Companies often need extra storage space. Usually, this is due to the varying movement of products in business storage sites. Throughout the year, the area in these sites may lessen or increase because of changing product demand by customers. Sometimes, businesses experience an influx of product as orders trend upward. Other times, the demand for commodities is stable, and extra storage space is not needed. This change in the market can present issues for companies at specific points during the year.

Have the Storage Space you need When you Need it

Carolina Containers Conex containers One of the biggest challenges established companies can face is storage during seasonal rushes. Storage problems become the most apparent during these months. In particular, orders during the seasons bring in excess product that isn’t usually seen in a business’s warehouse as the demand for products shifts and flows during the business year needs change. Many companies want to keep their storage onsite. They don’t want to invest in storage that they won’t use most of the year. As extra storage is not needed annually for these businesses, business owners need solutions other than off-site storage. Conex containers may be the solution.

Conex containers are one way to store excess product during the seasonal rushes. This solution is the most cost-effective for business owners. There are many benefits to be found with this choice. For one, with Conex containers, there won’t be an extra fee for storing products off-site. The containers can be stored at the companies warehouse for no charge. Also, with this option, the product stays close at hand. The proximity can save companies a lot of money. They won’t have to transport items between storage facilities. And keeping products nearby also keeps them secure. Businesses can worry less about products being stolen.

Secure, Convenient Storage

Carolina Containers shipping container Furthermore, extra safety will be ensured by the containers themselves. They are sturdy and build-out of steel. Products in these units will be secure. And large amounts of product can be placed inside them. Depending on the needs of your company, you can choose from a range of sizes. Pick the size that best fits the needs of the products being stored. Overall, with these portable containers, you can keep products safe and well stored all at a low cost. Warehouses might not be the best option for every company. More suitable services are available. Conex containers provide an alternative solution that is simple and convenient for any business’s storage needs.

Don’t Let Your Business go Without the Storage you need

If this sounds like something your business needs, contact Carolina Containers to rent or buy conex containers for an affordable price. Carolina Containers provides customized containers, so business will get what they need. Call 919-562-9187.