3 Common Uses For Shipping Containers

Carolina Containers shipping containersWe all know that shipping containers are used extensively in the transportation industry to transport a broad range of materials domestically and internationally.  Now, these versatile containers are also used in a variety of applications for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.  The structural variations are endless making them a less expensive alternative for buildings.

Businesses can order custom shipping containers to fulfill a variety of specific needs and purposes.  The versatility of these boxes means a company can have what they need regarding space and storage without the time and expense it takes to build a brick and mortar building.  Here are three common uses:

Office Space

Finding enough space for an office can be difficult, especially for an organization that is growing rapidly.  Sometimes you need the added space and can’t wait for new construction or space to become available in the area.

In this case, shipping containers can work very well.  A custom designed shipping container can be ready and delivered in a short time frame.  The empty shell is customized to your specifications (windows, doors, A/C, etc.) to create a pleasant work environment quickly.  The containers can be single units or stacked to create larger environments.  Multiple units can be joined with staircases and walkways.

Moveable Business

Another common use for these containers is for moveable or seasonal businesses.

Pop-up restaurants or retail stores are ideal for using shipping containers.  Eateries in areas that are only open in the summer or retail stores selling holiday items can use customized shipping containers as their base of operations.  The cost to customize is relatively small, and the whole store can be moved to a new location during the off-season.

Secure Storage

On-site secure storage is a must for many businesses.  Whether there are tools or equipment to protect or just supplies that need to be readily available a customized shipping container can be the solution.  The steel construction makes them tough to penetrate, and they are weatherproof to protect the contents from the elements.  A customized interior can keep contents organized for easy access and inventory control.

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Containers Can Be a Wise Investment

Carolina Containers containerThe economic situation that has boosted a lot of start-ups in the past decade has led to a rise in businesses making innovative decisions in cost cutting. One of the present trends that have suddenly been adopted and have entered the market is the use of containers as an asset that can play multiple roles. Containers have proven to be useful office spaces, self-storage boxes to store large items as well as business resources. They are being used in retail and at the same time for their conventional method of transportation and shipping. This article includes information of the vast potential that these containers have, to reduce the overall cost for the company, making this a smart investment for most.

Carolina Containers is one such provider ranging from a portable shipping container to a steel office container. Although many would argue whether these containers are a sustainable option, to further ensure the credibility of these large steel boxes, here are some facts that most companies already using them have noticed.

How They Reduce Dollar Cost

One of the biggest problems for small start-up owners nowadays is that most have to go through the tiring process of finding a suitable office space for themselves and their employees. With these boxes now being modified to buyer specifications, they are helping entrepreneurs provide space to carry out day-to-day business. This unique use helps save on monthly rent which is spending without owning anything. All that is required is a small plot of land to locate the container and voila, a permanent office space.

How They Reduce Maintenance and are Durable

Since these containers are made of metal, all they need is an occasional paint job to lessen the possibility of your asset depreciating. Their durability prevails overall meaning you can relocate your office to any such environment as the situation requires. The possibility of relocation is also easy because these containers can be shipped to the desired area with a minimal cost as opposed to finding and renting out a new place.

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Offbeat Ways to Use Storage Containers

Carolina Containers storage containerAs international trade goes from strength to strength, storage containers have become a ubiquitous part of the modern world. However, they aren’t just for getting objects from point A to point B- if you start to think outside the box, then there’s no limit to the number of uses you can find for shipping containers.

A Storage Container Summerhouse

Wooden summerhouses often let all sorts of creepy crawlies in- with a metal shipping container, you’re protected from that, as well as from the elements. They are easy to set up, and thanks to the easy customization of shipping containers, you can add windows and doors to your liking, making for the perfect addition to your garden. There’s no need to place on a foundation since a shipping container is already strong enough as it is- meaning you’ve got an instant summerhouse as soon as you buy one!

A Ready-Made Pool

Shipping containers come in multiple sizes, from as small as 10ft in length to up to 53ft, so however much space you have on your property, you’ll be able to transform them into a ready-made swimming pool, instead of making it out of concrete. You can either submerge them in the earth or cover the outside in wooden planks for a great hot tub look. Shipping containers are also very easy to paint- so you can get the perfect look with no hassle!

A Mobile Home

Some people even choose to live in shipping containers, building entire homes out of multiple containers to save a fortune on construction costs. While this is an extreme use of shipping containers, you can always convert one into a mobile home, that you can easily transport around on a trailer. There’s no need to purchase an expensive RV- with enough time and effort; you can transform a shipping container into the perfect place to lay your head during your travels.

A Pop-Up Shop

By adding adjustable or sliding doors to a shipping container, you can have fun with it- including using fold-out doors to turn what was a wall into some extra floor space. With that in mind, shipping containers make for great pop-up shops, especially food vendors. Instead of selling your wares out of a truck, you can give your customers somewhere to sit before folding everything away neatly at the end of the day.

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Why Shipping Containers Belong on a Farm or Hunting Camp

Carolina Containers shipping containersReusing retired storage containers is awesome for many reasons. These storage containers are considered to be a very eco-friendly and a creative option for different types of enterprises. Depending on the level of creativity of the builder, these storage containers can be used for very attractive and handy projects. Because of the high versatility of these containers, they are considered to be a perfect value addition for farms or hunting camps too. This article explains why shipping containers belong on a farm or hunting camp.

Storage containers are made out of sturdy, durable and weatherproof steel materials.  They successfully withstand extreme conditions like fire, tornados, and storms.  In fact, storage containers have all the important aspects one would expect from an outdoor structure (durability, strength, sturdiness, and weather resistance).

There may be reasons farm owners may want to change the location of their barns or storage facilities. This scenario is when buildings made out of shipping containers become exceptionally handy; unlike permanent structures that are built using concrete or similar materials, barns from a storage container can be moved from one place to another whenever it is necessary.

Storage containers are also a great alternative for farmhouses. They are easily customizable to match the needs of perfect farmhouses. They can be customized easily regarding colors, shape, and sizes. Farmhouses made out of containers will stay strong even during harsh weather conditions; more importantly, they have a very long lifespan.

Hunting camps that are built using storage containers are becoming popular among the hunters. They can be easily placed in remote areas with relatively little effort and time. They can be colored to blend with the surroundings. Again, they are durable and protective; there is nothing to worry about regarding safety.

Using shipping containers in farms and hunting camps is an eco-friendly option. By reusing the containers, farm owners can help reducing the industrial waste and make the environment a better place. They are easy to setup, easy to move and easy to customize. Their long life span makes the best value for the money spent.

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Where To Get Plans For Container Modifications

Carolina Containers storage containersDo you want to create an unusual structure that involves a little craftiness but costs less and can overall be more efficient for your company or personal life?  Container modifications  are building alternatives that allow you to live in fun yet creative structures or create a portable workspace.

These container houses are made out of just about any brand of shipping container out there.  The only thing that you need is blueprints.  Where do you get plans for container modifications?  Most people create their project plans.  This process can be slightly daunting so we have prepared a guide for you so that you can navigate the world of crafting your container home.

Start The Design

The first stage is to start the design this can be done with a number of tools.  One of the best tools for the job is Google SketchUp.  You can get models for the containers from Google’s massive library 3D Warehouse.  SketchUp also includes the resources you need to plan floorplans such as walls, beds, chairs, and tables.

There are a variety of other online and downloadable programs that are available on the internet, but Google is one of the best because of its extensive database of resources, and it’s easy to use.  You don’t need to be an architect to figure it out.

If you need inspiration for the floor plan, take a look at some of the tiny house blogs out there.  Google SketchUp has a variety of helpful resources on the internet itself.

Consult with Professionals

After you have a design that you like it is important to know if it will work or not.  The last thing you want to do is start to invest in a plan that will have faults.  This step is achieved by finding an engineering firm that offers consultations and having them take a look at your design.  A fee is charged for this process but it is better than making a mistake down the road, and it will be nominal for someone who wants to save money by building a container house.

Find The Containers

For some, the hardest part of building a container house is finding the storage containers themselves.  This part varies widely.  Some people can find them in their city or town if they live near a port.  However, there are also a variety of companies that allow you to order shipping containers online.

Sometimes you can even buy containers on websites such as Craigslist or eBay.  If you are buying them on Craigslist, make sure to see the containers before you pay to ensure that you aren’t caught up in a scam.

If you order or purchase these containers used, you may not be able to tell what was transported in them.  Even if the company selling the containers has cleaned them out, you should perform a thorough cleaning before the transformation into a house begins.


The first step to any home, cabin, office or storage location is a foundation.  Container buildings can use any foundation out there.  Concrete is an attractive option because it ensures the shelter is secured to the earth.  You can even have a basement put in the foundation of a container modification.  The design is all up to your preferences and the build location.

Placing The Containers

You will need help with this part; there is no way around that.  You want to have your containers lowered into place on your foundation by a crane.  Once the containers are in place, you will need to secure them down.  Securing can be done by welding them to the foundation or bolting them down.  There are several other options for securing the containers to foundations, but they are rare and difficult to utilize.

After your containers are placed, you are done with the hardest parts of the project.  All that is left to do is install reinforcements for the structure and to remove walls where you need to.  Some people may also opt to install windows and other features on the exterior of the containers.  But these steps should be far easier than the ones you have already handled.

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How To Use Storage Containers for Housing or Extra Work Space

Carolina Containers shipping containersMany businesses need some extra space but don’t have the time or budget to construct a whole new building. For that reason, storage containers are becoming an increasingly popular choice. The containers come in all shapes and sizes.  Savvy businesses use them the ideal solution to their problems.

It’s so simple to transport and set up a storage container as a portable office – taken to any site via truck, and it’s ready to go. They won’t use a significant portion of the budget, and if purchased outright, it can be utilized time and time again seeing an increased return on the investment.

Storage containers are a surprisingly versatile solution since they come in two main lengths- 20ft and 40ft. The former is the perfect size for a couple of workers, while the latter is a better fit for a larger workforce. Both options provide plenty of space, and they can be easily attached if more space is needed. From a single office to a complete, portable headquarters, they are adaptable to any purpose. For that reason, they are ideal for both big and small businesses alike.

What’s more, storage containers are easily converted to include optional features. From doors and windows to air conditioning, or even a complete kitchen or bathroom, there’s practically no limit to what can be done to a storage container. They are also remarkably durable, made out of rust-proof corten steel with firm casing and paneling. No need to worry about vandalism, since storage containers can be readily locked up, and there’s the option of an added lockbox for additional security.

Businesses might like to also use a storage container as accommodation for workers who need to stay on-site, or for when working overtime.

So, if there’s a need for an affordable workspace that’s easy to set up, consider making use of a storage container. These containers aren’t just for construction companies they are for any business looking to set up somewhere outside their main headquarters, or who are in need of temporary workspace while their building is renovated.  All these companies can benefit from a storage container.

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Great Ideas For Custom Shipping Containers

Carolina Containers custom shipping containersA recent trend in construction is using custom shipping containers to create unique structures and homes.  Ever thought about building something from custom shipping containers?  We have come up with a list of some of the best ideas for these containers.

Fire Resistant Barn

Ever thought about the fire hazard that dry hay presents?  With a shipping container barn, you don’t have worry about fire.  It is also weather tight and affordable for any farm.  Multiple units can be combined to develop unique and purpose built barns.

Deck House

Ever dreamed of having a little deck house or a guest room separate from your house?  Shipping containers are a great option for that, and they can be easily repurposed.  Sides can be replaced with glass to provide enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces that still have a view.

Custom Home

You can create a full home from custom shipping containers.  From a single container tiny home all the way to multi-floor units that utilize multiple containers.  Some container homes use multiple containers to construct an eco-friendly house.  They can withstand harsh environments, including beach conditions.


Starbucks has made custom containers into full Cafés while Illy has turned them into retail outlets.  They can make great little stores with plenty of different layouts.  Illy has a unique design where a display folds out of the side.  You could combine multiple units to create exercise facilities and studios.

Schools and Educational Facilities

Connecting two shipping containers allows you to create an educational room big enough to be a teaching space.  Some schools have their whole campus built entirely from shipping containers, and it is a fantastic and affordable school.  For areas that have tornados, these shipping containers can double as shelters.


Who would have thought about having a custom shipping container as a pool?  Well, multiple people have already and the pools created are genius.  You can utilize shipping containers to make both above-the-ground and built-in pools.  These pools can vary hugely in size as the size of containers can be anywhere between 10 feet and over 50 feet.

There are plenty of creative ideas for shipping containers to be used.  Shipping containers are great because they are so versatile and durable.  What do you want to do with custom shipping containers?

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Why Are They Called CONEX?

Carolina Containers conex containersIn the early half of the twentieth century, intermodal containers were made to carry a bundle of goods on ships and trains. They were rectangular boxes with a steel frame and helped with the shipments, but could not be stacked on each other. During the Second World War, the American military experimented with ways to send massive amounts of supplies to both the European and Pacific fronts. The wars would end before the shipping container that could be stacked was designed.

The CONEX Box was developed in the late 1940s by the Transportation Corps of the U.S. Army and called, “The Transporter.”   They were used extensively during the Korean War for shipping supplies to the troops.  The container was built to carry 9,000 pounds of goods at once. After the war, such containers began being used commercially in the mass transportation of goods on and off ships. It was called the Container Express, which was shortened to CONEX (CON = Container, EX= Express).

CONEX boxes are still used widely today.  These containers, made out of 14-gauge steel, are very durable and extremely secure when moving them around. Carolina Containers has customized boxes with unique features such as:

  • Roll up and office doors
  • Vents and insulation
  • Windows
  • Electricity and Lighting
  • Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Tile Flooring

Carolina Containers carries CONEX containers in different sizes: 10 feet, 20 feet, or even 40 feet! They can be an office, they can be refrigerated, and they can even be a temporary living space – with sink, toilet, and shower, and big enough for a bunk bed!

Exterior wise, need a paintjob for a container? Or fix any damages? Carolina Containers does that too.

Carolina Containers deliver shipping containers to construction job sites to be used as an office. They deliver containers to buildings and residential homes where it acts as a place of storage. They do all of this in and around Raleigh and across the state of North Carolina. Why? Because Carolina Containers has the largest selection of CONEXes on the East Coast.

The CONEX container is not just for storage anymore. It’s for living. Call Carolina Containers now at 919-747-4800,

Containers are a Sustainable Building Alternative

Carolina Containers sustainable buildingShipping containers aren’t just for shipping anymore. These containers are now used as portable offices,  add-ons to home, and storage space at construction sites.  These containers are cheaper than newly built construction and are easily moved from one location to another so they can be used over and over again.

These containers are made of 14-gauge steel, making them durable and extremely secure – perfect for work or living units.  In fact, in 2006, the first two-story shipping container home was built, which means, it can even act as a living space.

Instead of dealing with renting an apartment, or finding an office space, these containers provide anything and everything you want. Some modifications they offer include vents, roll up doors, windows, electrical, air conditioning, heating, insulation, drywall, and anything else you might need.

The containers are delivered to a site chosen by you, which means instead of adding onto your house or having to expand the building your business is in, you can have your individual space for any need.

Perfect for residents or business owners making a move. You can store your items temporarily while you move all your possessions. Alternatively, if you there’s just not enough room in your house, you can store items in these sustainable buildings.

The sustainable buildings are also ideal for construction sites as they offer a sealed and secure storage space, so your materials don’t have to be left out on site. If an office space or an air-conditioned break room is needed, the containers can be altered for these purposes.

The choice is yours, from portable storage containers, shipping containers, steel containers, cargo containers to office storage containers. You can either buy or rent and modify anything you want. The whole process is flexible and tailored to you.

Carolina Containers have the largest selection of storage containers on the East Coast, which means you can fill any space in the North Carolina area and up and down the East Coast.

This building alternative is a smart choice for people who are eco-conscious. Carolina Containers in Raleigh NC ensures a green alternative, a quick storage solution, fast delivery, and the option of a tailored space. You can create a home, an apartment, an office, a learning space, a studio, or an emergency shelter. Anything you can imagine; it can be created.

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Containers Protect Construction Materials

Containers Protect Construction MaterialsAlthough the uses of conex (CONtainer EXpress) containers are highly versatile today, they were designed and first used by the U.S. Army in 1952.  The system of containers that could protect the contents and be stacked during the shipping process made moving materials and goods around the world faster and more efficient.  Today, these shipping containers are used for various purposes.  The concept of using these conex boxes is beneficial in multiple ways; they are eco-friendly, affordable and convenient.

One of the alternative uses for these custom conex containers is seen in the construction industry.  Due to their mobility, construction companies often use them to store materials and equipment on a site then upon completing the project just move the whole container to the next job site.   Containers not only protect materials and equipment from the elements, but they are also secure.  Don’t need one for long-term?  Have you thought about rental conex containers?

Equipment Storage

When it comes to the sturdiness and strength, container boxes are unmatchable. Constructed of industrial grade 16-gauge steel, breaking into such container is an arduous task. A container can be the ideal solution for storing tools and equipment on construction sites that are vulnerable to theft. Accessing the equipment, tools and work supplies inside these boxes is a simple task for authorized personnel; it is a matter of unlocking the door with the provided key. Moreover, these containers are easily customizable; adding lights, shelves and new doors are examples.

Material Storage

Apart from storing the equipment and tools securely, construction sites must protect their materials too (for instance, wood, windows,  doors, fittings, cabinets, etc.). These materials need to be kept away from potential impacts, such as weather until used. The problem of materials that are temperature sensitive can be addressed by customizing containers with roll-up doors or an HVAC system.

When buying conex containers for material storage,  a construction company doesn’t have to worry about extreme weather conditions; these steel boxes are weather resistant and can be enhanced further with climate control techniques.

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