A cargo or shipping container usually outlives its usefulness after about half a decade. Those containers are then just being abandoned in a shipyard. But thanks to its low cost, durability, and ease of piling, it can be recycled for several functions. Containers these days are being used for a lot of creative ways such as office spaces, resorts, and residences. It appears the possibilities are endless.

Here are just a few of the fascinating ways they have been put to use:

Container Houses

It can simply be become a tiny, economical home because a cargo container has boxy structure. It can function as a great dwelling place as they can be stacked to make a bigger house. Plus, they’re extremely easy to relocate and set up, and will conveniently serve as an additional bedroom.

While such a residence might not seem attractive for most people, you’ll be surprised by how wonderful many of these houses are built. It just needs some great amount of imagination. This boxy structure could become a stylish living space if you can be creative enough.

Office and Retail Spaces

Do you know that there’s a very big shopping mall in Ukraine that is made entirely out of shipping container boxes? Shoppers use narrow ladders to get to shops on the top. Pretty interesting commercial space, right? Well, you might not need a two-story office, but transforming cargo containers to an office or retail shop is quite cool.

Playhouses or Children’s Centers

Transport containers are not only durable, they can also be environmentally friendly to kids. A cargo container that functions as a nursery is actually known in London. The boxes are joined by stairways and paths. How wonderful it can be to have your own playhouse in your yard!

Shipping containers are durable and very versatile as it can be used in a lot of different ways. All it takes is your imagination and the right materials to make everything work.

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