It’s easy to make mistakes when purchasing a shipping container for the first time. Buying shipping containers is no joke. To save money and get the best quality container possible, this task should be taken seriously. With some necessary information, one can avoid the most common purchasing mistakes.

Buy From a Reputable Vender

Carolina Containers Durham storage containers When buying a shipping container, research needs to be done. It’s tempting to purchase a container from the cheapest vendor, but this can lead to problems down the line. Containers are an investment. They should only be bought from reputable companies who have the best quality products. Carolina Containers is one such vendor. We provide quality and sturdy containers that will last for many years. No one wants to have a leaking or rusted container, so consider this when buying or renting a container.

Placing Too Much Weight on The Container Roof

Another mistake first-time container owners make is putting too much weight on the roof of the structure. Containers are most sturdy at their foundations. So heavy objects should not be placed on top of the roof. The weight can damage the shipping container creating extra expenses for damage to the container and contents.

Not Cleaning A Container

shipping container sitting open Like any other purchase, shipping containers need to be well maintained. Make sure to clean containers inside and out. Get rid of snow, water, and ice as well. Otherwise, the container can rust and develop holes. High-powered vacuums can rid containers of water and debris.

Inspect Your Shipping Containers

Related to cleaning is inspection. Anyone who rents or owns a container should look out for scratches, rust, and other potential problem areas. If these issues are not dealt with and remain overlooked, they could ruin the container. Inspect containers annually to prevent this.

Not Following to Manufacturing Instructions

If there is a heating device or cooling device present in the container, make sure manufacturing recommendations are being followed. Parts might need replacing, and the units need to be inspected and kept up-to-date. Don’t make the mistake of letting this go. It’s more expensive if these systems have to be entirely replaced because they were not well maintained.

Contact Carolina Containers

A shipping container purchase is a big deal. Carolina Containers can answer any further questions about these products. And if you want to make a purchase or get a price range, we are more than happy to talk with you. We also offer shipping container rentals at very affordable rates and even include transport that we handle personally. That way we can ensure the proper delivery of what you pay for. For more information on storage containers Durham call 919-452-5418.