20 foot storage container office with door_opt2 Storage containers can be used for many things. Even better, owning it directly will allow you to do all SORTS of things with it. There are two options – renting or buying. Buying containers (just like buying a house) will give you far greater latitude when it comes to customizing it.  These containers can be setup to provide all sorts of functionality for you. They can be used to stash items like home appliances or even converted into an office, garage or an additional living space. Knowing how you are going to use the storage container is important because it will help you to select the right one for your needs. Below are a few things to consider when buying storage containers.

Start with the size

Storage containers come in a variety of sizes. 20 foot and 40 foot are our most common sizes, but we can get others.  Choosing one that is too big will make you spend a lot of money over unused space. On the other hand, a smaller container may never suit your needs, so you’ll end up spending more money to get a second one. It’s important to know what size will be perfect for your current situation. You can get professional advice on the size that is appropriate if you are not too sure.

Choose between a used or a new container

The decision whether to go for an old or new container will depend on many things – especially your budget. An old unit will cost considerably less than a new one. Be extra careful when buying an old storage container. Make sure that it is in proper condition. Some old containers may have rust or holes that make it a risk when storing items like appliances. New storage containers may be costly but they are ideal because of their top-notch condition.

Consider the features

A storage container is not exactly a pocket-change purchase, so you must consider what features you are getting before you buy.  These containers CAN be gussied up with ventilation, air conditioning, security, and roll up doors among others. There are containers that come with additional features because they have been modified to suit certain specifications.  The most basic of containers obviously will be the cheapest, but will be straight like they come off the ships – with double doors on one end.

If there are any features that you are particularly interested in having – but aren’t already in place, consider getting  the modifications after you buy. Factor the cost of having those modifications after buying the storage container. For more details on storage container specifications, get in touch with Carolina Containers in Raleigh.

Most importantly, choose a storage container from a reputable company. Not all places that offer storage containers in Raleigh NC will give you value for your money. Perform some due diligence before you spend your money on a container. It’s advisable to speak to a few people who have bought the containers from the same dealer and find out what their experience was.

Make sure you get in touch with Carolina Containers if you need a storage container to be built to certain specifications before you buy anything. Contact us today!