When it comes to shipping goods, many business owners find that a shipping container is the best solution for their needs. Shipping containers are large, durable, and allow you to transport all manner of goods, large and small, efficiently. However, there is still a significant question that you should ask yourself – should I rent a shipping container, or buy one? This article has been created to help you make this important decision.

There are three main factors that you need to consider before buying or renting a shipping container- your budget, your timeframe, and exactly what you plan on shipping. If you will only be using the shipping container once, such as moving your office to another location, then renting a shipping container makes more financial sense.  Buying a container for this one time use is not only more expensive but then you are burdened with having to sell it at the other end. Put simply, renting a shipping container makes this process much more efficient, and saves you money.

If your business regularly makes international shipments, then you might want to think about buying shipping containers outright, instead of renting them. Since you will use and reuse them over an extended period, you will eventually recoup the cost of buying.  After the initial investment is paid off,  you will start to benefit on your investment by no longer paying rental fees. When you purchase a shipping container  can have it painted with your company’s logo for easy identification. In addition, you can base them out of your firm’s warehouse to make loading and unloading easier.

Of course, some businesses still need to make these kinds of shipments, but on a less regular basis. In this case, the best option is to rent at first, possibly with a long-term contract. This arrangement allows you to save money on rental fees on a month-by-month basis.   It also gives you the time to calculate whether buying a shipping container in the future is the best economical choice for your business.  If you know that you will only use your shipping container on rare occasions, then renting a shipping container is clearly the best option.

Whatever you choose, you can be assured that Carolina Containers provides the best deals around on shipping containers for rent or to buy.  They will be able to negotiate a price around your needs and budget.  Contact Carolina Containers at 919-562-9187.