Are you looking for a space to offer your employees a break room or conduct meetings with clients? Does your business need a quiet space for handling paperwork or phone conversations? Many business owners face these issues, but don’t have the budget to construct or rent additional space. What options are available?

Now you have two affordable options for adding the space you need – office trailers and ground-level offices. First, let’s understand the difference between these and review the advantages or disadvantages of both.

Office Trailers vs. Ground Level Offices

As the name suggests, ground-level offices are portable units that are seated on the ground. These offices can be entered without stairs and can be set on a foundation or level ground. Office trailers are portable offices that sit on a chassis with wheels. An office trailer requires a set of stairs to enter.

Construction of Portable Offices

The construction material used for office trailers is fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum, and plywood. A variety of options are available for ground-level offices, but repurposed shipping containers are gaining a lot of popularity. Both styles of offices can be constructed and designed with a range of customizations as required by the business owner.

The durability and mobility are two fundamental factors contributing to the preference for the shipping containers. These containers are modified with amenities, including windows, plumbing, doors, electricity, and ventilation, to complete the transformation into a workspace. Interiors are mostly done with plywood to compliment the steel framing.

Transportation of Office Trailers and Ground-Level Offices

Carolina Containers ground level office Trailer Offices are permanently mounted on a chassis with wheels, and they can be transported via trucks. Transportation of ground-level offices is also done via truck, but are then placed on their site via forklifts or cranes. The delivery cost is similar for each. The maintenance of each type is also about the same.

As a business owner, the decision will have to be made based on where the office is located, whether it is temporary or permanent, how secure it has to be, and accessibility requirements. Ground-level offices are an excellent choice for businesses where the terrain is rugged, and the roads are unpaved. The security of a shipping container-based ground level office is remarkable since it is constructed out of steel.

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