Metal shipping containers are durable, reliable, and incredibly versatile. Whether as storage, a home, or for a mobile office in Raleigh, or any other city, storage containers have plenty of uses and can be found cheaply. Even though they’re already pretty sturdy, sometimes it pays to put in a little extra to make them even better.

Shipping Container Modifications – Flooring

One such way to improve on a container is to add flooring. The original metal floor might get the job done for storing crates and the like. Still, if the container is holding something more delicate or converted for another use, a nice-looking, sturdy floor is probably a good idea. There are some excellent flooring options on the market, depending on the container’s intended use.

Plywood & Bamboo
Plywood or bamboo flooring is an excellent example of versatile and durable flooring used in a storage container converted into an office, spare classroom, or pop-up store. It can also be handy for creating a level storage floor for items that need to be easily rolled into or out of the container.

Imitation Wood Flooring
Imitation wood flooring is a type of vinyl flooring. It imitates the look of wood but is much more carefree than natural wood flooring. There are also tons of designs and color options. Shipping container offices and living spaces benefit the most from this flooring option.

Vinyl Planking
Vinyl planking can also be used. Imitation wood vinyl is usually used for offices and homes, so it is perfect for converted containers. The same is true for coin vinyl. Coin vinyl has a more industrial look with the added benefit of being water-resistant. If liquids are being stored or the container’s location is damp, water resistance is an added value.

Aluminum Plating
For ultimate durability, the best way to ensure the metal’s strength is to reinforce it with more metal. Aluminum plating is useful if the container is on the older side and needs to be strengthened. Aluminum plating is either smooth or treaded and is water-resistant. Though better suited for storage than an office or home, it’s still a good option thanks to the extra strength it provides to the container and the water resistance. One note: this flooring can become slippery when wet.

Steel Flooring
Steel flooring is incredibly durable. If you are making multiple shipments year-round, this is an ideal option. Steel flooring is the easiest type of flooring to maintain. It does not scratch or fade like other materials. Also, steel flooring is a reliable and sturdy option for shipping container transport.

Epoxy Coating
For simplicity and versatility, a simple epoxy coating is hard to beat. Many containers get an epoxy coating over their original flooring or even an old metal floor. This coating adds additional strength to the container, a bit of sound dampening, and extra water resistance.

There are a variety of flooring options for storage containers on the market. Choosing the right one depends mainly on what the container is getting used for and the owner’s preference.

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