Best Uses For A Shipping Container In The Summer

Carolina Containers storage containersWhat Are The Best Uses For A Shipping Container In The Summer?

Shipping containers are becoming more popular by the minute and the best time to get yours is right now! People usually have more free time and longer days to enjoy during the summer. However, summer also offers excellent summer deals on custom shipping containers in Raleigh NC! How do you plan to use your storage container over the summer?

Seasonal Storage

You probably have holiday decorations sitting around in your house that you only get to use a couple of times a year. This also goes for any unused items you are keeping in your attic or garage taking up space that you could use for practical purposes. Custom shipping containers in Raleigh NC can offer you an ideal solution to this issue by allowing you to keep your holiday decorations until the holidays come around. You can also use shipping containers to store your seasonal sporting equipment like boating equipment and motorcycles.

Storage for College Students

College students usually need somewhere to put their belongings once they are done with the spring Carolina Containers storage containerssemester and need to move out of their student housing units and back home. Students can use custom shipping containers for rent in Raleigh NC to store their belongings temporarily. Instead of moving back and forth between home and school with all of your things when you live far, a storage container makes storage a lot easier and it will save you the hassle.

Home Renovations

Portable custom shipping containers are quite beneficial during home renovations. You can keep your belongings and furniture in a storage container instead of piling them in another room or in a corner when remodeling your home. This helps to keep your things out of the way when you are doing a DIY home renovation or if there are contractors in your house. It also helps in protecting your things from any damage throughout the construction process.

Special Events

Carolina Containers shipping containersSummertime in NC is a great time to host outdoor events, the weather tends to be nice and pleasantly warm at night, a shipping container can be the perfect center of your get together! You can store the seating or sound equipment in your rented storage container overnight safely and securely. You can move a portable storage container to a hidden area of the event ground so your guests will not know it is there. You can also use the storage container to transport gear and supplies from one location to another giving you flexibility.

Office Remodels

Businesses can remodel for various reasons and based on the nature of your business, you may find it risky to expose your confidential company documents to the workers and contractors who will be coming through the building. It allows businesses to store all their files and documents in a secure place away from the office location. Storage containers are fire resistant, rodent-proof, and waterproof so you can be sure that your sensitive documents will be safe and intact for as long as is needed. A lot of government agencies have overflows of documents, and they often turn to shipping container to store these.

For more information on using a shipping container to ship a car contact Carolina Containers at 919-562-9187.

Your Shipping Container Source

Why You Need to Purchase Storage containers from Carolina Containers Company

Carolina Containers storage containersDo you live in Raleigh, North Carolina? Are you considering buying a storage container or a shipping container? Well, Carolina Containers has your back! This amazing container company delivers storage containers through the Raleigh area. These containers have numerous purposes in our daily lives. This will help you identify how these containers can make your life easier and why you should start thinking about purchasing a container for yourself and family.

Merits of Purchasing a Container

  1. They provide extra storage for your home and business- If your home or office is crowded then you have the option of storing your products safely and securely in a storage container. You no longer have to squeeze through your belongings as you navigate through your home or office.
  2. They are customizable Depending on what you want to store or ship, the storage container or shipping container can be customized to fit your needs. They can come in modified specifications if you want, including but not limited to:
  • DrywallCarolina Containers shipping container
  • Insulation
  • Air Conditioning/Heating
  • Electrical
  • Windows
  • Vents
  • Office Doors
  • Roll Up Doors
  1. They are mobile- This means that the storage container can be transferred anywhere in or around Raleigh, North Carolina. You can have your shipping container moved from one office location to another simply for the means of convenience. They can be delivered or moved to a construction site and sealed, as projects are underway. Moreover, you can turn a storage container into an office and move around with it wherever you go. They can very securely hold your items on site to stop the hustle of constantly transferring materials back and forth from a site to a storage area.
  2. They are cost-efficient- These containers are affordable and they help their users save up over time. This is because they are durable and secure. They offer a near guarantee that their contents will not be tampered with or perish. The customizable natures of these containers make sure that they securely cater to their immediate needs of protecting their cargo. This means that they can be customized to store perishable goods. This prevents any losses from occuring. In addition to this, if the storage or shipping container is made into an office you will save up on the transport needed to go back and forth from your office to the site. Your office will be on site!
  3. They support time efficiency- It saves the user a lot of time that they would have spent transporting materials to a site or expanding their office or home to fit their items. Instead of moving from a construction site to the office to pick and deliver materials, the storage container can be brought to the site and securely fitted to hold all the needed materials. Alternatively, the storage container can be transformed into a portable office and moved around from one site to another to reduce the time that would have been spent delivering paperwork from the office to the site

Carolina Containers Company based in Raleigh, North Carolina specializes in making various types of containers for their customers. For more information, visit the Carolina Container site or give them a call today!

For more information on using a shipping container to move or store anything, contact Carolina Containers at 919-562-9187.

Building a Home With Shipping Containers?

All You Need To Know About the Beauty of Building Carolina Containers shipping containersUsing Shipping containers from Carolina Containers

Are you looking to build in Raleigh, North Carolina? If you are, then you might have thought about using the normal building mediums and materials such as stucco, bricks, stone, paneling, and wood, among others. For most people, the use of shipping containers as the basic material of building is not their first idea. Some of you may have seen it and not been sure what exactly to make of it. This shows that very few people understand how reasonable it actually is for shipping containers to be transformed into homes. This will help you understand the beauty of using a shipping container as a house and paint a perfect picture of why you need to consider it as a building medium.

Why Are Shipping Container Houses Great?

  1. Longevity- These houses are durable, strong, and long lasting. This means that they can stomach a lot of harsh weather conditions and situations. These include fires and hurricanes. They are made out of materials that cannot support the spreading of fires. Thus, you do not have to worry about your neighbors’ fire affecting your property.
  2. Cost-effective- Building a house requires a lot of capital to purchase all the materials and secure all the permits. You will also have to set out more funds to pay all the builders and the architect who drew up the plan. On the other hand, a house built using a shipping container already has a basic shell. The remaining part of the building process will be to customize the house to accommodate the average living conditions. This will save you a lot of money as you will not require all the materials needed to set up the house. In fact, some studies show that it saves the homeowner a minimum of twenty percent by using the custom containers to build. They are affordable. A used container is cheaper in comparison to a new one.
  3. Portability- The shipping containers are easy to transport and they conform to the international standard dimensions of shipping. This means that you will be able to move with your home from one state to another. This will come in handy when you feel like you need a change of scenery or you need to move closer to our office premise. In addition to this, you will be able to avoid calamities as you can move away from a state with your belongings intact in a scenario where the area has been warned of an impending calamity such as a hurricane or tsunami.
  4. Easy to assemble- The shipping containers come to you already complete! This saves a lot of time that compared to what you would have to spend building a house. This is because they are meant to stack up on each other. Thus, once they are delivered to your premises, you will be able to move in as soon as possible.

Carolina Containers Company based in Raleigh, North Carolina specializes in making various types of containers for their customers. For more information, visit Carolina Containers’ site or give them a call today!

For more information on using a shipping container to move or store anything, contact Carolina Containers at 919-562-9187.

Buying A Shipping Container?

Buying A shipping Container for your own use!

Carolina Containers shipping containerGone are the days when shipping containers were used solely for the international transportation of goods. Shipping containers can be used for a lot of things that you wouldn’t quite expect, you can even use a storage container as a garage for your car if you do not have one. Other uses for storage containers include on-the-go retail buildings, low-cost housing, refrigeration, office space, fire training facilities, swimming pools, or just plain old storage of household items or office files. The use is entirely up to you, you can specify the size you want and move on to motifications from there!

Doors are important too

However, if you are looking to get maximum use from your storage container then it is best to get one with a double door because it will enable you to get easy and unlimited access into your storage container. It will also give you the maximum available useable space and they are very easy to clean/maintain. However, a double-door storage container has only one issue and that is if you put one end against a wall then you will only be able to access it from one side and this will eliminate your pull-through ability and limit your access quite a lot.

The average double-door shipping container is either 9’6’ tall or 8’6’ tall and 40-ft long. Regardless, this means the storage space is still more than enough and you can even fit two cars inside one unit.

Make Sure You Know What You’re Getting

However, buying a 2-door storage container for sale will have different terms of use depending on the shipping company you are doing business with. Companies usually sell their shipping containers when they have reached the 12-year mark because it becomes much harder to maintain their sea-worthy status. Double door storage containers are usually used by shipping containers in specific conditions meaning you will probably be able to get one when it is still in one-trip condition or even brand new. The doors and the locks will be functional and with minimal effort and you should be able to get a lot of use out of it for a significant amount of time. You can use your container for weeks, months, or even years. Do keep in mind if you want to use it for less than a year then it is advisable to rent out your storage container instead of looking for storage containers on sale. If you intend to use your storage container for more than a year but you are not sure of how long you will need it for, then renting is the answer.Carolina Containers storage containers

Look for security features in your storage container as well. Security should be your number one priority when looking for a storage container on sale. Usually, you will find two kinds of locks on storage containers and they include an interior lock mechanism and an exterior bolt lock. If you buy one with an exterior bolt lock, make sure it is a good quality lock that cannot be vandalized with something as simple as a a bolt cutter. An interior locking mechanism is advisable if you are very concerned with security. It will cost you a bit more but it will be worth it with the guarantee that your items will be safe and sound. It’s extremely hard to break into a shipping container, they are made of thick metal and aren’t just going to be able to be cut or broken in to. Carolina containers is your best source for both renting and buying shipping containers in NC, give them a call today and see how they can fix your situation.

For more information on using a shipping container to ship a car contact Carolina Containers at 919-562-9187.

Ideal Uses For Each Size Of Container

The Ideal Use for Each Size of Shipping Container

Carolina Containers storage containersShipping containers come in an extensive range of sizes. Some sizes are commonly used for residential purposes while other are specifically for storage and moving.

The size of a shipping container in Raleigh, NC that you will need depends on the size and number of items you want to pack and the amount of space available on your property for you to place your storage container.

The variety of shipping containers in Raleigh, NC will have you questioning how much space you are looking for in a storage container. You will need to assess the amount of extra space that you will require for the things you are storing. It is great to have some extra room, but it also makes no sense to pay for a lot of empty, extra room. If you overestimate of space you will need, then this could end up taking up more of the space on your property than need be. If you also underestimate the amount of space you will require then you’re going to be stuck with a halfway done job and have to take the time and money to get another small container for the excess, and we know that’s the very last thing you want to do.

Common Sizes of Shipping containers

10-foot shipping containers

These are the smallest available containers and they can fit in small areas. This type of shipping container in Raleigh NC is perfect for a small living space like a condo or an apartment. It is great for storing roughly half the amount of a one-car garage and it is perfect for smaller household items, garage storage, and sheds. It’s great for those times you wish you had somewhere to put your stuff, but know you don’t have enough to use a large area effectively.

20-foot shipping containers20-foot storage container

This storage container is approximately the size of a single standard parking space. It is great for storing household items in the event that you need to store furniture or something a little bit larger, not to mention it can fit in your driveway quite conveniently. This is one of the most common sizes and it is preferable for most people. 20-foot shipping containers in Raleigh NC can store an equivalent amount to that which a one-car garage can hold. These storage containers can hold the amount of one room comfortably and probably even two rooms. This container is going to be roughly 1150 cubic feet in size.

40 ft. Shipping Containers

This is generally the most cost-effective choice because it usually does not cost much more than the 20-ft storage containers. Also known as the High-cube containers, the 40-ft shipping containers are excellent for stacking boxes and storing tall items due to all the additional height they have. This storage container can store the equivalent of roughly 2 to 3 rooms or a two-car garage. 40-ft shipping containers in Raleigh NC are perfect for larger homes that need a lot of storage space and have enough space for shelving items. This container is about 2400 cubic feet in size and the 40-ft high storage container can store roughly 2700 cubic feet.

If you are stuck on the size to choose, the company will help you decide on which shipping container in Raleigh is ideal for your needs.

Regardless of your needs, the best suited company in the Raleigh NC area to help you is Carolina Containers.They can even customize your containers in any way you need, give them a call and see how they can best fit your needs, you won’t be let down!

For more information on using a shipping container to move or store anything, contact Carolina Containers at 919-562-9187.

Shipping Containers: The More Eco-Friendly Option

Carolina Containers shipping containerThe world has been striving to go green for a while now. It is a worthy cause that all of us should embrace with open arms. What better way to contribute to this cause than to make sure your storage options are eco-friendly. As you may already know, there is a surplus of shipping containers in many ports. This is simple because it is does not make economic and environmental conservancy sense to return the empty containers to their ports of origin, it costs more money than its worth. This situation is actually a good thing as shipping containers can be re-used for many other purposes (otherwise they’d be wasting away not being used). These purposes include use as temporary or permanent storage, portable offices, business structure, homes etc.

Why are shipping containers a quality more eco-friendly storage option?

Durability and strength

Shipping containers are made to withstand all manner of situations including adverse weather conditions. They are made from 16-gauge CorTen steel, can hold 55,000lb and can withstand 1000lb of pressure. Further, the containers can be stacked up to nine containers high, which is great for saving space, and they are durable enough to last for over 25 years. It would be wrong to let something with such valuable properties go to waste. For example, if a company needs extra space for storage, they would have to construct a whole new building for use. That would cost money and is environmentally taxing. Using shipping containers as a means of storage can keep them safe for over 25 years.

Less carbon emission

A whooping 9.9 tons of carbon waste is emitted during the construction of a simple 40-foot mixed material building. Production, transportation and installation of a shipping container (recycled) with similar dimensions and that’s been converted into a duo office releases approximately half that amount of carbon waste. The reason behind all of this is that construction of an office would require use of virgin materials which a great deal of energy is used to procure. Transporting these materials to where they are being assembled also uses considerable energy, as all of the separate pieces must be transported there. Secondly, there is a very minimal need for site preparation if a shipping container is used. They simply need to be set in a fairly level spot, and they’re good to go. Again, this is both cost-efficient and uses less energy.

Save money

Using a Raleigh shipping container as offices, homes etc. is cost-effective. The amount of money you would need to put together such a building is way higher than installing a recycled shipping container. A mixed material building will also require you to hire experts in different fields to work on the specific materials such as metal, wood, glass etc. You will not need as many specialists to make a recycled container habitable, thereby saving you money.


So what happens when you no longer need that extra storage space? Well, you can always recycle the metal. Recycling is a major key to maintaining and saving the environment. The sheer strength of the materials used to make shipping containers is what makes them valuable. For example, it can be used in cargotexture. Cargotexture is a term that describes systems put together either partially or wholly from shipping containers parts. Shipping containers are versatile and can be used discreetly as a strong prefab building element or exposed in the exterior of a development. They aren’t tied down to one specific use, they can be used for almost anything!

In summary, using shipping containers as your means of storage is both eco-friendly and will save you money while more importantly saving the environment. If you live in the Nashville, TN area, you’re in luck! Carolina Containers is your local source for storage container sale and rental, as well as customization! Visit Carolina Container Raleigh’s site to find out more today!

For more information on using a shipping container to ship a car contact Carolina Containers at 919-562-9187.

Why Store Your Things In A Shipping Container

Carolina Containers storage containersWhy Should You Use A Shipping Container To Store Your Stuff?

Storage or shipping containers are more than giant metal boxes they appear to be. Every conex container is designed to survive the rigors of the open ocean during shipping. They are so hardy that they can stand almost anything that is thrown at them from harsh physical environment to treacherous weather.

While the design makes them ideal for storage, it can also be bad for storing specific items because should moisture find its way into the container, it is trapped and can, therefore, cause damage to your property. All containers have tiny pressure vents build into them and they enable the unit to breathe but are not sufficient for functional ventilation.

Because of this, making sure you had enough ventilation based on what you’re storing in the container is essential. It is more imperative if you plan to store items in an environment that has fluctuating temperatures and when storing items that are sensitive to moisture.

The best way to ensure your conex containers have adequate ventilation is by modifying them. Modifications are made by installing rooftop turbine vents, exhaust fans or fixed louver vents. This is a job for the professionals.

If you are using your conex container for storing household items for instance, without modifications to improve ventilation, you risk having your items warp, grow mildew and mold. Extreme changes in temperature can also cause damage to your stored household items.

Best Storage Containers Raleigh NCStorage container

Carolina Containers in a leading provider of storage containers in Raleigh NC region. They have a variety of storage containers, steel containers, shipping containers, conex containers and cargo containers. So whatever use you have for the storage container, Carolina Container will find you the best match.

Their storage containers also called conex containers include cargo containers, milvan containers, office containers, portable containers, cargo containers and shipping containers all available for rent or sale. They are all made from 14 gauge steel making them extremely durable and secure.

Carolina Container company also delivers the container you rent or buy to your location. Better yet, if what they have doesn’t meet all your requirements, their skilled personnel can modify it to your specifications. Modifications can vary from adding the roll up doors to vents, office doors, electrical wiring, windows, heating and air conditions, drywall and insulation and any other variations you might require.

These containers are versatile and they have containers that include outlets for plumbing, lights, heating, tile floors and air conditioning. Carolina Containers go over and beyond to make sure your conex container is modified to suit your unique needs.

Although located in North Carolina, USA, the company can deliver in North Carolina and beyond. Choosing to use a storage container to keep your things safe and prevent them from damage is economical and convenient. Looking for storage containers Raleigh NC, look no further. You can make your order online, or call to get to talk one of one with friendly and capable professionals. For more information visit Carolina containers website!


For more information on using a shipping container to ship a car contact Carolina Containers at 919-562-9187.


Shipping Cars With A Shipping Container

Carolina Containers shipping containerIf you are moving to another place permanently, you have to go through the process of transporting all of your belongings. You can take the light stuff and sell the unneeded furniture but what you have to be careful about, is shipping your car. You may have to buy a high-quality shipping container to make sure that your vehicle will be safe and sound.

This shipping method is secure. As long as your car is loaded correctly and safely into the container, it will be taken care of and protected after that. Here are a few measures you should take to ensure your car arrives safety:

Dos and Don’ts When Shipping a Vehicle

First of all, it is imperative that you drain your vehicle of any fuel. Fuel is combustible and to save your car and the ship from any mishap, you must take this precaution.

You should also disconnect your car’s battery and any other alarm systems in your vehicle.

Make sure the wheels of the car are blocked from all sides, front and rear so that the vehicle stays in its position even when there are minor bangs or knocks during shipping.

If you are transporting other items as well in the container along with your car, see to it that they are kept separately in boxes or a separate compartment.

Empty the inside of your car to avoid damage or breakage of vital items.

The documents for the vehicle should be with you and should not be left in the car.

Now if you know you will have to buy a container for shipping why not buy a one that can also act as a garage later. It will serve you as an additional benefit. It is very convenient to use shipping containers as a substitute for car storage nowadays when your garage is full and all cramped up. So you should take your time and buy a container that is of good quality and will last. You can even use it as a storage unit for your house. It can easily be installed on your property.

If you wish to transport your vehicle and other household items combined, you can choose a bigger container. These services cost slightly more, but if you are moving permanently, it will cost you comparatively less on average than shipping them separately.

For more information on using a shipping container to ship a car contact Carolina Containers at 919-562-9187.

Using Shipping Containers as a Garage

Carolina Containers shipping containersRecently, the focus has been on shipping containers and their recycling. This trend has seen many people develop various applications for shipping containers, especially in regards to a shelter. One of such shelter applications that can be easily fabricated from shipping containers are car garages.

Shipping containers are reasonably priced because the expenses required to fabricate them for a garage, cost less than building a new garage; they are easy to use and maintain once moisture and rust are kept out. They offer reliable protection against theft and vandalism and more storage space. They are also quite easy to install because most of them are almost ready for use provided there is a firm ground upon which they can be placed.

The beauty of recycling shipping containers and the possibility of transforming one into a garage is due to the ease of fabricating them to fit specifications. Shipping containers can be easily modified with roll-up doors, vents, windows, electrical wiring, air conditioning, heat installation, insulation and drywall to make them fit multiple purposes. Shipping containers are excellent due to their modular shape, corrosion resistant steel and the ease of keeping them locked.

A shipping container turned into a car garage offers a safe store for your car and other possessions, but there are some pretty important things that you must consider before settling for one.

You need to measure the space available and the number of cars you need to accommodate. Shipping containers of 20 foot and above are ideal for garages.

Consider local laws and regulations as regards using shipping containers especially if there are size prohibitions or space restrictions.

The climatic condition of your container is necessary to take proper measures to preserve the container for extended periods.

Decide if you want to buy a new one or a used one. Used ones will have signs of wear and tear and will have cracks on their body. Although all of this can be easily fixed, they point to the fact that used ones are only fit for temporary uses. New ones will last longer.

Facilitating shipping containers requires proper and robust foundations. The best is a concrete slab foundation, but asphalt, wooden beam or steel pipe footing foundations are not a bad option.

For information on shipping containers contact Carolina Containers at 919-562-9187.

Build Your Next Home From A Storage Container

Carolina Containers storage containersBuilding a house can be hectic especially if your construction is using traditional materials. Today, you don’t only have to depend on these elements for making your home. Storage containers are another option to replace conventional construction materials and take the stress out of the building. They are fantastic building materials, and if used appropriately, they offer several advantages over the traditional construction materials.


One of the advantages of building with storage containers is their durability and toughness. This is one of the overlooked benefits of storage containers. While at sea, these containers are used to ferry cargo, and they are subjected to extreme weather conditions, yet the load arrives at the port intact. When they are turned into homes, these containers are stronger than all the other eco-friendly building materials like straw bales and recycled plastic. They can resist strong winds and storms when used appropriately. It is recommended that you don’t cut out too much steel when building with the containers to avoid compromising its structural integrity.


When you live in a remote area, sometimes it can be tough to ship the construction supplies or to get the contractor to travel to your construction site. With storage containers, you can convert them to a house off-site in an urban area and transport your finished home to your desired location. With this flexibility, you can live in places where you can’t build a traditional brick house. Remember while you are doing modifications you need to be at a location where there is electricity for power tools such as cutters and welders.


One of the reasons people want to live in a storage container home is because it is environmental friendly. Every time a standard 40-ft storage container is recycled and used as building material, approximately 7700 lbs. of steel is repurposed.  This result means if an average home is built using five shipping containers, around 38600 lbs of steel has been recycled. Also when using shipping containers, you aren’t going to use other building material like timber, asbestos or concrete which harm the environment.

Fast to Build and Portable

One reason why storage containers are quicker and easier to make than the traditional homes is that the primary structure of a home is complete when the storage container gets delivered. With professionals on site, it will take a short time to assemble the design of the house you want.

Portability of the storage container home depends on the design. If you want the house to be transported, avoid too much cutting of the storage container and bolt to the foundation instead of welding it.

If you are looking to build a storage container home, get the professionals to do it for you to ensure you reap all the benefits the storage containers have over traditional construction materials.

For more information on storage containers contact Carolina Containers at 919-562-9187.