40 foot 3 roll up windows Shipping containers are built to be durable and very versatile in application. Shipping containers have had a huge impact in the construction industry, especially when it comes to temporary and mobile structure construction. Shipping containers have been used to construct mobile clinics, offices, homes, hotels, schools and even swimming pools. Standard shipping containers have a sturdy steel structure that makes for great building exteriors. Only a few modifications are necessary to convert the container into an office. A container makes the perfect shell for you to use or customize as you need.

New or Used shipping containers

The shipping containers come in a variety of standard sizes and configurations, which can save you time and money when converting into an office that suits your needs. You can purchase new or used shipping containers for conversion into mobile offices. Shipping containers are built with long lasting quality; a used shipping container will offer just as much loyal services as a new one. These mobile offices are the perfect solutions for managing projects on site such as construction work, mining, forestry, mobile clinics and so on.

Office Container Customization

Shipping container offices can be customized to an extensive variety of floor plans as well. You can custom use the office to your specific needs of rooms and partitions for better workflow. The larger the shipping container the more the number of partitions you can get from a single one. The containers can also be further customized for specific applications. Conversion features include introducing insulation and flooring, ventilation, doors and windows, partitions and utility installations.


Advantages of shipping containers

Mobile shipping container offices are made from ISO standard steel containers. They can be easily transported on standard cargo container ships, cargo planes and even trucks and rail. The durable steel is ideal for all kinds of environments regardless of weather or harsh environmental conditions. Setting up the mobile shipping container offices is quite easy since no foundation is required with minimal structural assembly. You can get great structural warranties for shipping container offices since they offer great resistance to natural disasters such as winds of up to 100mph.

Mobile shipping containers can also be used to create office complexes as well. The structure of the shipping container allows for stacking up. External extensions include railings and stairwells which are fairly simple to attach to the structure. A lot of welding work is often used to put the structure together since the major construction material is steel.

Carolina Containers offer used and new 40 foot shipping containers that are designed to carry and store just about anything, and are ideal for onsite storage. Ideal for long term or short term choice for storage space, suitable for home use, commercial use, building supplies and more. Now if you’re ready to get yourself a portable office container for your jobsite or anywhere else, find out more about our portable offices here! 


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