A recent trend in construction is using custom shipping containers to create unique structures and homes.  Ever thought about building something from custom shipping containers?  We have come up with a list of some of the best ideas for these containers.

Fire Resistant Barn

Ever thought about the fire hazard that dry hay presents?  With a shipping container barn, you don’t have to worry about fire.  It is also weather-tight and affordable for any farm.  Multiple units can be combined to develop unique and purpose-built barns.

Deck House

Ever dreamed of having a little deckhouse or a guest room separate from your house?  Shipping containers are a great option for that, and they can be easily repurposed.  Sides can be replaced with glass to provide enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces that still have a view.

Custom Home

You can create a full home from custom shipping containers.  From a single container tiny home all the way to multi-floor units that utilize multiple containers.  Some container homes use multiple containers to construct an eco-friendly house.  They can withstand harsh environments, including beach conditions.


Starbucks has made custom containers into full Cafés while Illy has turned them into retail outlets.  They can make great little stores with plenty of different layouts.  Illy has a unique design where a display folds out of the side.  You could combine multiple units to create exercise facilities and studios.

Schools and Educational Facilities

Connecting two shipping containers allows you to create an educational room big enough to be a teaching space.  Some schools have their whole campus built entirely from shipping containers, and it is a fantastic and affordable school.  For areas that have tornados, these shipping containers can double as shelters.


Who would have thought about having a custom shipping container as a pool?  Well, multiple people have already and the pools created are genius.  You can utilize shipping containers to make both above-the-ground and built-in pools.  These pools can vary hugely in size as the size of containers can be anywhere between 10 feet and over 50 feet.

There are plenty of creative ideas for shipping containers to be used.  Shipping containers are great because they are so versatile and durable.  What do you want to do with custom shipping containers?

We all know that shipping containers are used extensively in the transportation industry to transport a broad range of materials domestically and internationally.  Now, these versatile containers are also used in a variety of applications for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.  The structural variations are endless making them a less expensive alternative for buildings.

Businesses can order custom shipping containers to fulfill a variety of specific needs and purposes.  The versatility of these boxes means a company can have what they need regarding space and storage without the time and expense it takes to build a brick-and-mortar building.  Here are three common uses:

Office Space

Finding enough space for an office can be difficult, especially for an organization that is growing rapidly.  Sometimes you need the added space and can’t wait for new construction or space to become available in the area.

In this case, shipping containers can work very well.  A custom-designed shipping container can be ready and delivered in a short time frame.  The empty shell is customized to your specifications (windows, doors, A/C, etc.) to create a pleasant work environment quickly.  The containers can be single units or stacked to create larger environments.  Multiple units can be joined with staircases and walkways.

Moveable Business

Another common use for these containers is for moveable or seasonal businesses.

Pop-up restaurants or retail stores are ideal for using shipping containers.  Eateries in areas that are only open in the summer or retail stores selling holiday items can use customized shipping containers as their base of operations.  The cost to customize is relatively small, and the whole store can be moved to a new location during the off-season.

Secure Storage

On-site secure storage is a must for many businesses.  Whether there are tools or equipment to protect or just supplies that need to be readily available a customized shipping container can be the solution.  The steel construction makes them tough to penetrate, and they are weatherproof to protect the contents from the elements.  A customized interior can keep contents organized for easy access and inventory control.

Shipping Container as a Wine Cellar?

Luis Fernando famously said, “Wine is the only artwork you can drink.” Most people would completely agree with that statement. The same people would also agree that storing wine for future use is no simple task. This is why we will look at a simple way to build a storage unit for your wine. For this do-it-yourself project, we are going to use a refrigerated shipping container.

Steps to building a wine cellar:

  • Get all the relevant approvals from the local government – Proper zoning and permits allow you to build on your land and are approved by the local government after inspection of your building plans.
  • Purchase a refrigerated shipping container – whether you decide to buy a new or used shipping container, it will be suitable as you will only need to replace the refrigeration unit with an air conditioner for controlling the cellar’s temperature and humidity. These types of shipping containers are already insulated and contain a three-phase current to power the air conditioning unit.
  • Dig a hole that corresponds to the shipping container’s dimensions as well as making sure the shipping container’s door is not obstructed. Make sure you also take into account space for things like stairs to and from the cellar.
  • Construct a concrete pad at the bottom of the hole – This will act as the base on which you will place the shipping container.
  • Cover the exterior of the shipping container with roofing tar to protect it from moisture.  Moisture will cause the container to rust if proper protection measures are not put in place.
  • Using the proper equipment, place the shipping container on the concrete pad.
  • Once the shipping container is in place, frame the roof. Make sure you also install a skylight to improve light distribution in the cellar.
  • Buy a good air conditioner that will meet the necessary conditions of wine preservation. Replace the refrigeration unit on the shipping container with the recently acquired air conditioner.
  • Cover the shipping container in earth leaving plenty of room to access the doors.
  • Hire a local contractor to build the stairs and make any additional improvements to the cellar.
  • Get a local carpenter to construct wooden racks to place your wine on.
  • Plant vegetation where possible so as to make the landscape around the cellar aesthetically pleasing.

Your self-made wine cellar is ready to store your drinkable artwork.

Other Uses for Shipping Containers?

As international trade goes from strength to strength, storage containers have become a ubiquitous part of the modern world. However, they aren’t just for getting objects from point A to point B- if you start to think outside the box, then there’s no limit to the number of uses you can find for shipping containers.

A Storage Container Summerhouse

Wooden summerhouses often let all sorts of creepy crawlies in- with a metal shipping container, you’re protected from that, as well as from the elements. They are easy to set up, and thanks to the easy customization of shipping containers, you can add windows and doors to your liking, making for the perfect addition to your garden. There’s no need to place on a foundation since a shipping container is already strong enough as it is- meaning you’ve got an instant summerhouse as soon as you buy one!

A Ready-Made Pool

Shipping containers come in multiple sizes, from as small as 10ft in length to up to 53ft, so however much space you have on your property, you’ll be able to transform them into a ready-made swimming pool, instead of making it out of concrete. You can either submerge them in the earth or cover the outside in wooden planks for a great hot tub look. Shipping containers are also very easy to paint- so you can get the perfect look with no hassle!

A Pop-Up Shop

By adding adjustable or sliding doors to a shipping container, you can have fun with it- including using fold-out doors to turn what was a wall into some extra floor space. With that in mind, shipping containers make for great pop-up shops, especially food vendors. Instead of selling your wares out of a truck, you can give your customers somewhere to sit before folding everything away neatly at the end of the day.

Shipping Containers on a Farm: 

Reusing retired storage containers is awesome for many reasons. These storage containers are considered to be a very eco-friendly and creative option for different types of enterprises. Depending on the level of creativity of the builder, these storage containers can be used for very attractive and handy projects. Because of the high versatility of these containers, they are considered to be a perfect value addition for farms or hunting camps too. This article explains why shipping containers belong on a farm or hunting camp.

Storage containers are made out of sturdy, durable, and weatherproof steel materials.  They successfully withstand extreme conditions like fire, tornados, and storms.  In fact, storage containers have all the important aspects one would expect from an outdoor structure (durability, strength, sturdiness, and weather resistance).

There may be reasons farm owners may want to change the location of their barns or storage facilities. This scenario is when buildings made out of shipping containers become exceptionally handy; unlike permanent structures that are built using concrete or similar materials, barns from a storage container can be moved from one place to another whenever it is necessary.

Storage containers are also a great alternative for farmhouses. They are easily customizable to match the needs of perfect farmhouses. They can be customized easily regarding colors, shapes, and sizes. Farmhouses made out of containers will stay strong even during harsh weather conditions; more importantly, they have a very long lifespan.

Hunting camps that are built using storage containers are becoming popular among hunters. They can be easily placed in remote areas with relatively little effort and time. They can be colored to blend with the surroundings. Again, they are durable and protective; there is nothing to worry about regarding safety.

Using shipping containers in farms and hunting camps is an eco-friendly option. By reusing the containers, farm owners can help reduce industrial waste and make the environment a better place. They are easy to set up, easy to move, an