Intermodal Transportation Shipping with Storage Containers

Carolina Containers storage containersShipping freight is often done by box trucks however there are lots of cases where using intermodal transportation is the right choice for you. While intermodal transit of storage containers won’t always be the right choice, it is something that you should explore before making your decision. Here are some best practices to consider before committing one way or the other.

Before booking an intermodal shipment, you need to know about the benefits, and there are plenty. Using rail transportation is cheaper than transporting storage containers by road. Not only does it use less fuel meaning you save costs on fuel (and have a lower impact on the environment) but the rail system throughout North America is continually growing and evolving. Of course, the best thing about using rail to transport storage containers is they have the same ride quality as a highway, so you know your shipment will arrive undamaged from transit.

When people consider shipping they look solely at truckload but intermodal is one of the easiest ways to consolidate freight and save money in the process. If you are sending multiple shipments over a week to the same location, then intermodal might be able to save you a lot of money and will keep all of your freight in one place. With planning and scheduling flexibility you will find savings compared to using truckload freight and will also reduce the chances of delayed deliveries.

Although there are a lot of benefits to intermodal transportation, you do need to take extra care in packaging your items as the movement of the shipping containers involves transfers from truck to rail and then back again. Blocking and bracing techniques can give your items extra stability and reduce cargo from shifting within the container itself.

If this sounds like something you would benefit from then, don’t hesitate to contact Carolina Containers at 919-562-9187.  Our expertise and prices are second to none, and we will be able to help you with the logistical side of transporting your storage container as well as helping you to make that all-important decision of whether to commit or not. You could find yourself saving a lot of time and money in the process!

Shipping Container Schools Offer Alternative Learning Spaces

Carolina Containers shipping containerShipping container schools are rapidly becoming an alternative to the traditional brick and mortar buildings. These containers offer the best solution for building cost-effective schools; they are quick to construct, attractively affordable and also convenient for facilitating learning.

Shipping container schools are constructed off-site in a factory setting and shipped to the school’s location. The interiors of the containers are customized before they are delivered.  Using shipping containers makes it possible to construct schools at half the price of the brick buildings.

It is easy to expand the space available to an existing school by adding more containers as required. Shipping containers provide solutions to the following challenges faced by the conventional schools.

  • Lack of space for the growing number of students
  • Construction of classroom while school is in session
  • Completion of construction to accommodate new students
  • Expensive cost of construction.

Benefits of using a shipping container classroom

  • They are cheap and more comfortable to set up than conventional onsite building.
  • They can be customized to suit the need of the school, you can ask for specific design, colors, layouts, and paintings. If the building is going to be a permanent one, the exteriors of the shipping container school can be designed with beautiful fixtures.
  • Shipping containers offer flexibility to schools that need more space because they can be moved around. It can be delivered to a school site for temporary use and removed when the school no longer needs it.
  • They also provide children with convenient, safe, and comfortable environment to learn.

Shipping containers can be customized to suit the need of each school; computer rooms, toilets, workshops, libraries are some uses.

Looking for an alternative way to expand learning space?  Contact Carolina Containers at 919-562-9187.

Shipping Container Hotels

Carolina Containers shipping containerA shipping container is mainly used for storage and transportation purposes and is constructed of hard steel. It is rectangular and comes in different sizes. But the recent development in hotel construction has seen a new use for the shipping container.

Recently shipping containers were used to build a city center hotel in Manchester, England.  Hundreds of shipping containers were shipped from China to Manchester for the construction of a modern and unique 220 bedroom Holiday Inn Express. All the containers had been pre-fitted with wallpaper, full height windows, light fixtures and carpet before the installation. The 20-ton shipping containers took two to four weeks to be stacked.  The design and construction process is new and much faster than conventional construction methods.  Once the boxes are stacked, exterior finishing is added to give the hotel a modern, sleek look.  A guest would never know the hotel is made from shipping containers.

Another concept is the pop-up hotel.  Robert Breare is the man behind this new hospitality niche.  The idea came to him when he got tired of spending restless nights sleeping in the tents at motorsports events. So, he looked for something more comfortable that could be set up when extra rooms were required for an event while being able to move the hotel easily when the guests have checked out.  He calls this new pop-up hotel, Snoozebox.

The Snoozebox hotel comes handy for large events where there are large numbers of guests to accommodate for a relatively short period. It is great for places that can’t support permanent hotels.  Besides beds, each room has a flat-screen T.V, air-conditioning, internet access, heating, a bathroom, and plenty of storage and closet space.  In 2012, the Snoozebox was placed on the grounds of Windsor Castle during the celebrations of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee Anniversary.

The pop-up hotel idea looks promising, and the maintenance costs are low. The shipping containers are sturdy, reliable and weather resistant. The exteriors just need to be painted to prevent rusting from taking place. The Snoozebox can offer concierge and porter services, plus a spa, a bar and a restaurant too.

Shipping containers can be used for all sorts of portable spaces, check out Carolina Containers at 919-562-9187 for shipping containers and ideas.

Sustainable Building With Shipping Containers

Carolina Containers shipping containersAre you looking to create a sustainable building, maybe you want to build a modular home, and you’re searching which is the best option for you.  Opting for a sustainable building with containers is a great idea, plus it can help you save money while still getting an incredible value.

Since more and more steel boxes like this are piling up in ports all over the world, it’s a creative idea to use these shipping containers as the basis for your sustainable building.

Is it a good idea to create a sustainable building with shipping containers?

Carolina Containers is here to bring you the best sustainable building experience by focusing on value cycling. This way we recycle unused containers, all while helping you create the home you always wanted. The great thing here is that the home will have a solid base and additional containers are attached to one another to form the structure of your home.

Since you get a customized structural system, you can easily get a set which includes the support beams, columns and so on. On top of that, containers are perfect for house framing mainly because they have excellent resistance to lateral loads.

What this means is that you can design your home to withstand earthquakes and hurricanes in a much better fashion. Since steel is welded directly to steel, everything has durability. Not only that, but the sustainable building created out of containers also has a very useful roof. You can choose to have vegetation growing on your roof to be completely sustainable.

What about energy efficiency?

Many people will ask themselves how energy efficient is this type of building.  By using the proper exterior paint, the home can reflect up to 95% of the external radiation.  With appropriate insulation, the interior can maintain a steady temperature throughout the year with minimal heating and cooling expenses.

By using used shipping containers for your construction, you are repurposing an item that might otherwise go to waste in some junkyard.  These containers are readily transported (their original purpose) to any location and can be custom outfitted with doors and windows.  Use one or several to create your building.  Some architects specialize in designs using shipping containers and many websites ( that show pictures of how these versatile “building blocks” are being used.

One thing is sure, constructing a  sustainable building with containers is all about efficiency, value and saving money. It looks amazing, and it offers you an affordable home that helps the environment.

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Containers Are Great For Temporary Storage

Carolina Containers storage containersWhether you are a business owner or a homeowner, there is a good chance that at some point you will need to have temporary storage.  Whether it is for a renovation or to get items out of your house while family visit, there are many different reasons you might need storage.  What do you do when you need only temporary storage?  Shipping containers make great temporary storage.

Why use a shipping container for temporary storage?

In most parts of the world, a shipping container is considered to be part of a trailer, and thus you don’t need a building permit to drop one on your property for temporary storage.  No permit required is especially true if you are making no modifications to the container.

That being said, shipping containers are very easy to modify and depending on the modification being applied, you still might not need a building permit.  Typical changes include power outlets, climate control, shelving, additional locks, security cameras, and more.  You can also add a lockbox around the existing lock to ensure the lock is tamper-resistant.

Delivery can be as simple as transporting the container on a tilt-bed or a flatbed truck.  Flatbed trucks work best when you have a forklift or crane to move the shipping container into position.  A tilt-bed can deposit the container without the need for extra equipment.  Either way, it is not expensive to have a driver deliver the container.

You can buy used shipping containers from a variety of sources, including directly from shipping companies, to cut down on the cost of temporary storage.  Then, when done, you can turn around and resell the container to someone else who is looking for temporary storage.

In some cities, you can also find a company that will lease or rent shipping containers as temporary storage.  If you find a company that will lease or rent they will typically either offer discounted delivery or even free delivery.

Overall, a shipping container won’t experience many of the adverse effects other storage containers do.  They are not quick to rust, they are watertight, secure, and won’t rot.  Also, they are safer than many other forms of onsite storage.

Shipping containers are a great option for temporary storage.  They can be used to hold a wide variety of materials and items from construction supplies to treasured memories.  With modified containers, you can even provide an environmentally controlled area for your most treasured items.

For more information on container sales and rentals, contact Carolina Containers at 919-562-9187.


We Repair Storage Containers

Carolina Containers shipping containerShipping containers and storage containers have quickly become one of the newest building materials out there.  People are using these versatile platforms to create homes, businesses, warehouse facilities, and more.  The reason people pick shipping containers is that these units are durable and can last for ages.  However, these containers aren’t foolproof.

You may need help fixing, modifying or painting the container to suit your needs.  We repair storage containers to help get you up and running again as soon as possible.  What does fixing a storage container entail?  What can be performed?

Often storage containers purchased used have some damage.  When you buy a damaged container, we can get it back to near new condition so that you are ready to start using it for whatever project you desire.  The repairs include getting out dents, blemishes, and patching holes that the container might have received during its time in service.

Modifying shipping containers is performed when they are purchased to be repurposed as storage containers or homes.  They can be connected, walls or sides removed, windows added, and other additions applied.  We perform all of the services you need to make your storage container meet your needs.  Don’t forget that we even do the easy part such as adding doors!

Your container doesn’t always come with the best paint job ever, especially if it was ever traveling on a cargo ship.  Painting your container can be an important part of your project for a more appealing look.  Our team can help you to ensure that your storage container has a beautiful paint job.  We perform this with weather-resistant paint that is specially selected to last.   Pick your color, and we do the rest.

Some modifications and repairs to shipping containers require special knowledge.  Our team of experts can reinforce your container to help it be utilized for architectural purposes.  That includes connecting two containers while maintaining integrity, ensuring people can walk/sit/stand on top of containers, and ensure that the container can be buried or stacked.

If you need a storage container modified, then Carolina Containers is the place.  We can provide you with any and all of the services that you need to repair your storage container.  We offer a variety of other container services.  If you have questions about storage containers and shipping containers, make sure that you take a moment to check out our website.

We Can Upfit Your Shipping Container

Carolina Containers shipping containerShipping containers have become a common tool in constructing homes, businesses, and other structures.  They are versatile and can be made into almost anything you can imagine.  People around the world have been using them to create stores, homes, guesthouses, and much more.  How do these people make their shipping containers into these various structures?

They use up-fitting services like those we offer at Carolina Containers.  We help you to take a shipping container and fit it to your exact needs.  Upfitting is essentially a fancy term for modifying a shipping container.  Here are some the processes included:


Shipping containers are often bought from companies after they have been used a little (or a lot).  That means that they can have damage, rust, and signs of use.  We can go over our client’s containers and repair them.  From dents to broken locking systems, we can fix it all.


Many people wish to join multiple shipping containers with a seamless and natural appearance.  We help clients connect shipping containers and to ensure that the process is completed correctly and the final result is structural sound.


Shipping containers are just plain metal shells.  For most uplifting projects, you will need to add things to that shell.  Doors, windows, floors, walls, and more are all things that need to be added for many projects.  At Carolina Containers, we can help you to add almost any piece of modification to your shipping containers.


Naturally, shipping containers are pretty durable.  They survive crossing the ocean, sitting on trains, lifting by cranes, and all kinds of weather elements.  However, once you start removing walls and modifying them, the shipping containers lose part of their designed structure and need reinforcing.  We can help to make sure your new structure is shored up in all the proper areas.

Paint and Blending

After all the work that you have performed on your shipping container is completed, it will leave you with something that looks like it has been modified.  One of our specialties at Carolina Containers is to help hide the fact the container has been altered.  We can paint the unit and blend the modifications into the structure to make it look seamless.

Do you have an image for how your shipping container should appear after your uplifting is complete?  As long as you have the money and the vision, together with Carolina Containers, we can make almost anything a reality.  Contact Carolina Containers today at 919-562-9187 to get your shipping container uplifted.

Preserve Your Collection in a Shipping Container

Carolina Containers shipping containerAround the world, there are wide collections of just about anything that is possible to collect. From comic books to vintage items, there are a lot of collections out there. If you are passionate about collecting items, then you need a place to store them. Where do you store your collection?

If the answer is your attic or basement, you probably aren’t keeping your collection as safe as possible. These two locations have extreme conditions of hot and cold, dry and damp. Other areas such as your living room or office run the risk of the items getting damaged, stolen, or even just wear.

Where should you store your collection then? A storage unit? No. You have to drive your items to a storage unit and worry about transportation. The answer is shipping containers.

Shipping containers make perfect storage containers for your collections. These units can be delivered directly to your home and modified to store your collection.

It starts with the fact that shipping containers can come in a variety of sizes from small to large. That means you will be able to hold everything in one place. For collections like magazines, you can use a smaller container. Bigger items, such as movie memorabilia, can be housed in a larger unit. For extensive collections, you can connect multiple shipping containers.

One of the great benefits of shipping containers is that it is incredibly easy to modify them to be able to handle a wide variety of conditions. For example, you can add power so that you can use lighting and electrical outlets. Depending on your needs, you might require multiple power options installed in your unit.

It is also possible to fully climate control a shipping container. For the hot weather, you can have an air conditioner installed. And during the colder months, you can have the unit insulated to protect the items inside. You can even add an HVAC unit for all seasons. No matter what kind of climate control you need, a shipping container can be modified for it.

Shipping containers make a perfect storage option for those who collect just about anything. You can even store vehicles in shipping containers to keep them in pristine condition. In addition to that, a shipping container can be placed just about anywhere. From backyards to office parking lots, the versatility of a shipping container storage unit is unrivaled.

For more information, contact Carolina Containers at 919-562-9187.

Ways To Insulate A Shipping Container

Carolina Containers shipping containerShipping containers are now being used for all kinds of purposes other than shipping products.   These containers are used for storage, construction site offices, pop-up stores and even housing.  They are not designed for human habitats, but that can be rectified by insulation. Harsh climates with hot summers and chilly winters are dangerous if people are exposed to the weather for long. Insulation is vital not only for comfort but also to prevent the container from mold or corrosion. Let’s see how one can insulate a shipping container.

Foam insulation

To keep the container warm during cooler climates and dry in damper ones, spray foam insulation is the way to go. As the most flexible and quickest method of insulation, it creates a consistent vapor barrier combating condensation and leaving the container dry. Foam insulation is sprayed into gaps on the inside and outside of the shipping container as well as underneath it to prevent moisture from creeping in.  If one is interested in painting over the foam, allow it to settle. Spray foam insulation is messier and more expensive than other options such as blanket insulation or insulation panels.

Insulation panels and blanket insulation

These two options require stud walls to use.  Insulation panels are purchased at predefined sizes and fitted into the gaps of a stud wall. Their depth gives them a high insulating power which is much cheaper compared to foam insulation. For blanket insulation, rock wool or fiberglass is the material used which requires a lot of care when handling. For safe installation, personal protective equipment should be at your disposal. Out of the three options mentioned, blanket insulation is the cheapest.

Eco-friendly options

Options that include natural materials like wool, mud, cotton or a living roof for insulation are all considered eco-friendly. Wool insulation method uses sheep’s wool while cotton uses recycle cotton which makes it differ from blanket insulation. Though it’s not recommended to replace proper insulation, a living roof can minimize indoor temperatures and mud can be used on the container’s roof.  It’s advisable to use mud only in areas where rain is scarce; too much water isn’t friendly to mud.

No need to stick to one method, combining more than one insulation process is different sections can ultimately provide a better result.

For more information, contact Carolina Containers at 919-562-9187.

What to Know Before Buying a Shipping Container

Carolina Containers shipping containerMany people today are interested in the off-the-grid living concept.  A shipping container can make this dream become a reality and be the ideal solution for those individuals looking to build an alternative type of home, guest house, or farm house. When searching for that perfect container here is some vital information one should know before buying a shipping container.

Purchasing Prefabricated Containers

Purchasing a prefabricated shipping container might sound like an affordable option at a glance. However, this should only be done if the alterations are exactly what is wanted.  If additional work is required to alter what has already been done, it may be cheaper to start with a blank slate.  This approach all depends on the specifications of the project.

Purchasing from a Local Warehouse

Local warehouses might have used shipping containers for low prices; however, it is important to verify the ownership of the respective container before committing to the purchase.

Know the Material

Although one shipping container might appear to be similar with another, the material can be different.  It is important to pick the right kind of material to enjoy the best return on investment. It is always better to go for a shipping container made out of “Cor-Ten Steel.” Such containers will tolerate severe weather conditions and last for a very long time.

Get the Assistance of an Expert

Those who don’t have confidence in selecting the right kind of container, it is better to seek the help of an expert. Perhaps, a friend, a relative or a colleague can provide necessary help.

Compare Prices

The best way to get a shipping container for an affordable price is to request quotations from several sellers. It is also better to pick a vendor who offers free transport.

Personally Inspect Before Purchase

It is not wise to rely on the outer appearance of the container; it should be free of rust, holes and other damages. That is why physical inspection is so important when purchasing a shipping container.

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