Shipping containers are robust and designed to withstand extreme situations from hurricanes to scorchy heat waves. The entire shipment industry relies on these bulky containers for the transfer of goods and cargo worldwide.

However, with time even these bulky steel containers may show wear. You cannot expect any material to last forever, but some maintenance along the way can make your containers last much longer. Most of these tasks can easily be performed on-site.

Shipping Container Maintenance Tips

Carolina Containers shipping container Durham Place the container on level ground: Use railroads ties or concrete blocks when placing and leveling the container. A level container helps avoid corrosion and damage due to water collecting in puddles on the container floor and roof. Placing the container on even ground at a raised level solves all issues of moisture collecting under the container. Being on level ground also allows the doors to open smoothly.

Keep doors lubricated: The doors of the shipping containers may remain closed for long periods when not in use. The lack of lubricant may cause the door hinges to seize and lead to rusting. Lubricating regularly can help prevent damage to the doors.

Control rust and mold: Use bleach and other cleaning agents for regular cleaning of the container. Periodic cleaning will avoid rust and mold from building up. Mold especially can damage the container contents.

Avoid putting any weight on the top: The upper wall of the shipping container is sturdy on the edges but weaker in the middle. Placing a heavy load on the rooftop, especially in the middle, must be strictly avoided. Brush off accumulated snow and debris as soon as possible.

Carolina Containers shipping containers Storing dry goods: Storing only dry goods reduces the chance of condensation being introduced inside the container. Also, do not open the doors and vents in humid conditions like in rainy weather and humid summer days.

Replace the worn rubber seals: The doors and the walls of the container are sealed with rubber for moisture control. However, these rubber closures may get damaged after several years. When any wear and tear is noticed on the rubber seals, replace immediately to ensure protection from moisture.

Shipping Container Sales

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