Carolina Containers sustainable buildingShipping containers aren’t just for shipping anymore. These containers are now used as portable offices,  add-ons to home, and storage space at construction sites.  These containers are cheaper than newly built construction and are easily moved from one location to another so they can be used over and over again.

These containers are made of 14-gauge steel, making them durable and extremely secure – perfect for work or living units.  In fact, in 2006, the first two-story shipping container home was built, which means, it can even act as a living space.

Instead of dealing with renting an apartment, or finding an office space, these containers provide anything and everything you want. Some modifications they offer include vents, roll up doors, windows, electrical, air conditioning, heating, insulation, drywall, and anything else you might need.

The containers are delivered to a site chosen by you, which means instead of adding onto your house or having to expand the building your business is in, you can have your individual space for any need.

Perfect for residents or business owners making a move. You can store your items temporarily while you move all your possessions. Alternatively, if you there’s just not enough room in your house, you can store items in these sustainable buildings.

The sustainable buildings are also ideal for construction sites as they offer a sealed and secure storage space, so your materials don’t have to be left out on site. If an office space or an air-conditioned break room is needed, the containers can be altered for these purposes.

The choice is yours, from portable storage containers, shipping containers, steel containers, cargo containers to office storage containers. You can either buy or rent and modify anything you want. The whole process is flexible and tailored to you.

Carolina Containers have the largest selection of storage containers on the East Coast, which means you can fill any space in the North Carolina area and up and down the East Coast.

This building alternative is a smart choice for people who are eco-conscious. Carolina Containers in Raleigh NC ensures a green alternative, a quick storage solution, fast delivery, and the option of a tailored space. You can create a home, an apartment, an office, a learning space, a studio, or an emergency shelter. Anything you can imagine; it can be created.

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