Have you ever heard of conex containers? Do you know their benefits? Do you know why they are used by many people around the world? Here, you are going to be educated about these containers. At the end, you will like this product.

Storage cargo containers provide unique and creative uses. They are durable, secure and sturdy. Custom modifications and applications are available, so your mind is the limit. Creativity of your mind should imagine possibilities and have the picture of the results.


Building schools

In the recent years, customized shipping containers have been modified and transformed into superior building materials. Education facilities can be built out of these containers. Schools made out of these kind containers are of high design, safe and sustainable.

For example, schools like Costa Mesa Waldorf in California, Fawood Childrens center in London, Vissershok Container Classroom in South Africa and Shooters Hill School in London are built out of shipping containers.

Movie Sets

Shipping containers have been through the harsh weather conditions of the ocean. This makes them a no-barrier that people use for storage and other purposes. They have options for insulation modification and temperature control.

The structure of conex boxes actually look like buildings, have a bit of movie magic and correct camera angles. They are durable than traditional set pieces. Surviving harsh sea life makes them a smart choice. So if you want a movie set, prefer shipping containers.

Constructing pop-up shops

Retailers are attracted to conex containers around the world. Why don’t you use sustainable and unique structure to advertise your principles? Consider a storage container pop up shop to market your products.

Pop-up shops are used to spread trends or products. They exist temporarily in certain locations and they give you the opportunity to make sales to individuals who might have not purchased anything otherwise.

Shipping containers are versatile, portable and durable. They can be transported anywhere by trains, trucks or ships without tampering with their contents. These conex containers are created to ship cargo overseas, hence they are well equipped to survive brutal weather conditions.

Electrical Rooms

Conducting electricity is nitty-gritty work that must be done in a specific safe and secure place. Forcing heavy electrical equipment in a room is risky. I advise you to use a shipping container. Electrical rooms should have frequency converters, control systems and switch gears, to control electricity of large structures.

Shipping containers can be converted into electrical rooms. They provide unbeatable mobility. The structure should be weather and waterproof to withstand climate changes. Durability of these containers is paramount in construction.

Shipping containers are strong enough to withstand heavyweight electrical gear. The floor holds up transformers and gears, while walls and ceiling support hefty cables. They are a perfect solution to host control centers geared towards disaster relief.

Cargo containers are fit for the uses  discussed above due their features which include secure steel, sealed doors, hardwood flooring, weatherproof and lockable handles. These features have made shipping containers to be secure, safe, inexpensive and durable.

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