Custom shipping containers are incredibly diverse units that can be used for various purposes. Shipping containers can be modified to be something as simple as a storage container to a complex living space using multiple containers. No matter the reason for your interest in a customized shipping container to fit your specifications, a reliable vendor can help you get the desired results. In this article, we’ll give you a few suggestions as to what can be done with a custom shipping container while also giving you expert tips on preparing for receiving your modified container.

Portable Shipping Container in Raleigh NC: Customized Uses

A standard shipping container can be customized to fit your specific needs, so the sky’s the limit with what you can do with one. So, whether you’re just looking for a place to store your extra things or you’re looking for something more specific, customization is for you. Here are a few ideas.

A Quiet Space

For many people, having personal space at home is a huge thing. But, especially for adults busy with work and their families, there may not be a dedicated space to relax and wind down. A customized shipping container can easily be turned into a secluded man-cave or she-shed, a space all to your own to customize as you’d like. Explore a hobby without noise and distractions or enjoy the peace and quiet – it can be all yours.

Kids’ Playhouse

Maybe your kids are too crazy and active for your home, or they don’t have a space where they can just let loose. Every kid wants an incredible clubhouse, and a custom shipping container is a perfect solution. First, you won’t have to worry about building this clubhouse because it already comes pre-assembled. Second, you can tailor it to your kids’ preferences, decking it with some cool features.

Craft Studio

A shipping container could be the perfect isolated space for you to let loose with your artistic creativity. In addition, you won’t have to worry about making space in your home for your art and supplies, as they can all stay in the container where you practice your craft.

These are just a few ideas – you are only constrained by your imagination.

Shipping Container Preparations

Planning will make the placement easier. Here are a few things to consider before your shipping container is ready to sit on your property.


First, you’ll need to check with the local government to see if having a shipping container on your land is legal or requires a permit. In addition, if you’re part of an HOA, check the covenants about what can be placed on your property.

The Land

Next, the land must be prepped to receive the shipping container. Because this container is a large steel fabricated structure, you’ll need to create a foundation for it. Concrete and gravel make the best bed to support it.


Finally, if you plan on hooking up utilities to your container, you’ll need to sort out how that will work. Contact an electrician, plumber, and other utility technicians to get estimates and a timeline for installation.

Carolina Containers

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