A lot of homeowners especially in the Raleigh area run out of storage. This is where custom storage containers come in handy. With a custom outdoor storage shed, it gives you enough square footage to store everything that clutters up your space.

These storage containers can be customized depending on your requirements. We also customize containers complete with lighting, flooring, outlets and basically other types of modifications that you can think of. If you want air conditioning, you can have that! Do you need heating and insulation? No problem. We do all sorts of customizations. We use reinforced steel to strengthen the structure of your outdoor storage container. Safety locks can be installed along with vents.

Having problems fitting your stuff through the door? We can customize the width of the entrance according to your specifications. Having a wide entrance and roll up doors gives you the ability to put all the large stuff that is cluttering your home or office hassle-free.

Life-time Savings and More

Having a custom-made outdoor shed out of storage containers can be costly. As a matter of fact it can cost a lot. You need to be very specific and think through the functionality and overall appearance of your outdoor shed. It must have all the necessities and some added comfort so that you can get the most bang out of your buck.

Buying a custom container may not be cheap but will definitely solve all of your storage problems. We can add in a custom shelving system that allows you to organize your stuff and make sure that you get the most square-footage in your new outdoor shed.

Why Choose Our Custom Storage Containers?

Here at Carolina Containers, we are committed in giving the best in everything that we do. Our priority is your satisfaction. We provide quality custom containers that will not only look good but will have all the functionality that you need. We offer 10’, 20’ and 40’ storage containers modified based on your specifications.

Contact us now so that we can sit down and talk. Custom containers usually take time to build but we will surely finish the job in a timely manner. So what are you waiting for? Call us now at 919- 562- 9187.