wide_open_doorsStorage containers are made of high quality and durable materials. They are ideal for many other uses besides ferrying cargo over long distances. You can turn storage containers into portable offices too for field work-sites and mobile companies. Qualified engineers can help you turn any old storage container in Raleigh into functional space.

Buying a container

There are many places where you can buy containers. Used storage containers are often more readily available than the brand new ones. They are also quite sturdy and can do the job just as well. You can do a quick search on the net to find various places where you can buy a storage container near you.


Structural reinforcement is often necessary when you want to remove any part of the container or alter its original design. Considerable reinforcement is important to replace any support lost when cutting out any parts of the containers. Steel box seams can be used to strengthen the walls of the container.

The roof

You usually do not need a roof when constructing a portable office using a container. But you may need one for appearance sake or draining water and snow in cases of bad weather. The roof of the container is usually flat and drainage may be a problem in such cases. A low-pitched shed roof is not difficult to build and can quite easily do the trick.


Cutting openings

You need openings like doors and windows.  Professional engineers often use plasma cutters cutting torches or grinders to get through the thick steel when making openings. Plasma cutters make much cleaner and accurate cuts compared to the other cutting tools.

Encapsulating the flooring

If the container’s initial chemical treatment and usage history is unknown, you should remove the old flooring and install a new one. You can also encapsulate the floor with epoxy and create an additional physical barrier using a subfloor on top of that.

Finishing touches:

After the major construction details, there are a couple of additional finishing touches that will transform the storage container into an actual working space.

  • Sealing cracks: The gaps between containers and cracks in the container frame should be sealed to make it weatherproof.
  • Enclosing the openings using framing, sheath and weatherproof materials
  • Installing the doors and windows
  • Framing the inside to secure the drywall, this will insulate the office. Steel is a good energy conductor.
  • Electrical wiring is done before applying the drywall
  • Insulating the container is important for areas with extreme temperatures

Container modifications and customization are easy with Carolina Containers.  Our team of engineers is focused on turning your ideas into a reality! Call us now…

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