Shipping Container Swimming Pools – Why They are Great

THE DEAL WITH SHIPPING CONTAINER POOLS Shipping containers are increasingly being purchased from warehouses, port terminals, and on the internet to be re-purposed to build a large variety of creative and innovative structures such as recording studios, retail and coffee shops, urban homes, and much more. Now take a moment to imagine having your own backyard pool made out of a shipping container that has proven to be not only stronger than other aboveground pools, but can also be fitted with cool features such as LED mood, lighting, jets, heaters, even portholes to make it that much more fun.

A swimming pool is a significant investment not to mention all of the potential add-ons that’ll run you extra. While running costs will be similar to those of a regular pool considering the type of pump and filtration equipment you will use, the initial costs of the container and getting it converted to a working pool will likely end up being cheaper than buying a regular pool. Those pool coverings and units themselves can be surprisingly expensive.

Above & Below Ground Pools

Storage container modifications and customizations Among the many benefits of using a shipping container, one that stands out is that it cost less and can be built both above and below ground, unlike an inbuilt swimming pool. With these, you get to choose between above and below ground, you aren’t in any way limited. It can also be modified to have unique additions such as windows that let light filter through, built-in steps, child-proof and retractable pool cover, a high-tech Ultraviolet water filtration system that keeps pool water clean without the need for chemicals, plus it can be relocated to a new property when/if you move.

Of course, the layout of your property will naturally determine the size, shape, and design of your swimming pool. Depending on the area you have, you can choose anything from a 10ft to 40ft container. It also depends on your needs, if you’ll mostly be swimming alone you may not need a huge pool. But if you’re rarely alone, you may need a larger container! Most yards though are going to be perfect fits for a 20ft container.

Build for the Yard You Have, Not the Yard You Want

The availability of space is crucial as it will determine the dimensions and the number of containers you will require. Do note your container pool is going to be one standard depth all the way across, it can be cut down if you need it to be any more shallow than average. Make sure it is what you wan’t, don’t settle for something too deep or shallow for you!

Just like any regular swimming pools, custom container pools can be fitted with different linings such as fiberglass or heavy-duty painting depending on your budget and preference. Additionally, specialized welding will be required to ensure that the container does not leak because, after all, they are built to keep water out, not necessarily in. But with the right work and all done, it can be the pool you’ve always wanted.

If custom containers interest you, we can do it all! From custom mobile offices to custom personal at-home containers, we can modify any container to fit your specific needs. Contact us if you’re ready to take that next step.