wide_open_doorsIf you have a small business in Raleigh NC, you know the relief of saving as little as you can on your operations. Why not enjoy this kind of saving by taking advantage of storage containers? There are so many ways in which containers have been used by small and large businesses. From mobile offices to on-site storage, additional workspaces and recreational centers, businesses are now using shipping containers in many creative ways. Let’s take a look.

Create a mobile office

Shipping containers are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. They can be customized to mimic attractive office spaces in order to support your business in areas where it is yet to expand. Small businesses that are venturing in foreign waters are starting small mobile offices using shipping containers to reach more clients.

Store excess inventory

No need to move to a larger space or spend a lot of money on construction when all you need is a small space to store your extra supplies. You can have all these excess inventory and supplies neatly stored in a shipping container that is designed to keep them safe, even in tough weather conditions, while maximizing convenience and accessibility.

Enjoy an extra workspace

Shipping containers have been used by small business owners as workspaces. They can be used to set up office space for temporary staff. The containers can even serve as a customer service area. They are designed with a beautiful interior and eye-catching structure that makes them stand out.


Create a recreational facility

They say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Give your employees some time off from work by setting up an extra space where they can socialize and just have fun. You can set up an entertainment area with a restaurant, some games and a seating area where your staff can meet during off work hours and relax. Shipping containers can be modified to form beautiful entertainment spots.

Set up a temporary exhibit

Exhibits are a quick alternative to growing your business. You can rent a shipping container whenever there’s a need to market a new product or service. Use the container to advertise the product and set aside space where potential customers can make inquiries and get product demonstrations from your staff. Some businesses have also rented containers and used them in different areas in the Triangle area to set up a space where they attend to their client’s needs.

The containers we offer here at Carolina Containers are secure, so you can lock them up when they’re at your home, and when they’re in storage as well. If you’re looking for Raleigh NC shipping or storage containers, give us a call, today!


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