In general, shipping containers are some of the safest and most secure structures to store your belongings. These large metal boxes are made from the most durable materials and feature heavy steel doors that can be difficult to move and cut through. The construction alone deters thieves and other criminals from seeking to enter a shipping container.

Shipping containers are now not only used for shipping. With a few modifications, these containers can be used as offices, shops, and even homes. With a new purpose, you may want to enhance the security of your shipping container, making sure no one ever breaks in. Here are a few security modifications you can make.

Top Ways You Can Enhance the Security of Your Shipping Containers

Keypad Entry

The doors of your shipping container are already hard to penetrate. But, if you want to add an extra layer of security, consider placing a keypad entry on the container. A keypad can be helpful for shipping containers modified into offices or living quarters, making entry and departing the container much safer. Even if you only have supplies stored, keypads can be helpful.

Latch Guard

Latch guards are another option to consider, and they can even be in addition to a keypad. Typically, latch guards are placed over the doors of your container near the lock. They are made from metal and prevent burglars and thieves from forcibly entering your container.

Window Burglar Bars

If your container has been modified and contains windows, you may want to install burglar bars. Unfortunately, windows are an easy access point for criminals. Burglar bars are an excellent solution for this problem. You can have them custom-made and placed over each window frame.

Security Lights

Another safeguard you can place around your shipping container is security lighting. Security lights keep your container well-lit and prevent thieves from hiding in the shadows. Lighting reduces a container’s vulnerability and is less likely to be targeted by criminals.

Carolina Containers

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