Using Shipping Containers as a Garage

Carolina Containers shipping containersRecently, the focus has been on shipping containers and their recycling. This trend has seen many people develop various applications for shipping containers, especially in regards to a shelter. One of such shelter applications that can be easily fabricated from shipping containers are car garages.

Shipping containers are reasonably priced because the expenses required to fabricate them for a garage, cost less than building a new garage; they are easy to use and maintain once moisture and rust are kept out. They offer reliable protection against theft and vandalism and more storage space. They are also quite easy to install because most of them are almost ready for use provided there is a firm ground upon which they can be placed.

The beauty of recycling shipping containers and the possibility of transforming one into a garage is due to the ease of fabricating them to fit specifications. Shipping containers can be easily modified with roll-up doors, vents, windows, electrical wiring, air conditioning, heat installation, insulation and drywall to make them fit multiple purposes. Shipping containers are excellent due to their modular shape, corrosion resistant steel and the ease of keeping them locked.

A shipping container turned into a car garage offers a safe store for your car and other possessions, but there are some pretty important things that you must consider before settling for one.

You need to measure the space available and the number of cars you need to accommodate. Shipping containers of 20 foot and above are ideal for garages.

Consider local laws and regulations as regards using shipping containers especially if there are size prohibitions or space restrictions.

The climatic condition of your container is necessary to take proper measures to preserve the container for extended periods.

Decide if you want to buy a new one or a used one. Used ones will have signs of wear and tear and will have cracks on their body. Although all of this can be easily fixed, they point to the fact that used ones are only fit for temporary uses. New ones will last longer.

Facilitating shipping containers requires proper and robust foundations. The best is a concrete slab foundation, but asphalt, wooden beam or steel pipe footing foundations are not a bad option.

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Build Your Next Home From A Storage Container

Carolina Containers storage containersBuilding a house can be hectic especially if your construction is using traditional materials. Today, you don’t only have to depend on these elements for making your home. Storage containers are another option to replace conventional construction materials and take the stress out of the building. They are fantastic building materials, and if used appropriately, they offer several advantages over the traditional construction materials.


One of the advantages of building with storage containers is their durability and toughness. This is one of the overlooked benefits of storage containers. While at sea, these containers are used to ferry cargo, and they are subjected to extreme weather conditions, yet the load arrives at the port intact. When they are turned into homes, these containers are stronger than all the other eco-friendly building materials like straw bales and recycled plastic. They can resist strong winds and storms when used appropriately. It is recommended that you don’t cut out too much steel when building with the containers to avoid compromising its structural integrity.


When you live in a remote area, sometimes it can be tough to ship the construction supplies or to get the contractor to travel to your construction site. With storage containers, you can convert them to a house off-site in an urban area and transport your finished home to your desired location. With this flexibility, you can live in places where you can’t build a traditional brick house. Remember while you are doing modifications you need to be at a location where there is electricity for power tools such as cutters and welders.


One of the reasons people want to live in a storage container home is because it is environmental friendly. Every time a standard 40-ft storage container is recycled and used as building material, approximately 7700 lbs. of steel is repurposed.  This result means if an average home is built using five shipping containers, around 38600 lbs of steel has been recycled. Also when using shipping containers, you aren’t going to use other building material like timber, asbestos or concrete which harm the environment.

Fast to Build and Portable

One reason why storage containers are quicker and easier to make than the traditional homes is that the primary structure of a home is complete when the storage container gets delivered. With professionals on site, it will take a short time to assemble the design of the house you want.

Portability of the storage container home depends on the design. If you want the house to be transported, avoid too much cutting of the storage container and bolt to the foundation instead of welding it.

If you are looking to build a storage container home, get the professionals to do it for you to ensure you reap all the benefits the storage containers have over traditional construction materials.

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Advantages of a Shipping Container Home

Carolina Containers shipping containersShipping containers have become the new home building material.  People around the world have found many unique ways to incorporate these durable containers into their home construction.  Why would you want to create a home from something that used to be sent around the world and hold cargo? Let’s take a look at the real advantages of a shipping container home.


Every year shipping containers are disposed of and sent to yards to sit there until something eventually destroys them.  This process is a complete waste of usable material.  The amount of steel a shipping container home saves is astronomical.  You are keeping the environment in mind when you use shipping containers to build.

Changes Can Be Done Off-Site

Modifications to shipping containers don’t need to be made at the construction site.  That means that the shipping containers that make up your home can be worked on in a workshop where all of the tools and proper equipment are stored.  That saves money and travel time.  It also means there is less work to be done at the construction site.

Uses a Traditional Foundation

A lot of people worry about how a shipping container home is secured to the ground.  In most cases, a shipping container home uses a standard concrete block foundation.  It is attached to the foundation with rebar.  The block design means that the house and foundation can be in place rapidly, as it does not take much time to lay down.

However, not all shipping containers that turn into homes have foundations.  Some people mount them on wheels so that they are portable.  In this case, most of these are considered tiny homes.

Durable Materials

Shipping containers are designed to withstand high winds, massive amounts of water, and all temperatures.  When you build a home out of these shipping containers, you are creating a home that you know will be durable.  Minor alterations to the structure will not reduce the durability, and if significant modifications are made, you can just reinforce the structure to maintain the strength.

Major Savings

One of the great things about shipping containers is that you can find them at reasonable prices.  That means that you don’t have to spend a lot on materials to craft your house.  Not only that, but they are impressively durable and even fire resistant.  Many insurance companies will look favorably upon that, and that can save you money over some other conventional home designs.

Shipping containers turn perfectly into homes. They allow for a very versatile platform that can be made into any design that you want.  Take a look at these benefits and know that by purchasing shipping containers to build a home, you are making a decision that will ensure you get a unique and beautiful home.

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Eco-Friendly Shipping

Carolina Containers shipping containerAs a business shipping product, getting a shipping container across the country may seem hard at first, but there are other factors aside from the expense that you have to keep in mind. For example, eco-friendly shipping practices. You want to make sure that the shipping process for these shipping containers will be as ecologically friendly as possible. But how can you get the best possible results from something like this?

Use the Right Transportation Modes

As you can imagine, there’s no perfect way for transporting shipping containers. You have to review what’s available to you and choose the best one. Usually, rail is a good option. Railroads are always going to ship items, and the number of shipping containers a train can carry versus the amount of pollution generated is a low ratio when compared to trucks. Of course, it’s not ideal, and not all loads are suitable for railroads due to their size, but it can be an excellent start.

Using Space Correctly

Packing shipping containers adequately and using the amount of space you have correctly will surely pay off. It’s a challenge at times, but it will be worth it.  If your shipment cannot fill a container, look for other means to ship your items.  The right approach can help you save money and be eco-friendly at the same time.

Is the Supply Chain Efficient?

Review the complete supply chain of your product.  Review its efficiency.  Are your products getting to their destinations in the most eco-friendly manner?   What modes of transportation are being used in each segment?  Are there alternatives?  Changes in the supply chain will change the efficiency, so you have to be continually reviewing the process and adapting as needed.

Using Recycled Products

Using recycled products during the shipping process will make everything simpler and faster.  Recycled shipping materials such as boxes and packing materials reduce waste in the long run. This change pays off immensely in the end, and it can provide you with a rewarding set of benefits in no time.

As you can see, there are some ways you can start transporting shipping containers in an eco-friendly manner.  As railways and trucks become for environmentally friendly, look into changing your shipping methods.  The shipping industry will see changes in the coming years as the pressure mounts to protect the environment.  Sure, you may need to make a bit of an investment at times, but the results can be second to none. Our planet is worth the effort.

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Shipping Container Options in Intermodal Transportation

Carolina Containers shipping containerIntermodal transportation is a process by which shipping containers are moved from one place to another via more than one mode of transport.  During the transport process, the cargo inside the container is not touched.  Intermodal shipping containers are used to help facilitate the shipment process.  Because the process is different than other methods of shipping, people want to know what their shipping container options are when utilizing intermodal transportation.

Let’s take a look at the various options that you can deploy with intermodal transport.

An intermodal shipping container is the most common device used to ship cargo.  A construction standard for the shipping container makes it easier for logistics by making sure that the containers are easy to stack and match with each other.

The standard for an intermodal shipping container is for the container to be 8 feet wide and either 8 or 9 feet tall.  The construction standards do not specify a length for the shipping container; however, the two most common options are 20-foot  or 40-foot containers.  Other container lengths are seen but not as often are 45-foot, 48-foot, and 53-foot. Non-standard intermodal containers are occasionally seen, but they are rare compared to the five options listed above.  Non-standard sizes are usually constructed for a specified cargo that can’t use the standard sizes.

Companies around the world have attempted to make pushes for alternative options to the standard height of the shipping containers to be adopted.  One popular reform is for 10-foot 6-inch containers to be accepted.

For material that requires unique storage, such as tanks, there are options out there.  A tanktainer is a container with a reservoir built inside the structure to support the transport of various liquids.  You can also get containers specifically designed for transporting perishables or containers with soft-top lids.

One thing that is standard across all intermodal shipping containers is that the cargo is secured.  The most common accident for trucks transporting a shipping container is due to the load shifting because it isn’t anchored properly.  Just like the standardization of the shipping container helps your load to get to your destination, so does proper securing of the cargo.

Shipping with standardized intermodal containers just makes sense.  It allows you to get your cargo from one point to another as quickly as possible.  There is no loading and offloading of the goods except at the destination.  Most shipping applications can fit in one of the containers above.  For those that won’t, you can often find the appropriately modified container.

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Moving Your Household Goods in a Shipping Container

Carolina Containers shipping containerMoving from one place to another takes a lot of time, energy, and planning. For your valuables to remain in the same condition when moving from one destination to another, you need to know what is required. Although there are many methods you can use for moving; a shipping container is the best. These containers are constructed to keep your belongings safe and secure when in transit from your old home to the new. Here are some of the things to know about shipping containers.

Consider the Size of Container Needed

Shipping containers come in different sizes.  The length of the containers can be 10’, 20’, 30’, all the way up to 53’, long. Depending on what you want to store it them and the goods you are moving, you need to choose the size that your items will fit properly. A 53’ shipping container has over 3600 cubic feet, while a 10’ has only 680 cubic feet.

Who Moves the Container?

After getting the right container size for your household goods, you need to know who can move the container. A truck or a Flatbed is ideal for moving the shipping container. A flatbed trailer is ideal for a smaller container, but for a larger shipping container, it is better to find a trucking broker or trucking company. Use a national company if the shipping container is moving a considerable distance. Use local trucking companies to move the shipping container up to a few towns away.

The Shipping Container After the Move

There are two main options for the shipping container after moving. It can act as a backyard storage or as a substitute for a shed. They are cheaper than sheds especially the larger ones. The containers can also be sold to a local shipping container company after you move. They can be listed as classified advertisements and sold to other people who want to use them too.

When you are planning to move, it doesn’t matter the transportation method you choose. Whether it’s via the ocean, land, or air, shipping containers are built to ensure maximum protection for your household goods.

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Intermodal Transportation Shipping with Storage Containers

Carolina Containers storage containersShipping freight is often done by box trucks however there are lots of cases where using intermodal transportation is the right choice for you. While intermodal transit of storage containers won’t always be the right choice, it is something that you should explore before making your decision. Here are some best practices to consider before committing one way or the other.

Before booking an intermodal shipment, you need to know about the benefits, and there are plenty. Using rail transportation is cheaper than transporting storage containers by road. Not only does it use less fuel meaning you save costs on fuel (and have a lower impact on the environment) but the rail system throughout North America is continually growing and evolving. Of course, the best thing about using rail to transport storage containers is they have the same ride quality as a highway, so you know your shipment will arrive undamaged from transit.

When people consider shipping they look solely at truckload but intermodal is one of the easiest ways to consolidate freight and save money in the process. If you are sending multiple shipments over a week to the same location, then intermodal might be able to save you a lot of money and will keep all of your freight in one place. With planning and scheduling flexibility you will find savings compared to using truckload freight and will also reduce the chances of delayed deliveries.

Although there are a lot of benefits to intermodal transportation, you do need to take extra care in packaging your items as the movement of the shipping containers involves transfers from truck to rail and then back again. Blocking and bracing techniques can give your items extra stability and reduce cargo from shifting within the container itself.

If this sounds like something you would benefit from then, don’t hesitate to contact Carolina Containers at 919-562-9187.  Our expertise and prices are second to none, and we will be able to help you with the logistical side of transporting your storage container as well as helping you to make that all-important decision of whether to commit or not. You could find yourself saving a lot of time and money in the process!

Shipping Container Schools Offer Alternative Learning Spaces

Carolina Containers shipping containerShipping container schools are rapidly becoming an alternative to the traditional brick and mortar buildings. These containers offer the best solution for building cost-effective schools; they are quick to construct, attractively affordable and also convenient for facilitating learning.

Shipping container schools are constructed off-site in a factory setting and shipped to the school’s location. The interiors of the containers are customized before they are delivered.  Using shipping containers makes it possible to construct schools at half the price of the brick buildings.

It is easy to expand the space available to an existing school by adding more containers as required. Shipping containers provide solutions to the following challenges faced by the conventional schools.

  • Lack of space for the growing number of students
  • Construction of classroom while school is in session
  • Completion of construction to accommodate new students
  • Expensive cost of construction.

Benefits of using a shipping container classroom

  • They are cheap and more comfortable to set up than conventional onsite building.
  • They can be customized to suit the need of the school, you can ask for specific design, colors, layouts, and paintings. If the building is going to be a permanent one, the exteriors of the shipping container school can be designed with beautiful fixtures.
  • Shipping containers offer flexibility to schools that need more space because they can be moved around. It can be delivered to a school site for temporary use and removed when the school no longer needs it.
  • They also provide children with convenient, safe, and comfortable environment to learn.

Shipping containers can be customized to suit the need of each school; computer rooms, toilets, workshops, libraries are some uses.

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Shipping Container Hotels

Carolina Containers shipping containerA shipping container is mainly used for storage and transportation purposes and is constructed of hard steel. It is rectangular and comes in different sizes. But the recent development in hotel construction has seen a new use for the shipping container.

Recently shipping containers were used to build a city center hotel in Manchester, England.  Hundreds of shipping containers were shipped from China to Manchester for the construction of a modern and unique 220 bedroom Holiday Inn Express. All the containers had been pre-fitted with wallpaper, full height windows, light fixtures and carpet before the installation. The 20-ton shipping containers took two to four weeks to be stacked.  The design and construction process is new and much faster than conventional construction methods.  Once the boxes are stacked, exterior finishing is added to give the hotel a modern, sleek look.  A guest would never know the hotel is made from shipping containers.

Another concept is the pop-up hotel.  Robert Breare is the man behind this new hospitality niche.  The idea came to him when he got tired of spending restless nights sleeping in the tents at motorsports events. So, he looked for something more comfortable that could be set up when extra rooms were required for an event while being able to move the hotel easily when the guests have checked out.  He calls this new pop-up hotel, Snoozebox.

The Snoozebox hotel comes handy for large events where there are large numbers of guests to accommodate for a relatively short period. It is great for places that can’t support permanent hotels.  Besides beds, each room has a flat-screen T.V, air-conditioning, internet access, heating, a bathroom, and plenty of storage and closet space.  In 2012, the Snoozebox was placed on the grounds of Windsor Castle during the celebrations of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee Anniversary.

The pop-up hotel idea looks promising, and the maintenance costs are low. The shipping containers are sturdy, reliable and weather resistant. The exteriors just need to be painted to prevent rusting from taking place. The Snoozebox can offer concierge and porter services, plus a spa, a bar and a restaurant too.

Shipping containers can be used for all sorts of portable spaces, check out Carolina Containers at 919-562-9187 for shipping containers and ideas.

Sustainable Building With Shipping Containers

Carolina Containers shipping containersAre you looking to create a sustainable building, maybe you want to build a modular home, and you’re searching which is the best option for you.  Opting for a sustainable building with containers is a great idea, plus it can help you save money while still getting an incredible value.

Since more and more steel boxes like this are piling up in ports all over the world, it’s a creative idea to use these shipping containers as the basis for your sustainable building.

Is it a good idea to create a sustainable building with shipping containers?

Carolina Containers is here to bring you the best sustainable building experience by focusing on value cycling. This way we recycle unused containers, all while helping you create the home you always wanted. The great thing here is that the home will have a solid base and additional containers are attached to one another to form the structure of your home.

Since you get a customized structural system, you can easily get a set which includes the support beams, columns and so on. On top of that, containers are perfect for house framing mainly because they have excellent resistance to lateral loads.

What this means is that you can design your home to withstand earthquakes and hurricanes in a much better fashion. Since steel is welded directly to steel, everything has durability. Not only that, but the sustainable building created out of containers also has a very useful roof. You can choose to have vegetation growing on your roof to be completely sustainable.

What about energy efficiency?

Many people will ask themselves how energy efficient is this type of building.  By using the proper exterior paint, the home can reflect up to 95% of the external radiation.  With appropriate insulation, the interior can maintain a steady temperature throughout the year with minimal heating and cooling expenses.

By using used shipping containers for your construction, you are repurposing an item that might otherwise go to waste in some junkyard.  These containers are readily transported (their original purpose) to any location and can be custom outfitted with doors and windows.  Use one or several to create your building.  Some architects specialize in designs using shipping containers and many websites ( that show pictures of how these versatile “building blocks” are being used.

One thing is sure, constructing a  sustainable building with containers is all about efficiency, value and saving money. It looks amazing, and it offers you an affordable home that helps the environment.

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