Whether you’re a company looking for extra space for your growing business or state-of-the-art meeting rooms, the versatile shipping container has a lot to offer. Shipping containers provide the design versatility required to get productive spaces that reflect today’s needs of the corporate sector.

These recycled shipping containers can be turned into tailor-made workspaces for your business that is smart, functional, and inviting. With portability, you can set up your workspaces inside your office, workshop, or job site. These smart workspaces are best at boosting workflow and client flow, with extra points for creativity, sustainability, and eco-friendliness.

Permanent or Temporary Offices

Carolina Containers storage container DurhamShipping Containers can be located permanently, or you can take your show on the road. Stackable, modular, and moveable shipping containers can be turned into a unique creative signature for your business.

Vibrant Colors and Enhanced Branding

You can turn up the spice with vibrant colors on these non-traditional workspaces to enhance your branding experience. Shipping containers are fantastic, but you can make it even more fun for your clients by choosing exciting brand colors.

Bring Life To Your Workspaces

Forget about the permanent lifeless walls by carefully planning your office space. You have an opportunity to go beyond that confined office space as offered by traditional buildings. Whether you want a big open room or want it broken into smaller work areas, these versatile containers provide you complete flexibility.

Use As Many Containers As Needed

There is no limit in terms of available space, as you aren’t limited to only one container. So, if you require more space, don’t be afraid to use more than one container. They can either be set next to each other or stacked to create a multi-level space.

Incorporate Smart Technologies

In terms of fixtures and technologies, shipping containers are adjustable to ergonomic furnishings like touchscreens, iPad Stands, RFID, or A/V. They are best in ensuring controlled temperature, air quality, noise reduction, and lighting.

Construction of Portable Offices

The construction material used for office trailers is fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum, and plywood. A variety of options are available for ground-level offices, but repurposed shipping containers are gaining a lot of popularity. Both styles of offices can be constructed and designed with a range of customizations as required by the business owner.

Durability and mobility are two fundamental factors contributing to the preference for shipping containers. These containers are modified with amenities, including windows, plumbing, doors, electricity, and ventilation, to complete the transformation into a workspace. Interiors are mostly done with plywood to compliment the steel framing.

As a business owner, the decision will have to be made based on where the office is located, whether it is temporary or permanent, how secure it has to be, and accessibility requirements. Ground-level offices are an excellent choice for businesses where the terrain is rugged, and the roads are unpaved. The security of a shipping container-based ground-level office is remarkable since it is constructed out of steel.

The Perks of a Ground Level Office Over your Regular Office Trailer:

Temporary Mobile Office Choices

Here is everything any business looking to have temporary space needs to know about this so they can make an informed decision.

Conventional Office Trailer

The Conventional Office Trailer (COT) is mounted on a metal base that has wheels. It sits above the ground, so it requires a set of stairs for people to enter this space. These stairs must be compliant with the Occupational Safety and Hazard (OSHA) requirements.

Ground Level Office

The Ground Level Office (GLO) is mainly a shipping container that has been turned into an office space. They don’t need stairs as they are set on the ground. Other than that, they are incredibly long-lasting and can withstand any climate or weather conditions.

Why GLOs Are Better

Here are a few reasons why businesses need a ground-level shipping container office:

Security – The main reason why businesses invest in GLOs is that they are very secure. The entire container is constructed from steel, so many people can’t break into it. If a great locking system is added, then a business is good to go. Conventional trailers can easily be broken into, which is one hazard no one needs for their business.

Durable – This type of shipping container office can last exceptionally long because it can survive any harsh weather conditions. It is best used as a storage space to keep those expensive supplies that may be ruined under extreme conditions.

Easily Relocated – While relocation, a business might experience some rough roads and terrain. A conventional trailer can get ruined on such roads but not a GLO. They can easily be moved from one place to another without being damaged, and so less expense and maintenance cost over time.

If you wish to investigate using a shipping container-based office in Durham or storage containers, you can contact Carolina Containers. They offer great storage containers and also provide modification services related to shipping container office setups. Call 919-562-9187 and set up an appointment to meet with a sales rep about your business needs.