Shipping Containers for Secure Storage

Exporters and vendors rely on shipping containers for the safe transportation of goods and materials. These containers are made of galvanized steel, which makes them extremely convenient for safe shipments. The article below offers more details on container security.

The Customizability of Shipping Container Means you can add onto and Customize Your Security

Carolina Container shipping containerShipping containers are used for varied purposes like housing, storage, bathrooms, workshops, etc. For every use, the requirements vary, so the design and structure are modified accordingly. These modifications include the installation of doors, windows, electrical outlets, plumbing, and HVAC units. Cutting through the container wall for a door or window may increase the possibility of entry for a thief. In such a scenario, additional security becomes critical. Containers can increase security through the following measures:

  • Keypad Entry: The traditional deadbolt lock is considerably better than just a doorknob lock, but when the foot traffic is high (i.e., a supervisor’s office), the need for security is even greater. Keypad entry can be the better alternative in such a scenario that can help in monitoring the access of authorized personnel only. With individual codes, an entry can be tracked for every employee.
  • Latch Guard: Latch guards are metal pieces bolted on the traditional lock. These enclosed locks ensure against forced entries.
  • Window Bars: If the shipping container is used as an office in a remote site, burglar bars may be installed to secure the windows. These can be customized and welded as per the requirement of the room or window. They ensure a safety check on open windows.
  • Security Lighting: Lights can be installed in the exterior outline of the premises. These lights ensure well-lighted space and make it difficult for intruders to hide in the dark. Further, a red-colored light can be installed to mark an area as reserved or dangerous; this also helps in warning the people to stay away. Additional motion- sensor lights can be connected to turn on if an intruder wanders into specific areas.
  • Lockbox: Cargo doors are mostly left operable when a shipping container is used as a storage unit. The doors can be protected via a simple lock. However, such locks are quite vulnerable. By adding additional security via a lockbox, the chances of intrusion are reduced to a greater extent. These lockboxes are welded to the door of the cargo to protect any lock cutting via intruders.

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