Renting VS Buying Shipping Containers

When looking for efficient on-site storage for your worksite or business needs, a shipping container may be the next thing you need. These containers are available in different sizes, endurance, and price. These containers are durable, long-lasting and secure. They are ready to use as soon as they are delivered. Carolina Containers is one of the leading shipping container suppliers in Raleigh.

You may be looking for a shipping container to use either for an occasional or short-term project or you don’t have enough cash to buy the container right away. The next best option is to consider renting. Carolina Containers gives you great prices for new or used containers as well as friendly monthly rentals. Long-term shipping container rental is also available for clients who want to own the shipping container for a longer duration.

Factors To Consider When You Rent A Container

Renting a portable storage container is not a cheap investment and you, therefore, need to make informed decisions for you to get satisfaction and value for your money. There are several factors to be considered when you want to select a storage container for rent.

Why You Need The Storage Container

Different individuals want shipping containers for diverse purposes. If you are looking for a perfect storage option for stuff that can be left out on site, buying a storage container is the best option. A storage container can really work for you if you are looking for a safe, efficient and secure storage unit for building and construction items, site office or other related stuff that can move with you. We offer mobile offices for rent and sale also if that’s more in line with your needs.

Customized Specifications

Your project is as unique as you are. Carolina Containers takes care of your customized needs and modifies the container to your specifications. They offer office doors, vents, air conditioning & heating, refrigeration, electrical, roll-up doors, windows, and any other modifications needed. You’ll have to buy your container to customize it though.

How Much You Want To Spend

When looking for a portable storage unit that works for you, you need to work on your budget and find out how much you are ready to spend. Mostly, rental prices for storage containers depending on the size and length of the container and whether it is new or used. Used cargo containers Raleigh are available at a much lower cost compared to the new containers.

What Size Storage Container Do You Need?

Depending on the size of your project, consider renting a storage container that meets your needs. You can opt to rent a 20’ container or 40’ storage container that gives you ample space for your project. Take an inventory of the items you need to store to determine the size of the storage unit you require.

Duration Of Renting

Depending on the size and nature of your project, you need to know for how long you need the storage container. If you need the storage unit for a short period, look for convenient and affordable offers. For long-term rentals, ensure you get a Conex box at affordable monthly rates. If you need something truly long-term, it may work out to be cheaper for you to just go ahead and buy it outright, we can help you do some quick math there and figure out what’s best for you.

What should you know about used vs new shipping containers?

Container prices are going to differ based on whether you buy new or used ones, it won’t be thousands of dollars but it won’t be anything. Each option comes with its benefits and negatives of course. Depending on why you need a container, you’re probably going to consider all of your options very in-depth. Truly the large majority of the time there is nothing – or very little wrong with any used shipping container.

Most people and we support this, look out for all the different deals they can find. In the end, we can guarantee that most used containers are going to hold up as well as a new one, apart from maybe looking a tad more beat up on the outside. Let’s break this down further for you below.

Save on cost

If your budget is tight and you need a container, we certainly recommend that you really consider used ones. They are more affordable for the simple reason that otherwise they’d just be sitting somewhere rusting away, these containers have to be extremely high quality to be considered “sea-worthy” so you’re almost “recycling” it in a certain sense. Though they may have been used a lot in the past, they really do stay in great shape through all of this use. You do not have to compromise on quality simply because your budget is a little on the lower end. If you compare a new and used container of the same size and similar conditions, the used is going to be cheaper almost every time.

Purpose of the Shipping Container

The reason you need a container will play a major role in determining if you really need a new one. For example, if you are purchasing a container because you want to turn it into a home or an office, you should just go with a new container so you can ensure you’re starting from a perfect base. You don’t want to risk finding any dents or rust that compromise the integrity of the container. You need to ensure a secure and safe environment if you will be living in it.

On the other hand, if you’re just going to be using it as a “storage shed”, a used container will be more than adequate. It will serve the same purpose just as well as a new one in addition to saving you money on overall costs.

Will you have modifications made to the Storage Container?

Buying shipping containers so you can turn them into homes or office space obviously means fairly intense modifications that need to be made. You may choose to reinforce the floor, add windows and vents, subdivide the space, and/or allow for plumbing. Whatever you’re doing, considering that these alterations can be very costly, it is highly recommended that you do them on a new container, this way you can ensure that you’re working with a quality base and things aren’t going to fall apart over time. If you start modifying a used shipping container, you could be halfway through installing A/C before you realize you have a spot of rust near the base that’s weakening the wall, that could be all it needs for your container to fail.

Chances of Shipping the Container

Do you think you’ll ever move your container overseas to transport anything? Or do you even think you’ll be loading it up on a truck and having it driven elsewhere in the country? A new container is already certified for shipping but that will cost you a small premium. On the other hand, there is absolutely no need to buy a certified container if you do not intend to ship it to another country, that would be a waste of money.

So when it comes down to it, the new vs used debate all hinges on your intended use and if you have any desire to actually use it for shipping. Basically, if you want to ship it or use it for something more involved and intensive like a home or shop, you need to buy new. If you’re literally just using it as a storage shed or anything else like that, we totally recommend that you go the used route. These containers are just like the new but maybe with a dent or two, and a lower price tag! Learn more about our shipping container sales if you’re still unsure.

What should you know before buying a shipping container? 

Many people today are interested in the off-the-grid living concept.  A shipping container can make this dream become a reality and be the ideal solution for those individuals looking to build an alternative type of home, guest house, or farmhouse. When searching for that perfect container here is some vital information one should know before buying a shipping container.

Purchasing Prefabricated Containers

Purchasing a prefabricated shipping container might sound like an affordable option at a glance. However, this should only be done if the alterations are exactly what is wanted.  If additional work is required to alter what has already been done, it may be cheaper to start with a blank slate.  This approach all depends on the specifications of the project.

Purchasing from a Local Warehouse

Local warehouses might have used shipping containers for low prices; however, it is important to verify the ownership of the respective container before committing to the purchase.

Know the Material

Although one shipping container might appear to be similar to another, the material can be different.  It is important to pick the right kind of material to enjoy the best return on investment. It is always better to go for a shipping container made out of “Cor-Ten Steel.” Such containers will tolerate severe weather conditions and last for a very long time.

Get the Assistance of an Expert

For those who don’t have confidence in selecting the right kind of container, it is better to seek the help of an expert. Perhaps, a friend, a relative, or a colleague can provide the necessary help.

Compare Prices

The best way to get a shipping container for an affordable price is to request quotations from several sellers. It is also better to pick a vendor who offers free transport.

Personally Inspect Before Purchase

It is not wise to rely on the outer appearance of the container; it should be free of rust, holes, and other damages. That is why physical inspection is so important when purchasing a shipping container.

What are the most common mistakes when buying and renting shipping containers? 

It’s easy to make mistakes when purchasing a shipping container for the first time. Buying shipping containers is no joke. To save money and get the best quality container possible, this task should be taken seriously. With some necessary information, one can avoid the most common purchasing mistakes.

Buy From a Reputable Vender

When buying a shipping container, research needs to be done. It’s tempting to purchase a container from the cheapest vendor, but this can lead to problems down the line. Containers are an investment. They should only be bought from reputable companies that have the best quality products. Carolina Containers is one such vendor. We provide quality and sturdy containers that will last for many years. No one wants to have a leaking or rusted container, so consider this when buying or renting a container.

Placing Too Much Weight on The Container Roof

Another mistake first-time container owners make is putting too much weight on the roof of the structure. Containers are most sturdy at their foundations. So heavy objects should not be placed on top of the roof. The weight can damage the shipping container creating extra expenses for damage to the container and contents.

Not Cleaning A Container

Like any other purchase, shipping containers need to be well maintained. Make sure to clean containers inside and out. Get rid of snow, water, and ice as well. Otherwise, the container can rust and develop holes. High-powered vacuums can rid containers of water and debris.

Inspect Your Shipping Containers

Related to cleaning is inspection. Anyone who rents or owns a container should look out for scratches, rust, and other potential problem areas. If these issues are not dealt with and remain overlooked, they could ruin the container. Inspect containers annually to prevent this.

Not Following to Manufacturing Instructions

If there is a heating device or cooling device present in the container, make sure manufacturing recommendations are being followed. Parts might need replacing, and the units need to be inspected and kept up-to-date. Don’t make the mistake of letting this go. It’s more expensive if these systems have to be entirely replaced because they were not well maintained.

Contact Carolina Containers

A shipping container purchase is a big deal. Carolina Containers can answer any further questions about these products. And if you want to make a purchase or get a price range, we are more than happy to talk with you. We also offer shipping container rentals at very affordable rates and even include transport that we handle personally. That way we can ensure the proper delivery of what you pay for. For more information on storage containers Durham call 919-452-5418.