If you think that shipping containers are only good for loading up on cargo and being transported to other states or other parts of the world, then you are very wrong! Shipping containers are very useful in that matter, but over time, many domestic uses were found for it, and most of them do not involve moving stuff and products to different countries.

When you think about it, shipping containers are just like empty containers that you can use however you like. A creative person who loves to craft DIY projects out of nothing can find a dozen uses for a shipping container and put some things in it that will blow your mind. So what can you put in a shipping container? Here are some very practical things to consider:

Your home is a very precious abode and is probably your greatest investment of all. The problem is, houses don’t last forever, and there will come a time when a part of the house breaks down and needs a thorough repair or renovation. A natural disaster might suddenly occur and damage one or more rooms in a cyclone, a hurricane or an earthquake. Freezing cold might cause your network of water pipes to burst, and your repairman says that it could take days to mend it and get it back to running condition again.

Or maybe, something good happens –  you get a raise and a promotion at work, and you want to add in new fixtures to your bathroom, add a new counter top to your kitchen, or add a whole new room to welcome a new baby. When renovating, where would you put all of your furniture and things? That’s where a shipping container comes in. You can rent different-sized shipping containers and put all of your stuff in it, like an enormous instant garage. Your things are safe, secure, there is no nagging thought and you can go to sleep peacefully. You can be sure that your home decors and appliances will be safe from damage during the renovation phase!

For the more adventurous in spirit, how about setting up a mobile business using one of these versatile containers? One of the greatest issues entrepreneurs face when setting up shop is “where do you go to get the most traffic? where is the best location to set up?”. Sure, you can pick out a prime space in a crowded area, but chances are that the rent or cost of that space is extremely high because of its potential.

When you think of what your budget is for rent, then you may be forced to choose a less ideal location, which can affect your business in the long run. How would you like to be in control of where you place your business without being tied down by the cost of space? Put your business in a shipping container, then pick out a prime area to settle on.

The costs of a shipping container is infinitely less than paying rent, and your business will save money while creating that unique atmosphere. Most shipping container companies that sell or rent out their shipping containers also provide modification services according to your needs. Present them the plans for your business, where the windows and serving counters should be, and the company will hammer out the details for you. Doors, windows and framing modifications will make your shipping container look less like a steel prison and make it look more of an awesome establishment where they can eat or avail of your services!

So, what can you put in a shipping container? Anything that your heart desires and everything that you need. Meaning, these shipping containers are versatile enough to serve any kind of task you require. Put in your valuable furniture, your appliances, everything from your living room, kitchen, dining room and your bedroom when moving, renovating, or re-building your home. Put in your start-up business complete with air-conditioning- an office with tables and chairs. Create a mobile greenhouse and put in different flora and fauna to nurture and develop your green thumb. Set up a cafe with stools and a counter to complete the effect. Modify the shipping containers according to what you need.

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