One of the most annoying aspects of relocating is having to think where to keep your stuff in-between places. Sure you could rent a moving vehicle,  put all of your things and take it to a storage facility. But that’s not the entire process. Realistically, you then end up having to move/handle things twice then.  Moving a house/apartment full of stuff is bad enough – say NOTHING about loading and unloading everything TWICE!

You then have to dump all your things and hurry to clean out the rental truck and make sure to fill it with gas. You have to take it back to the rental company before they close, or else must find a place to park the truck  over night , and to have it back in the early morning the next day. What an inconvenience!

There is a much less complicated way of doing this when you use a rental storage container! A perfect way of temporarily storing your things while you are moving. Storage units will make your life simple and convenient while moving.

Determine Your Container Size Requirements

After you determine exactly what size container you need, you just call a reliable company (such as us), to deliver your unit to you. We’ll simply drop it off to you in your driveway then you have total control how long you need to pack it up. Since there is no time restriction you can pack the storage unit at your convenience and also not have to trouble any friend in the process. It’s entirely your decision. Our containers can fit readily in reasonably small areas, and are highly weather resistant, so you can even leave them outside while you load and unload.

Transport the Container

When your portable storage container unit is loaded up you can then call Carolina Containers back to move your container to either a storage area or directly to the new location. Of course, you can always just leave it in place until you’re ready for the final move-in – depending on the specific circumstances. The best part regarding portable storage space facilities is that there is no lasting agreement needed. You could save your items with them for a month or a year – again it’s all up to you. This takes all the pressure off of your shoulders and gives you as much time as you need to perform your move.

As soon as you have finished moving in at a less stressful pace – to your new residence and you are all cleared up, you simply call us back and we’ll remove the container. This is effective not only for residential moves but for larger moves like office / business moves as well.

Moving should not be so stressful as long as you know your options. Not all options are well-known – and we have a great way of doing it!  We at Carolina Containers offer the complete balance between low cost and no-hassle moving and storage. Contact us today!