Containers Protect Construction Materials

Containers Protect Construction MaterialsAlthough the uses of conex (CONtainer EXpress) containers are highly versatile today, they were designed and first used by the U.S. Army in 1952.  The system of containers that could protect the contents and be stacked during the shipping process made moving materials and goods around the world faster and more efficient.  Today, these shipping containers are used for various purposes.  The concept of using these conex boxes is beneficial in multiple ways; they are eco-friendly, affordable and convenient.

One of the alternative uses for these custom conex containers is seen in the construction industry.  Due to their mobility, construction companies often use them to store materials and equipment on a site then upon completing the project just move the whole container to the next job site.   Containers not only protect materials and equipment from the elements, but they are also secure.  Don’t need one for long-term?  Have you thought about rental conex containers?

Equipment Storage

When it comes to the sturdiness and strength, container boxes are unmatchable. Constructed of industrial grade 16-gauge steel, breaking into such container is an arduous task. A container can be the ideal solution for storing tools and equipment on construction sites that are vulnerable to theft. Accessing the equipment, tools and work supplies inside these boxes is a simple task for authorized personnel; it is a matter of unlocking the door with the provided key. Moreover, these containers are easily customizable; adding lights, shelves and new doors are examples.

Material Storage

Apart from storing the equipment and tools securely, construction sites must protect their materials too (for instance, wood, windows,  doors, fittings, cabinets, etc.). These materials need to be kept away from potential impacts, such as weather until used. The problem of materials that are temperature sensitive can be addressed by customizing containers with roll-up doors or an HVAC system.

When buying conex containers for material storage,  a construction company doesn’t have to worry about extreme weather conditions; these steel boxes are weather resistant and can be enhanced further with climate control techniques.

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Steel Conex Boxes – Various Types & Door Options

10 foot storage container roll up door_optConex containers can take on different jobs. They can be used for business, general storage or even as a mobile office. Cargo doors which usually come with standard steel containers may not be ideal for all of these uses. That’s why there are different types of containers and a variety of door styles to choose from. If you are in the market to buy a steel conex container, we are going to get rid of the confusion that comes with choosing the right one. We will provide you with information to choose the right door for your requirements.

Check the number of locking bars
There are some steel storage containers that have a single locking bar. These are S1 doors containers which also have a reduced weight and are ideal for domestic storage or any other purpose that has frequent use. S2 doors containers have double locking bars and offer a better form of security and are ideal for heavy storage or construction sites.

What’s the size of the container?
Most steel shipping containers come in two standard sizes 20ft and 40ft. This standardization of containers is done to ensure that all containers can accommodate different uses. Even though the exterior specifications are usually standard, the interior measurements can be different. You may also have specialty containers such as flat track and open top containers. High cube containers come with an extra height so that it can be able to accommodate certain types of equipment or storage. If you’re going to rent storage containers, it’s important to check the dimensions to make sure you’ll be able to get your things in and out properly!

Container modifications
When you buy a steel storage container in Raleigh, you can then have all types of modifications to suit all your needs. Common custom container modifications done on steel containers include painting the exterior and interior, adding a lock box, windows, security bars, side vents, electrical outlets and exhaust fans. All these is done to transform a standard container that has been designed for carrying cargo into a living or proper storage space.

Most importantly, inspect the condition of the container to make sure it is worth the cost. You can choose between used and new steel containers, have a custom design and transport it to the required destination. Building with a new container can give you the perfect space and save you money. Consider the overall cost of buying the steel container including the delivery charges when making a decision.

Should You Rent or Buy Shipping Containers?

Carolina Containers shipping containers storage containersWhen it comes to shipping goods, many business owners find that a shipping container is the best solution for their needs. Shipping containers are large, durable, and allow you to transport all manner of goods, large and small, efficiently. However, there is still a significant question that you should ask yourself – should I rent a shipping container, or buy one? This article has been created to help you make this important decision.

There are three main factors that you need to consider before buying or renting a shipping container- your budget, your timeframe, and exactly what you plan on shipping. If you will only be using the shipping container once, such as moving your office to another location, then renting a shipping container makes more financial sense.  Buying a container for this one time use is not only more expensive but then you are burdened with having to sell it at the other end. Put simply, renting a shipping container makes this process much more efficient, and saves you money.

If your business regularly makes international shipments, then you might want to think about buying  shipping containers outright, instead of renting them. Since you will use and reuse them over an extended period, you will eventually recoup the cost of buying.  After the initial investment is paid off,  you will start to benefit on your investment by no longer paying rental fees. When you purchase a shipping container  can have it painted with your company’s logo for easy identification. In addition, you can base them out of your firm’s warehouse to make loading and unloading easier.

Of course, some businesses still need to make these kinds of shipments, but on a less regular basis. In this case, the best option is to rent at first, possibly with a long-term contract. This arrangement allows you to save money on rental fees on a month-by-month basis.   It also gives you the time to calculate whether buying a shipping container in the future is the best economical choice for your business.  If you know that you will only use your shipping container on rare occasions, then renting a shipping container is clearly the best option.

Whatever you choose, you can be assured that Carolina Containers provides the best deals around on shipping containers for rent or to buy.  They will be able to negotiate a price around your needs and budget.  Contact Carolina Containers at 919-562-9187.

Buying a Shipping Container? What YOU Should Know!

20 foot storage container office with door_opt2Storage containers can be used for many things. Even better, owning it directly will allow you to do all SORTS of things with it. There are two options – renting or buying. Buying containers (just like buying a house) will give you far greater latitude when it comes to customizing it.  These containers can be setup to provide all sorts of functionality for you. They can be used to stash items like home appliances or even converted into an office, garage or an additional living space. Knowing how you are going to use the storage container is important because it will help you to select the right one for your needs. Below are a few things to consider when buying storage containers.

Start with the size
Storage containers come in a variety of sizes. 20 foot and 40 foot are our most common sizes, but we can get others.  Choosing one that is too big will make you spend a lot of money over unused space. On the other hand, a smaller container may never suit your needs, so you’ll end up spending more money to get a second one. It’s important to know what size will be perfect for your current situation. You can get professional advice on the size that is appropriate if you are not too sure.

Choose between a used or a new container
The decision whether to go for an old or new container will depend on many things – especially your budget. An old unit will cost considerably less than a new one. Be extra careful when buying an old storage container. Make sure that it is in proper condition. Some old containers may have rust or holes that make it a risk when storing items like appliances. New storage containers may be costly but they are ideal because of their top-notch condition.

Consider the features
A storage container is not exactly a pocket-change purchase, so you must consider what features you are getting before you buy.  These containers CAN be gussied up with ventilation, air conditioning, security, and roll up doors among others. There are containers that come with additional features because they have been modified to suit certain specifications.  The most basic of containers obviously will be the cheapest, but will be straight like they come off the ships – with double doors on one end.

If there are any features that you are particularly interested in having – but aren’t already in place, consider getting  the modifications after you buy. Factor the cost of having those modifications after buying the storage container. For more details on storage container specifications, get in touch with Carolina Containers in Raleigh.

Most importantly, choose a storage container from a reputable company. Not all places that offer storage containers in Raleigh NC will give you value for your money. Perform some due diligence before you spend your money on a container. It’s advisable to speak to a few people who have bought the containers from the same dealer and find out what their experience was.

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Containers are Ideal for Construction and Storage

Carolina Containers storage containersThe construction industry has a great impact on today’s economy. The broad scope of construction industry makes it a valuable contribution.  Housing is on the rise along with commercial building as our country expands.  The Government is also supporting the economy with contracts with the construction industry to develop infrastructure related to health, transportation as well as the education sector.

Carolina Containers provide quality control steel containers and have vast experience. These steel containers are the essential equipment for construction of any site area. The flexibility of shipping containers is continually being explored by many types of businesses. Carolina Containers are one of the primary providers for storage, shipping, cargo and office containers. They specialize in providing shipping containers used on construction sites. These containers are also ideal for on-site offices.

Steel Containers are perfect for holding materials that should be secured while projects are in progress.  During the demolition phase of construction, components can be sorted into trash and items to be saved for re-use.  Conex containers are absolutely perfect for this kind of usage! A storage container is a perfect receptacle for re-usable items while the site is under construction.  These shipping containers are fit for harsh weather conditions. If security is a concern, all the containers can be safely locked up.

These containers may also be used as meeting rooms, lunch rooms, first aid centers, accommodation and various other purposes. They may be customized and adapted to include doors, windows, air conditioning, insulation, shelving, kitchen and even toilets.

They are easily transported to the desired construction location. These are time-saving, cost-effective, versatile, durable and secure to use. If you have a building project for a set period, consider renting shipping containers.  However, if you would like to customize one and plan on relocating it to various job sites, purchasing a shipping container from Carolina Containers would be ideal.

The average size of the container is 20’ by 40’, but if a person wants to have the containers for a particular use, then Raleigh Carolina Containers can fulfill customized demands.

If you are interested in building a container home or even a shipping container restaurant, why not give us a call on the following number and still if anyone has any queries feel free to contact us anytime.  Just call Carolina Containers at 919-562-9187.

Converting Storage Containers into Homes

10 foot storage container walk in door_opt1Storage containers are exceptionally beneficial in more ways than merely transporting goods. Environmental conservationists encourage everyone to do what they could to lessen the human impact on environmental degradation.

Recycling storage containers is one way you can do this. Recycling is not only fantastic for the environment but also saves you money, particularly when a storage container flip in to a home. Hire contractors and you don’t have to buy many building materials. All you will need a couple of fabrication essential, and is two, or a storage container.

Make sure to visit your local building authority for some of the required construction permits for houses in the region, before starting any development function.

Planning the building site

Where your storage container dwelling will be put up by you you should prepare the property. A small excavation is mandatory if you desire to produce a construction that is permanent. Excavation is generally unnecessary when it is a cellular house. You must find excavation specialists who will guide you on any crucial grading perform and handling storm water, septic tank. The base is normally a slap on grade use. You can even contain a foundation perimeter wall for architectural integrity that is better.


The changes should be reviewed by you with builder or a structural engineer. Slicing houses and installing adjustments including doorways and windows can damage the construction even though storage pots are fairly strong. Obtaining guidance from a specialist is not unnecessary to preserve the architectural strength of the box. When eliminating any like reducing in doorways and windows of the panelings your storage box may need support. After all the cuts have already been produced, it is possible to fix pots to each other creating the areas that are different to the house.

Finishing Touches

As soon as the storage containers are fastened to the foundation and to each additional, you may start installing the windows, doors, pulsating, skylights, framing, insulation, plumbing, heat and cooling system among additional finishing details. You are able to utilize a common company for these finishing touches. They may counsel on what materials to use on different parts of the house. You may also install fixtures like sinks and bathtubs among the others.

You need to get an inspection with a building established for the sign off once you finish your storage pots house. This inspection may give you with a certification of occupancy, which allows the house to be lived in by you.

How to Buy Storage Containers

20 foot storage container cargo doors_opt1Buying storage containers is a process that needs not be underestimated to avoid disappointments in the end. It is possible to buy a new storage container but this will cost you more money than you are willing to spend at the storage stage. It is for this reason that most people will go for second hand containers for their storage needs. Here is how to buy storage containers effectively on or offline.

Know your storage space needs
Different people will have different storage needs, which is why you need to pinpoint exactly what you need stored before making the purchase. This is done by estimating the size and type of your items since these will all need different containers. Delicate items may need temperature controlled containers while normal items will just need a normal all weather containers. More items will need huge containers while fewer ones will need smaller items but this is also affected by your storage grounds, though the advantage of the containers is that they can be stacked when space is limited.

Take time to research and shop
Taking time to hit the market will save you a lot of time and money due to the fact that you get to compare many options. This can be done both on and offline to ensure that you cover as much ground as possible and so it is also wise to take time and visit premises to see what the containers look like exactly besides trusting in photos that may not be real.

Compare prices between companies
It is important that you create a data sheet to compare prices and sizes effectively for the purpose of a more informed buy. Doing this also gives you the best choice at a simple glance.

Inspection of the containers
The fact that some storage containers are second hand makes it crucial for you to get an Inspector on board, but this can be done at a personal level to save money if you know what you are doing. Containers may come with damages some of which may affect your stored items if not well dealt with. An inspection will ensure that you get the best containers for your goods from the site.

You can finally buy the storage container in Raleigh after you are satisfied that the pricing and conditions are right for your storage needs. You will need to also ensure that you are buying a genuine product especially if you are making all your purchases online.

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4 Fantastic Uses of Conex Containers

Have you ever heard of conex containers? Do you know their benefits? Do you know why they are used by many people around the world? Here, you are going to be educated about these containers. At the end, you will like this product.

Storage cargo containers provide unique and creative uses. They are durable, secure and sturdy. Custom modifications and applications are available, so your mind is the limit. Creativity of your mind should imagine possibilities and have the picture of the results.


Building schools

In the recent years, customized shipping containers have been modified and transformed into superior building materials. Education facilities can be built out of these containers. Schools made out of these kind containers are of high design, safe and sustainable.

For example, schools like Costa Mesa Waldorf in California, Fawood Childrens center in London, Vissershok Container Classroom in South Africa and Shooters Hill School in London are built out of shipping containers.

Movie Sets

Shipping containers have been through the harsh weather conditions of the ocean. This makes them a no-barrier that people use for storage and other purposes. They have options for insulation modification and temperature control.

The structure of conex boxes actually look like buildings, have a bit of movie magic and correct camera angles. They are durable than traditional set pieces. Surviving harsh sea life makes them a smart choice. So if you want a movie set, prefer shipping containers.

Constructing pop-up shops

Retailers are attracted to conex containers around the world. Why don’t you use sustainable and unique structure to advertise your principles? Consider a storage container pop up shop to market your products.

Pop-up shops are used to spread trends or products. They exist temporarily in certain locations and they give you the opportunity to make sales to individuals who might have not purchased anything otherwise.

Shipping containers are versatile, portable and durable. They can be transported anywhere by trains, trucks or ships without tampering with their contents. These conex containers are created to ship cargo overseas, hence they are well equipped to survive brutal weather conditions.

Electrical Rooms

Conducting electricity is nitty-gritty work that must be done in a specific safe and secure place. Forcing heavy electrical equipment in a room is risky. I advise you to use a shipping container. Electrical rooms should have frequency converters, control systems and switch gears, to control electricity of large structures.

Shipping containers can be converted into electrical rooms. They provide unbeatable mobility. The structure should be weather and waterproof to withstand climate changes. Durability of these containers is paramount in construction.

Shipping containers are strong enough to withstand heavyweight electrical gear. The floor holds up transformers and gears, while walls and ceiling support hefty cables. They are a perfect solution to host control centers geared towards disaster relief.

Cargo containers are fit for the uses  discussed above due their features which include secure steel, sealed doors, hardwood flooring, weatherproof and lockable handles. These features have made shipping containers to be secure, safe, inexpensive and durable.

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Should You Rent or Buy Storage Containers

10 foot storage container1Storage containers are constructed extremely durable and strong. They are able to manage various storage and transport uses. The layout of storage containers makes them perfect for this type of large number of uses including storage of house building, cross country transportation, products and additional advanced uses. Listed here are pointers that may assist if you must determine whether to purchase or lease a storage box.

Long term vs. short-term storage

Leasing or purchasing storage containers depends on whether you wish to keep your things for only a period that is short or long haul. Containers that are leasing are accessible with even monthly leasing rents and weekly. These are excellent for short term jobs like home building, relocating residence and storage. They supply a suitable storage alternative which is not perfect and overly high-priced for the scenario.

If you’ve got long term storage requirements, you must look into purchasing storage containers, particularly when the price of leasing for that interval is just like the price of purchasing one. It’s a choice that is great if you anticipate continuing use of the safe-keeping containers. Storage containers will also be long-lasting once you do not require it and in popular, you always have the option to sell it. Get more details here.


Rental storage containers should be used and maintained in the same state they are rented out. You can’t make any adjustments to the layout of the safe-keeping pots. For this reason their use is frequently restricted to transport and storage. You can find one, if your plan is to get innovative with the storage pots. It’s an excellent expense, particularly when you place it in to a rewarding endeavor like utilizing it for foods vehicle, a cell practice, pool, cell workplace or living groups. With a couple of alterations, storage pots have this kind of varied character of uses.

Why It’s a Good Idea to Convert Shipping Container Into Portable Office

10 foot storage container walk in door_opt1Shipping containers are constructed to be quite flexible and permanent in use. Transport containers experienced a tremendous influence in the construction business, particularly in terms of cell and short-term framework building. Transport containers are employed to build even pools and cell clinics, workplaces, residences, resorts, and universities. Normal shipping containers have a strong metal construction that are great for building exteriors. Only a few modifications are necessary to convert the container into an office.

New or Used
The transport containers come in various standard dimensions and shapes, which could help you save money and time when transforming into an office that is suitable to your requirements. You can buy used or new shipping containers for transformation into workplaces that are cellular. Transport containers are constructed with long-lasting quality. These workplaces that are cellular are an ideal options for handling jobs on website including cell clinics, exploration, forestry, building work etc.

Shipping box workplaces may be personalized to a comprehensive assortment of floor plans too. The off ice can be custom used by you to your own unique requirements of dividers and chambers for better work-flow. The bigger the shipping-container the mo-Re the amount of dividers it is possible to get from an one that is single. The pots also can be further personalized for particular uses. Transformation characteristics comprise adding venting and floors, insulation, doorways and windows and power facilities.


Benefit of shipping containers
Portable shipping container workplaces are produced from ISO standard steel containers. They can be easily transported on conventional cargo container ships, cargo planes and even trucks and rail.  The metal that is long-lasting is perfect for a variety of surroundings aside from climate or rigorous environment problems. Since no basis is needed with mini Mal architectural fabrication establishing the cellular shipping-container workplaces is really simple. It’s possible for you to get excellent structural guarantees because they provide excellent opposition to organic catastrophes for example air currents of as many as 100 mph for shipping container offices.

Mobile transport containers can also be used to create office complexes as well. The design of the shipping container allows for stacking up. External extensions include railings and stairwells which are quite simple to attach to the structure. A lot of welding work is often used to put the structure together since the major construction material is steel. For more tips on transforming steel containers to mobile offices check this out!


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