What would happen if your containers could serve you longer than their average life span? Doesn’t that mean more profit since you wouldn’t have to invest in a replacement? Absolutely!

Storage Container Maintenance

Shipping containers perform multiple functions: they serve as storage units, equipment enclosures, and some organizations convert them into a workspace. Irrespective of what it’s used for, here we share practical tips on storage container maintenance to help you keep your containers in good shape for the long haul.

How To Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Container

Although shipping containers are durable and not easily damaged by the elements, you still have a role in ensuring their longevity.

Re-level Your Container

Your container unit should always be placed on a flat, level surface. But after a while, you may observe the container beginning to shift, and that’s when you need to re-level it. The four edges should touch the ground to ensure balance while the floor cross members are elevated. When balanced, the container’s weight is evenly distributed across all four edges—thereby prolonging its lifespan.

Watch Out For Rust

If your container is kept in an open space or any area subject to natural elements like snow and rainfall, rust could develop. For proper storage container maintenance, inspect the container, especially the rooftop, caulk, and weathering strips. Clean every trace of dirt, rust or debris, using vinegar and a wire brush.

Similarly, identify areas with dents where water can accumulate and paint with moisture-resistant paint.

Prioritize Maintenance

If you want your containers to last for several more years, you need to prioritize storage container maintenance. The excuse of “containers are durable and resistant to rust” is not going to help you extend its life span. Make allocations for scheduled maintenance. It’s the smart way to preserve your shipping containers.

Lubricant Door Hinges

Open the right door of your container and clean its cam, door hinges, and keeper. After proper cleaning, add some lubricant to the door’s hinges and repeat the same for the left door. You will see lots of improvement, and it’ll serve you much longer.

Carolina Containers

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