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Are you looking to purchase a shipping container in the Raleigh, NC area? The average price of one depends on a number of factors such as the condition and size of the shipping container. You would be surprised to know that even though new shipping containers are more expensive than the used ones, the larger containers are not as expensive as the smaller ones. This article will help you figure out the factors that affect the pricing system of shipping containers in NC and all around to help you decide how much your shipping container SHOULD cost you.

Factors That Affect the Pricing of Shipping Containers in Raleigh, NC


A shipping container could be purchased new or used. Obviously, the new shipping container is going to be more expensive in comparison to the used one. However, the amount of maintenance needed to be carried out on the used one could affect its price and in some cases, this would be more expensive than the new shipping container itself. The used shipping container could be refurbished, as-is, or wind and watertight. A refurbished shipping container could be more expensive in comparison to a new one because refurbishment seeks to improve the state of the container to make it more durable and boost its appearance. A water and wind tight one is leak and rodent resistant and is good for storing grains and other perishable or sensitive goods. You’ll have to weigh each situation based on your needs!

Features Carolina Containers shipping container

There are varying uses for shipping containers, which warrant for specific features to be incorporated into them. For example, a person might want his or her shipping container to have ventilation or certain installations to accommodate the shipping container transports. These will add quite a bit more to the overall cost, but will add an infinite amount of value for you!

The common size of a container

A shipping container that is available in a common size is less expensive in comparison to those available in harder to find sizes. It’s mostly just a matter of mass production vs more specially made containers, and that will obviously drive up the price.

State of the economy

The economy fluctuates constantly as time and seasons go by. There are peak seasons where shipping containers are in great demand, while there are other times when the business is slow. Purchasing a shipping container during the peak season or period will likely cost you more money than if you purchase in the offseason. So, look out for those quiet times or any deals that may come up, it’ll be worth the little bit of waiting!


The typical lengths of a shipping container include 53’, 48’, 45’, 40’, 20’, 10’, 8’, and 6’. By far the most commonly purchased include the 40’ and 20’ ones. This means that the shipping container that is requested in a common size is cheaper in comparison to the rest. This is because most shipping companies obey the demand, thus they standardize and produce the product that is in most demand.

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