Shipping containers were invented in 1956 and were originally designed to speed loading time at the port and to reduce theft by dockworkers. Before containers were introduced, thousands of individual packing cases had to be loaded by hand, which was time-consuming as well as expensive.

What Kind of Container do you Need for a Home?

Steel shipping containers are typically 40 feet long and have a multitude of uses. We see them stacked up in freight yards and on ships. We see them on trains and trucks and we see them outside factories being loaded or just used as temporary storage. Such a container provides tons of space for inventory or supplies, and is popular to many customers such as contractors, automotive dealerships, manufacturers, retailers, and warehouses.

But aside from these uses, steel shipping containers are becoming more and more popular for another interesting purpose – container houses. The interest in turning shipping containers to houses actually started when shipping containers were stacking up in the ports. In 2005, the estimate in the U.S. alone was approximately 1 million.

Container Homes are a Massive Trend

The collaborative efforts of many designers, builders, and eco-organizations, have helped address the surplus of shipping containers. Over recent years, publicity and awareness have stirred a growing interest to construct homes and offices using the base of the standard shipping containers.

Steel shipping containers are the ideal building materials for plenty of reasons. They are designed to carry heavy loads so they are quite strong and durable. They are stackable, movable, and are designed to resist harsh environments. Steel is structurally stronger than a wood frame since it is mold-proof, fireproof and termite-proof. Plus, this storage solution is relatively cheap.

Many architects, as well as laypeople these days, have used them to build many types of buildings, from homes, offices, schools, dormitories, to studios and emergency shelters. All you need are recycled shipping containers, some budget for the minor modifications, and a creative mind. Voila! You’ll have an epic home that is inexpensive and unique.

Transforming shipping containers into homes is undeniably the latest trend in green building.

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