the 3ft industrial personnel door. The industrial personnel door is a solid panel steel door that is constructed of 16 gauge steel and has honeycomb interior. It has a handle, deadbolt lock, and overhead drip ledge.

A much lighter duty personnel door is the 3ft wide residential door. The residential door is a six panel 3ft wooden door with a metal skin. This door also has a handle, deadbolt lock, and an overhead drip ledge. The 3ft residential doors are lighter duty than the 3ft solid panel steel door but are more cost effective and offer the same convenience.

Additional Options

At Carolina Containers there are a plethora of options for storage containers suited for any kind of individual needs. From open top units, full open sides, vehicle storage, refrigerated units and insulated units. Whatever the need, Carolina Containers has the custom option for your needs!