You can use shipping containers for so many different creative purposes. They carry a majority of the world’s goods from port to port. In the following article, we want to give you all of the information and details that we possibly can about shipping containers. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get here about the uses of shipping containers here at Carolina Containers:

What Exactly IS a Shipping Container/Storage Container Anyways?

A shipping container is a steel box designed for the global shipping industry. Its purpose is to transport valuable goods from one country to another in the most simple terms. Over time as more extra containers sit around, they’ve seen use for everything from temporary offices to long-term storage. Also referred to as Conex containers or ISO containers, they are fabricated from quality industrial-grade steel. They come in standard sizes to be transported by truck, train, boat, or trailer with ease.

Why Do Shipping Containers Go by Such a Variety of Different Names?

There’s just a lot of industry-specific terminology and different names thrown around for containers. The most common terms include Conex containers, ISO containers, portable storage units, Hi-cubes (custom height container), shipping containers, steel containers, and even more! Single-use or one-trip containers are brand new containers that have been shipped from China to the destination and nowhere else.

What Industries Used Shipping Containers Today?

Honestly, if you name the industry, the chances are good that they use or could in some way benefit from the use of shipping containers. They’re helpful for everything from secure storage to portable offices and even homes. Most commonly, they are employed by construction companies, militaries, retail, oil & gas companies, and so much more.

What Do I look for in a Container Supplier?

First off and most importantly, you need to be on the lookout for a company with great reviews, quality products, and the level of customer service you desire. Honestly, you can tell a lot about a company based on their website and how they carry themselves over the phone or when you contact them. For something that can potentially cost so much, you don’t want to risk anything!

How Much Does a Shipping Container Cost?

This is where we will start leaving the answers more open-ended – costs are fluctuating today more than ever with the global shortages going on. You will have to reach out to us directly for any pricing, and we are more than happy to talk details with you! A shipping container is no small investment for most, but it is a perfect one.

As shipping container retailers, we take great interest in all of the fun facts and uses of shipping containers. Here are some of our favorites.

  • China produces more than 90% of all shipping containers.
  • With proper care, a shipping container will last for more than 20 years easily.
  • Anywhere between a few and ten thousand shipping containers fall off of ships and get lost at sea every year.
  • Ships still move the majority of global cargo, about 95%, thanks to the sheer volume of freight they can carry.
  • In 2013 the busiest single port globally, the Port of Shanghai, handled more than 33 million shipping containers.
  • The largest of cargo ships can carry roughly 15,000 shipping containers at once.
  • Keith Tantlinger initially designed the shipping container, the chief engineer at Brown Industries. In roughly 1949, he created the first modern shipping container. At the time, interest in the industry was as high as ever, but monetary factors were holding much back.
  • Standard container sizes are going to be 40 feet and 20 feet. The 40ft shipping container is exactly 40′ long, while the 20ft shipping container is right at 19′ 10.5.” It just makes life easier for everyone to round up here.
  • The standard shipping container width is right at 8 feet. The height of a standard container is 8ft 6in, while Hi cube containers stand at 9ft 6in tall.
  • The standard 20′ container has a tare (empty) weight of 2.2tons. Fully loaded, it can hold a max gross weight of 30tons of goods, taking up to 1,170 feet of cubic space.
  • The shipping container industry has taken massive hits from the global supply chain crisis starting around 2020/2021

Fantastic Uses for Shipping Containers

Mini-theatre: Thanks to all of the open space available inside, shipping containers make great movie theaters. Attaching the projector and screen that you want should be simple. Just another reason the customizability of shipping containers is such a powerful tool.

School or Learning Classroom: In certain parts of the world or specific environments, you may find yourself in need of a structure you can do some learning or teaching in. Shipping containers, with their sizeable central area, can serve as a fantastic classroom alternative.

Homes: You probably saw this one coming. Shipping container homes were a super hot trend in the past few years, and they do not seem to go away any time soon! Eco-friendly, easy to customize, and simple to transport!

Pop-up Restaurant: Found an area you’d love to put a restaurant? Or maybe you like to stay on the go and want a shop that can move around with you, all while staying in one piece without issue. You can modify a shipping container to hold all of your kitchen gear and give you the ability to produce great food anywhere!

Portable Office: Shipping container offices are perfect for construction businesses. These offices are entirely customizable and can easily be moved around from one job site to another.

Portable Bathroom Area: Rather than only having room for a toilet, you can fit an entire bathroom into a shipping container! Much more comfortable to use. Great for use at outdoor events or unique venues.

Carolina Containers

So, as you can see from all the fun facts and various use cases we have presented, shipping containers are an incredibly versatile tool for any business or individual user. If you need extra storage on hand or any custom office space, check out a shipping container! Contact Carolina Containers today to learn more about all of the uses of shipping containers. We offer shipping containers for sale and shipping containers for rent. We have a reputation as the premier container retailer throughout all of central North Carolina. Need some extra heavy equipment to use for a weekend? Check out our equipment rental offerings today!