Pop-up Container Store Planning Tips

WHAT ARE POP-UP CONTAINER STORES? A pop-up container store is a fascinating idea which can be brought to reality by following a few, but very crucial steps. After you have settled on opening a pop-up store, you are one step closer to creating an in-person experience that can grow your brand. However, a pop-up store takes an immense amount of planning and foresight. In this we’ll try to give you a rough checklist to make sure you have all the different parts in order before you take any big steps. We can’t stress the importance of planning enough!

Prepare For Your Pop-up Store

  • Storage container modifications and customizations Coordinate a deal with the space owner: If you don’t already own the place you’re planning to operate the store, this involves agreeing on a time, money, etc.
  • Get the appropriate permit: This will vary based on the nature of your pop-up store as well as the regulation of your city and state. You should conduct detailed research ahead of time so you don’t run into any unforeseen and easily avoided issues.
  • Confirm the space’s utilities work: You should know the features which are included in your rental (wi-fi, video equipment or kitchen space) and how to use them. Most spaces include this in the price but it is crucial to check as well.
  • Choose a payment system: Mobile POS system as well as cash are good options but if you are planning a ticketed event, you should select a platform to sell and also scan tickets electronically.
  • Design your layout: You should visit the space and decide how you will configure and also showcase your products.
  • Get necessary furniture: This can include shelves, clothing racks, hangers, display tables, extra lighting, décor etc. you should make sure everything in your space aligns visually with your brand.
  • Develop a marketing strategy: You should promote your pop-up store on social media, plan in-store media events, create an event page or partner with other local influencers, maybe even send out a news letter of make an event on Google My Business!
  • Create branded materials: Branded materials which can be used include price tags, signs, posters, cards as well as window display. Get that brand out there!
  • Connect with your customers: Plan to collect email newsletter sign-ups or pass out business cards during your events. You should be creative with social media because this is your chance to convert a one-time visitor into a lifelong customer.

Set-up your pop-up store

  • customized container raleigh Set up your space: You should arrange your furniture and decorate according to your design plan. The products should be assembled in a way which attracts shoppers and also increase your conversion rate, just be smart and thoughtful with what you do.
  • Keep in contact: It’s always good to have your space owner’s contact info if you need to ask urgent questions.
  • Test your technologies: All the gadgets such as Wi-fi, POS system should be tested before you open your doors, at least once if not a few times.
  • Draw in foot traffic: Attract visitors by putting up banners, signs as well as other attention-grabbing elements in the area.
  • Bring a tool kit: The contents will depend on your event, but it is crucial to bring along a hammer, nail, tape measure, stapler, staples, pen, paper, glue, extra chargers or batteries as well as anything which might be needed urgently to fix any issues.

A shipping container pop-up store is a great option if you’re looking for something mobile and don’t have the time or money to drop on a store-front. Please contact us anytime, we’ll gladly be your shipping container source! Carolina Containers only sells the highest quality storage containers.