For more than 60 years, shipping containers have transported food and fresh produce worldwide. They were designed to protect cargo and do that job quite well. However, times are changing, and the uses of shipping containers are evolving. Today, shipping containers aren’t only used to transport food; they’re also used to grow it. Shipping container farms and greenhouses are today increasing in popularity. Businesses are now modifying shipping containers for a wide range of horticultural applications.

These modified shipping containers allow urban farmers to grow food in vertical farms anywhere, regardless of climate. As a result, everyone can access locally sourced green produce without it having to import it to keep up with the demand.

Shipping container greenhouses are ideal for growing clean, green produce with limited space. The modified shipping containers can be a temporary or long-term growing space, regardless of location. Containers can grow food anywhere with power, a flat area, and a water supply. In addition, the garden is scalable to meet the demand thanks to the stackable nature of cargo containers.

Benefits of Building Your Shipping Container Greenhouse

Traditional farming requires a large piece of land, a large amount of equipment, and operational expenses. It’s also very weather dependent on environmental factors affecting output and security. Below are the benefits of building a shipping container greenhouse.


You can customize the greenhouse to suit your particular style and needs and use it for a dual purpose. Carolina Containers offer a range of customizations that can be done before the delivery of the container.

Remote Farms

One can farm in a remote location, miles away from assistance and equipment, and be successful. Shipping container greenhouses provide an ideal solution for environmental control and farming systems. With such, daily tasks can be removed or reduced with inclusions like glass panels and drip irrigation to create optimal growing conditions.

Urban Farming

You don’t need access to a large farm to have a freight container farm. Imagine growing your own fresh and clean food with as little space as the 20 ft sized container takes.

With a shipping container, you get a controlled environment agriculture unit, an excellent solution for limited-space farming. For an urban crop solution, one can include artificial or natural light and climate control to help suit the urban environment.

Carolina Containers

Want to farm but don’t have acres of land? Carolina Containers can help. Shipping container agriculture is just one of the uses of shipping containers. Depending on transportation costs and your delivery location, our team at Carolina Containers can organize and have your new shipping container greenhouse delivered to you directly. For more information, contact us at 919-562-9187.