We know that shipping containers are usually used to load and transport dry goods and heavy equipment. This type of container is made out of steel and typically about 6 or 12 meters long (20 or 40 feet) and 2.5 meters (8.5 feet) high. But what else do you know about this very useful storage box? You may find it hard to believe, but this container is the most inexpensive way of exporting and importing merchandise.

Shipping containers are so widely used that they are available in several types and sizes. Each container is built to suit specific needs. Many people still prefer the basic unit. It is made of two doors and four walls. The open top doesn’t have a lid, but it also has two doors and four walls. This model is most popular worldwide because it can be used to transport tall objects.

Another type of container is something that looks like a refrigerator. It is specifically used to ferry food. There are also tanker containers. These special containers are used mostly to transport liquids. They may or may not be refrigerated. There is also a type called flat rack. This is purposely designed to transport items such as a yacht.

If you are into importing an exporting, you will definitely find shipping containers very useful as they are designed to greatly minimize damage to goods during freight. Export products are shipped several thousands of miles away from the original destination and there can be different points of transshipment in transit. If you do not pack your items properly, you may incur great loss to damages.

When you use these sturdy containers to transport your goods, the cargo will most likely arrive in good condition. This in turn gives a good image to you as the exporter of the merchandise. Indeed, it will provide big benefits to you as the exporter compared to other competitors who don’t use these types of containers.

Shipping containers will also help you cut cost. Entrepreneurs want to gain high profits, and if you use shipping containers to transport your goods, you will reduce packing costs substantially. Get transport shipping containers from us!

Other than shipping goods, shipping containers these days are also widely used by as home storage containers. Many homeowners are getting fond of converting a container to beautiful houses. In effect, these containers offer sustainable, fast, green and eco-friendly approach to building.

This idea might seem odd to you at first, but when you see some of the most beautiful containers homes built to date,  you will surely realize that it’s actually a good idea. Shipping container houses have many great advantages. Because they are proven to be made of sturdy materials, you can be protected from harsh weather conditions.

Plus, constructing a container house is rally easy. You can even make it blend perfectly in your neighborhood. All you need is to turn your imagination on!

Not to mention that a shipping container house is quite affordable and it cost less compared to building a normal house.

So now that you know a little more about the cost, durability, and strength of these storage containers, get in touch with us here at Carolina Containers to get yours today!