Repurposed shipping containers are gaining popularity because of their easy-to-customize features. It’s no longer uncommon to find offices, bars, retail stores, and other businesses using these modified shipping containers for a workspace, as they are affordable, spacious, and safe to use. These containers have also been fashioned for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes, and they continue to gain widespread usage and recognition.

Gone are the days when a physical structure could restrict the mobility of a home or office. Today, with options like modified shipping containers, any individual/company can decide to have a mobile office that can be relocated to a new location when needed.

How is this Relocation Possible?

When companies want to tow their modified containers, the usual option is to use a flatbed truck. A crane or forklift is used to lift the container onto the truck. However, when you have to haul the container over poor road conditions or need to elevate the container on-site, then utilizing a chassis is the best bet.

Is it Safe to Put a Shipping Container on a Chassis?

The term chassis or shipping container trailer refer to the same equipment. Trailers have steel frames and provide firm support to the container to keep it rigid and firmly balanced. They can support the weight of modified shipping containers.

Here are is a scenario where the shipping container trailer proved to be a great choice for a construction company.

Construction Site Scenario

Construction was about to begin on a new remote site, and the workforce had to relocate to the building location. Since the workers lived in different places, the company thought it would be safer and more productive to have them all in a housing unit not too far from the construction site.

During deliberation, motor and trailer homes were considered as options for housing these workers. It was determined that those homes might not be the best housing option for the location because of their size and level of maintenance.

Modified shipping containers proved to be the better solution. They would last till the end of the construction project and required minimal maintenance.

The workers were happy with their housing arrangements, and after a day’s work on the construction site, the modified shipping containers provided a comfort zone. After the job was completed, they were quickly moved to a new location.

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