20-office-container Shipping containers are with time growing in versatility. Most people will see them as shipping containers while others will see them as an opportunity to come up with some great ideas. Shipping containers are a perfect source of housing and commercial set ups.


The fact containers come all covered make them a good candidate for enclosed housing in Raleigh. The containers also come with heavy metal making them a safe option for housing. The metal is strong enough to keep the items in the container dry and safe. One of the many advantages of setting up containers and housing is that they are cheap and easy to relocate. These can be moved using trucks. They are also easy to place on one another and weld together. The interior is boarded up depending on the kind of finishing one is looking for.

Windows, doors, and corridors are also installed easily by cutting the containers appropriately. They can also be split into halves and conjoined to create elaborate designs depending on what you are looking for. Containers are light in structure also making them ideal for earthquake prone areas. The light nature also makes it unnecessary to create deep foundations. They are also easily integrated with wood and other building composites to create interesting designs.

The design options are also unlimited making them one of the most versatile ways to create housing whether commercial or residential. They are also a fast way to set up buildings. The fact that they are already fabricated makes them easy to finish up. The fact that there is no cutting needed also makes the process fast and reliable. They make ideal housing that can also be brought down and relocated at will.


Tables and chairs

Smaller shipping containers are an ideal way to create really good sitting space. These can be used in the home or as patio for your compound. This is a pretty economical and green way to set up around the home.

Swimming Pools

Containers can be used to create amazing swimming pools. The best construction companies in Raleigh will do a good job. The fact they are perfectly joined is an added advantage. You will, of course, need to upgrade a few things for the purpose of integrity due to rust.


Containers are a great way to create playgrounds for children. They are ideal for creating castles, bridges and tunnels. Their support structure is strong yet light enough for a quick reliable set up.

Need a storage or shipping container? We primarily sell the 20′ and 40′ containers but can offer a vast array of sizes getting as economical as you need.  These are effective storage solutions for virtually any product or application!


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