Containers Are Great For Temporary Storage

Carolina Containers storage containersWhether you are a business owner or a homeowner, there is a good chance that at some point you will need to have temporary storage.  Whether it is for a renovation or to get items out of your house while family visit, there are many different reasons you might need storage.  What do you do when you need only temporary storage?  Shipping containers make great temporary storage.

Why use a shipping container for temporary storage?

In most parts of the world, a shipping container is considered to be part of a trailer, and thus you don’t need a building permit to drop one on your property for temporary storage.  No permit required is especially true if you are making no modifications to the container.

That being said, shipping containers are very easy to modify and depending on the modification being applied, you still might not need a building permit.  Typical changes include power outlets, climate control, shelving, additional locks, security cameras, and more.  You can also add a lockbox around the existing lock to ensure the lock is tamper-resistant.

Delivery can be as simple as transporting the container on a tilt-bed or a flatbed truck.  Flatbed trucks work best when you have a forklift or crane to move the shipping container into position.  A tilt-bed can deposit the container without the need for extra equipment.  Either way, it is not expensive to have a driver deliver the container.

You can buy used shipping containers from a variety of sources, including directly from shipping companies, to cut down on the cost of temporary storage.  Then, when done, you can turn around and resell the container to someone else who is looking for temporary storage.

In some cities, you can also find a company that will lease or rent shipping containers as temporary storage.  If you find a company that will lease or rent they will typically either offer discounted delivery or even free delivery.

Overall, a shipping container won’t experience many of the adverse effects other storage containers do.  They are not quick to rust, they are watertight, secure, and won’t rot.  Also, they are safer than many other forms of onsite storage.

Shipping containers are a great option for temporary storage.  They can be used to hold a wide variety of materials and items from construction supplies to treasured memories.  With modified containers, you can even provide an environmentally controlled area for your most treasured items.

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We Repair Storage Containers

Carolina Containers shipping containerShipping containers and storage containers have quickly become one of the newest building materials out there.  People are using these versatile platforms to create homes, businesses, warehouse facilities, and more.  The reason people pick shipping containers is that these units are durable and can last for ages.  However, these containers aren’t foolproof.

You may need help fixing, modifying or painting the container to suit your needs.  We repair storage containers to help get you up and running again as soon as possible.  What does fixing a storage container entail?  What can be performed?

Often storage containers purchased used have some damage.  When you buy a damaged container, we can get it back to near new condition so that you are ready to start using it for whatever project you desire.  The repairs include getting out dents, blemishes, and patching holes that the container might have received during its time in service.

Modifying shipping containers is performed when they are purchased to be repurposed as storage containers or homes.  They can be connected, walls or sides removed, windows added, and other additions applied.  We perform all of the services you need to make your storage container meet your needs.  Don’t forget that we even do the easy part such as adding doors!

Your container doesn’t always come with the best paint job ever, especially if it was ever traveling on a cargo ship.  Painting your container can be an important part of your project for a more appealing look.  Our team can help you to ensure that your storage container has a beautiful paint job.  We perform this with weather-resistant paint that is specially selected to last.   Pick your color, and we do the rest.

Some modifications and repairs to shipping containers require special knowledge.  Our team of experts can reinforce your container to help it be utilized for architectural purposes.  That includes connecting two containers while maintaining integrity, ensuring people can walk/sit/stand on top of containers, and ensure that the container can be buried or stacked.

If you need a storage container modified, then Carolina Containers is the place.  We can provide you with any and all of the services that you need to repair your storage container.  We offer a variety of other container services.  If you have questions about storage containers and shipping containers, make sure that you take a moment to check out our website.

We Can Upfit Your Shipping Container

Carolina Containers shipping containerShipping containers have become a common tool in constructing homes, businesses, and other structures.  They are versatile and can be made into almost anything you can imagine.  People around the world have been using them to create stores, homes, guesthouses, and much more.  How do these people make their shipping containers into these various structures?

They use up-fitting services like those we offer at Carolina Containers.  We help you to take a shipping container and fit it to your exact needs.  Upfitting is essentially a fancy term for modifying a shipping container.  Here are some the processes included:


Shipping containers are often bought from companies after they have been used a little (or a lot).  That means that they can have damage, rust, and signs of use.  We can go over our client’s containers and repair them.  From dents to broken locking systems, we can fix it all.


Many people wish to join multiple shipping containers with a seamless and natural appearance.  We help clients connect shipping containers and to ensure that the process is completed correctly and the final result is structural sound.


Shipping containers are just plain metal shells.  For most uplifting projects, you will need to add things to that shell.  Doors, windows, floors, walls, and more are all things that need to be added for many projects.  At Carolina Containers, we can help you to add almost any piece of modification to your shipping containers.


Naturally, shipping containers are pretty durable.  They survive crossing the ocean, sitting on trains, lifting by cranes, and all kinds of weather elements.  However, once you start removing walls and modifying them, the shipping containers lose part of their designed structure and need reinforcing.  We can help to make sure your new structure is shored up in all the proper areas.

Paint and Blending

After all the work that you have performed on your shipping container is completed, it will leave you with something that looks like it has been modified.  One of our specialties at Carolina Containers is to help hide the fact the container has been altered.  We can paint the unit and blend the modifications into the structure to make it look seamless.

Do you have an image for how your shipping container should appear after your uplifting is complete?  As long as you have the money and the vision, together with Carolina Containers, we can make almost anything a reality.  Contact Carolina Containers today at 919-562-9187 to get your shipping container uplifted.

Preserve Your Collection in a Shipping Container

Carolina Containers shipping containerAround the world, there are wide collections of just about anything that is possible to collect. From comic books to vintage items, there are a lot of collections out there. If you are passionate about collecting items, then you need a place to store them. Where do you store your collection?

If the answer is your attic or basement, you probably aren’t keeping your collection as safe as possible. These two locations have extreme conditions of hot and cold, dry and damp. Other areas such as your living room or office run the risk of the items getting damaged, stolen, or even just wear.

Where should you store your collection then? A storage unit? No. You have to drive your items to a storage unit and worry about transportation. The answer is shipping containers.

Shipping containers make perfect storage containers for your collections. These units can be delivered directly to your home and modified to store your collection.

It starts with the fact that shipping containers can come in a variety of sizes from small to large. That means you will be able to hold everything in one place. For collections like magazines, you can use a smaller container. Bigger items, such as movie memorabilia, can be housed in a larger unit. For extensive collections, you can connect multiple shipping containers.

One of the great benefits of shipping containers is that it is incredibly easy to modify them to be able to handle a wide variety of conditions. For example, you can add power so that you can use lighting and electrical outlets. Depending on your needs, you might require multiple power options installed in your unit.

It is also possible to fully climate control a shipping container. For the hot weather, you can have an air conditioner installed. And during the colder months, you can have the unit insulated to protect the items inside. You can even add an HVAC unit for all seasons. No matter what kind of climate control you need, a shipping container can be modified for it.

Shipping containers make a perfect storage option for those who collect just about anything. You can even store vehicles in shipping containers to keep them in pristine condition. In addition to that, a shipping container can be placed just about anywhere. From backyards to office parking lots, the versatility of a shipping container storage unit is unrivaled.

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Ways To Insulate A Shipping Container

Carolina Containers shipping containerShipping containers are now being used for all kinds of purposes other than shipping products.   These containers are used for storage, construction site offices, pop-up stores and even housing.  They are not designed for human habitats, but that can be rectified by insulation. Harsh climates with hot summers and chilly winters are dangerous if people are exposed to the weather for long. Insulation is vital not only for comfort but also to prevent the container from mold or corrosion. Let’s see how one can insulate a shipping container.

Foam insulation

To keep the container warm during cooler climates and dry in damper ones, spray foam insulation is the way to go. As the most flexible and quickest method of insulation, it creates a consistent vapor barrier combating condensation and leaving the container dry. Foam insulation is sprayed into gaps on the inside and outside of the shipping container as well as underneath it to prevent moisture from creeping in.  If one is interested in painting over the foam, allow it to settle. Spray foam insulation is messier and more expensive than other options such as blanket insulation or insulation panels.

Insulation panels and blanket insulation

These two options require stud walls to use.  Insulation panels are purchased at predefined sizes and fitted into the gaps of a stud wall. Their depth gives them a high insulating power which is much cheaper compared to foam insulation. For blanket insulation, rock wool or fiberglass is the material used which requires a lot of care when handling. For safe installation, personal protective equipment should be at your disposal. Out of the three options mentioned, blanket insulation is the cheapest.

Eco-friendly options

Options that include natural materials like wool, mud, cotton or a living roof for insulation are all considered eco-friendly. Wool insulation method uses sheep’s wool while cotton uses recycle cotton which makes it differ from blanket insulation. Though it’s not recommended to replace proper insulation, a living roof can minimize indoor temperatures and mud can be used on the container’s roof.  It’s advisable to use mud only in areas where rain is scarce; too much water isn’t friendly to mud.

No need to stick to one method, combining more than one insulation process is different sections can ultimately provide a better result.

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What to Know Before Buying a Shipping Container

Carolina Containers shipping containerMany people today are interested in the off-the-grid living concept.  A shipping container can make this dream become a reality and be the ideal solution for those individuals looking to build an alternative type of home, guest house, or farm house. When searching for that perfect container here is some vital information one should know before buying a shipping container.

Purchasing Prefabricated Containers

Purchasing a prefabricated shipping container might sound like an affordable option at a glance. However, this should only be done if the alterations are exactly what is wanted.  If additional work is required to alter what has already been done, it may be cheaper to start with a blank slate.  This approach all depends on the specifications of the project.

Purchasing from a Local Warehouse

Local warehouses might have used shipping containers for low prices; however, it is important to verify the ownership of the respective container before committing to the purchase.

Know the Material

Although one shipping container might appear to be similar with another, the material can be different.  It is important to pick the right kind of material to enjoy the best return on investment. It is always better to go for a shipping container made out of “Cor-Ten Steel.” Such containers will tolerate severe weather conditions and last for a very long time.

Get the Assistance of an Expert

Those who don’t have confidence in selecting the right kind of container, it is better to seek the help of an expert. Perhaps, a friend, a relative or a colleague can provide necessary help.

Compare Prices

The best way to get a shipping container for an affordable price is to request quotations from several sellers. It is also better to pick a vendor who offers free transport.

Personally Inspect Before Purchase

It is not wise to rely on the outer appearance of the container; it should be free of rust, holes and other damages. That is why physical inspection is so important when purchasing a shipping container.

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Shipping Container Remade into a Wine Cellar

Carolina Containers shipping containerLuis Fernando famously said, “Wine is the only artwork you can drink.” Most people would completely agree with that statement. The same people would also agree that storing wine for future use is no simple task. Which is why we will look at a simple way to build a storage unit for your wine. For this do-it-yourself project, we are going to use a refrigerated shipping container.

Steps to building a wine cellar:

  • Get all the relevant approvals from the local government – Proper zoning and permits allow you to build on your land and are approved by the local government after inspection of your building plans.
  • Purchase a refrigerated shipping container – whether you decide to buy a new or used shipping container, it will be suitable as you will only need to replace the refrigeration unit with an air conditioner for controlling the cellar’s temperature and humidity. These types of shipping containers are already insulated and contain a three-phase current to power the air conditioning unit.
  • Dig a hole that corresponds to the shipping container’s dimensions as well as making sure the shipping container’s door is not obstructed. Make sure you also take into account space for things like stairs to and from the cellar.
  • Construct a concrete pad at the bottom of the hole – This will act as the base on which you will place the shipping container.
  • Cover the exterior of the shipping container with roofing tar to protect it from moisture.  Moisture will cause the container to rust if proper protection measures are not put in place.
  • Using proper equipment, place the shipping container on the concrete pad.
  • Once the shipping container is in place, frame the roof. Make sure you also install a skylight to improve light distribution in the cellar.
  • Buy a good air conditioner that will meet the necessary conditions of wine preservation. Replace the refrigeration unit on the shipping container with the recently acquired air conditioner.
  • Cover the shipping container in earth leaving plenty room to access the doors.
  • Hire a local contractor to build the stairs and make any additional improvements to the cellar.
  • Get a local carpenter to construct wooden racks to place your wine on.
  • Plant vegetation where possible so as to make the landscape around the cellar aesthetically pleasing.

Your self-made wine cellar is ready to store your drinkable artwork.

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3 Common Uses For Shipping Containers

Carolina Containers shipping containersWe all know that shipping containers are used extensively in the transportation industry to transport a broad range of materials domestically and internationally.  Now, these versatile containers are also used in a variety of applications for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.  The structural variations are endless making them a less expensive alternative for buildings.

Businesses can order custom shipping containers to fulfill a variety of specific needs and purposes.  The versatility of these boxes means a company can have what they need regarding space and storage without the time and expense it takes to build a brick and mortar building.  Here are three common uses:

Office Space

Finding enough space for an office can be difficult, especially for an organization that is growing rapidly.  Sometimes you need the added space and can’t wait for new construction or space to become available in the area.

In this case, shipping containers can work very well.  A custom designed shipping container can be ready and delivered in a short time frame.  The empty shell is customized to your specifications (windows, doors, A/C, etc.) to create a pleasant work environment quickly.  The containers can be single units or stacked to create larger environments.  Multiple units can be joined with staircases and walkways.

Moveable Business

Another common use for these containers is for moveable or seasonal businesses.

Pop-up restaurants or retail stores are ideal for using shipping containers.  Eateries in areas that are only open in the summer or retail stores selling holiday items can use customized shipping containers as their base of operations.  The cost to customize is relatively small, and the whole store can be moved to a new location during the off-season.

Secure Storage

On-site secure storage is a must for many businesses.  Whether there are tools or equipment to protect or just supplies that need to be readily available a customized shipping container can be the solution.  The steel construction makes them tough to penetrate, and they are weatherproof to protect the contents from the elements.  A customized interior can keep contents organized for easy access and inventory control.

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Containers Can Be a Wise Investment

Carolina Containers containerThe economic situation that has boosted a lot of start-ups in the past decade has led to a rise in businesses making innovative decisions in cost cutting. One of the present trends that have suddenly been adopted and have entered the market is the use of containers as an asset that can play multiple roles. Containers have proven to be useful office spaces, self-storage boxes to store large items as well as business resources. They are being used in retail and at the same time for their conventional method of transportation and shipping. This article includes information of the vast potential that these containers have, to reduce the overall cost for the company, making this a smart investment for most.

Carolina Containers is one such provider ranging from a portable shipping container to a steel office container. Although many would argue whether these containers are a sustainable option, to further ensure the credibility of these large steel boxes, here are some facts that most companies already using them have noticed.

How They Reduce Dollar Cost

One of the biggest problems for small start-up owners nowadays is that most have to go through the tiring process of finding a suitable office space for themselves and their employees. With these boxes now being modified to buyer specifications, they are helping entrepreneurs provide space to carry out day-to-day business. This unique use helps save on monthly rent which is spending without owning anything. All that is required is a small plot of land to locate the container and voila, a permanent office space.

How They Reduce Maintenance and are Durable

Since these containers are made of metal, all they need is an occasional paint job to lessen the possibility of your asset depreciating. Their durability prevails overall meaning you can relocate your office to any such environment as the situation requires. The possibility of relocation is also easy because these containers can be shipped to the desired area with a minimal cost as opposed to finding and renting out a new place.

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Offbeat Ways to Use Storage Containers

Carolina Containers storage containerAs international trade goes from strength to strength, storage containers have become a ubiquitous part of the modern world. However, they aren’t just for getting objects from point A to point B- if you start to think outside the box, then there’s no limit to the number of uses you can find for shipping containers.

A Storage Container Summerhouse

Wooden summerhouses often let all sorts of creepy crawlies in- with a metal shipping container, you’re protected from that, as well as from the elements. They are easy to set up, and thanks to the easy customization of shipping containers, you can add windows and doors to your liking, making for the perfect addition to your garden. There’s no need to place on a foundation since a shipping container is already strong enough as it is- meaning you’ve got an instant summerhouse as soon as you buy one!

A Ready-Made Pool

Shipping containers come in multiple sizes, from as small as 10ft in length to up to 53ft, so however much space you have on your property, you’ll be able to transform them into a ready-made swimming pool, instead of making it out of concrete. You can either submerge them in the earth or cover the outside in wooden planks for a great hot tub look. Shipping containers are also very easy to paint- so you can get the perfect look with no hassle!

A Mobile Home

Some people even choose to live in shipping containers, building entire homes out of multiple containers to save a fortune on construction costs. While this is an extreme use of shipping containers, you can always convert one into a mobile home, that you can easily transport around on a trailer. There’s no need to purchase an expensive RV- with enough time and effort; you can transform a shipping container into the perfect place to lay your head during your travels.

A Pop-Up Shop

By adding adjustable or sliding doors to a shipping container, you can have fun with it- including using fold-out doors to turn what was a wall into some extra floor space. With that in mind, shipping containers make for great pop-up shops, especially food vendors. Instead of selling your wares out of a truck, you can give your customers somewhere to sit before folding everything away neatly at the end of the day.

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