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When purchasing shipping containers with the end purpose of converting it to a commercial space like an office, there are plenty of things to consider.

In smaller commercial uses where a mobile office is required, some contractors are simply turning to cargo containers as the basis to construct a field office from. These containers are not only sturdy, but best of all, they can be relocated easily.

Several choices can be made in altering a shipping container into a portable office or a short-term office. Many perform the adjustments with their particular resources and will buy a container. This really is the least expensive method to transform a container. However, it’s going to take a while, particularly when it is the very first time you’ll do it. So the most common strategy that people do is to buy a container and get it altered by a firm experienced in this kind of work. You can easily find such companies online.

Some even settle for buying a shipping container adjustment kit, such kit contains ceiling panels, doors, HVAC, electrical, flooring, wall, and all the windows needed to transform the container into a simple mobile office. A couple of professional installers can finish a 20′ container in just a few hours.

When choosing a contractor to transform your container to a portable office, it is recommended to check out any installation video on their website. They may provide you with several possible choices for your floor plan. Your contractor must be able to design one that would fulfill your particular needs.

Almost ready to get started with your portable office container project? First things first. You have to get a container that you can customize. Good news is, you don’t need to look further. You’re at the right place! Here at Carolina Containers we provide 10, 20 and 40 foot storage containers that can be altered to become a portable office.

We offer plenty of alternatives for storage containers suited for any kind of individual demands. From open top units, total open sides, vehicle storage, refrigerated components and insulated units – we got it all. Talk to us today and find out more about your own mobile office requirements!