Shipping containers are durable, reliable, and versatile. They not only revolutionized long-distance transportation of goods but have become so widespread and affordable that their durability and reliability can be converted to other uses. Custom storage containers have various uses and applications, from homes to portable offices. Knowing the best customization for the job is essential for getting the best service from the container.

Custom Storage Container Tips

Since storage containers are effectively giant steel boxes, there are many options for creating ideal custom storage containers. The floor is an excellent place to start. A container’s standard floor is designed to protect against rust, water, and insects but can be upgraded if desired. Steel overlay or vinyl are frequently used options.

Doors & Windows

Depending on the purpose, it might be necessary to install windows or doors different from the standard hinge doors that come with the container. Sliding doors and windows for a portable office or similar setup are common features of modified containers. In addition, windows will provide natural lighting and create a more welcoming interior, as will alternative door options since steel doors on hinges aren’t the most inviting thresholds.


On the matter of lighting, depending on the needs of the container, installing lights and other electronics might be needed. This is especially true for containers converted into homes, offices, or classrooms. In addition to lights, outlets and internet access will be required for these conversions.


One thing steel containers are not good at is ventilation. For many needs, an HVAC system will likely need to be installed. This is especially true if the container is used as a classroom, home, office, mobile clinic, or any use where people will be present for an extended time. On the other hand, if the container is used as storage, a ventilation system might not be needed, depending on what is being stored. Instead, extra security, such as keypads and heavy-duty locks, might be required.


As for the exterior, containers are already painted with rust and weather-resistant paint, but it might be faded, chipped, or not the color desired. A fresh coat of paint can help make custom storage containers more inviting and personal and also help protect the exterior against the elements.

Buying Modified Containers

Used containers can sometimes be purchased with the desired customizations, but more often than not, they will need to be handled after purchase. With the widespread custom shipping containers, contractors to perform the required changes are easy to find. Rental containers are available too, and it is usually easier to find pre-customized rental containers than used ones.

Since shipping containers are relatively inexpensive, purchasing and modifying one for any given need are generally not that hard. Still, the time and costs involved need to be considered on any given project. This is true if the container is used for climate-controlled storage or as a mobile office for a remote work site. Both are prevalent uses for containers, but there have many other uses that can be customized as needed.

As previously noted, a container can be modified with new flooring, doors, windows, or even a sunroof to provide a cozier and more welcoming feel, ideal for a mobile office, classroom, or clinic. In addition, electrical outlets can be installed as well as an HVAC system, which is especially desirable if people are going to be working in the modified container for long periods.

Used containers are easy enough to find and can save some money as opposed to new ones, and the choice often depends on the availability and the needs of the job at hand. In such a case, repair costs on used containers must be considered. If the container is just needed for a certain period, say as storage at a construction site, renting a container may be the better option, as opposed to purchasing a container and modifying it as needed.


Mobility is another factor to keep in mind when customizing a container to meet specific needs and another potential cost to consider. A mobile office, classroom, or clinic is just that: mobile. It may also be helpful to transport stored equipment from one location to another. Keeping almost anything, from drills to cars, in a weather-resistant, water-resistant container can appeal to remote and long-distance jobs.

Shipping containers are incredibly versatile and durable. Properly cared for, they can last for decades. As a result, they can be purchased new or used, or even rented, and customized to meet various needs and uses. Consider the best options for the needed task and the costs involved, and plan accordingly when purchasing or renting custom shipping containers.

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