Carolina Containers shipping containers Shipping containers are the lifeblood of many construction sites given their superior versatility. Today, these containers can be found inside warehouses, shipping docks, schools, and even in the backyards of DIYers all around the world! But just how versatile can shipping containers be? Let’s take a look at some of their various applications.

It is essential to distinguish the difference between the two types of containers Modular vs. Storage containers. Modular buildings are limited in mobility and are structurally insecure but come pre-assembled and are suitable for long-term projects such as housing developments, warehouses, and schools. In contrast, storage containers are suited towards on-site use, given their structural integrity, ease of customization, and mobility. Both are excellent choices depending on the type of project.

Shipping Containers as Office Buildings

Many construction sites purchase storage containers for office usage for administrative purposes. These units are stackable and customizable with electricity, lighting, HVAC, windows, telecommunications, and even internet access. Additionally, given the dangers construction sites present, shipping containers provide the necessary durability and integrity to preserve the safety of your workforce. Learn more about our mobile shipping container offices here.

Storage Containers as Medical Facilities

Keeping your workforce healthy and safe when they are on-site is a priority for all organizations. Accidents and emergencies happen all the time, and workers must have somewhere to go when the going gets tough. Storage containers for medical purposes are easily deployable. They can be equipped with resources to assist with the well-being of workers, including patient beds, first-aid, and hot & cold-water plumbing.

Conex Containers as Expanding Storage

Storage containers are an excellent choice for securing equipment. Their ease of customization, durability, and deployability are perfect for developers to create a barrier between worksites and public space. Additionally, they come equipped with a steel covering, ensuring the safety of nearby pedestrians.

DIY Projects

In recent years, many individuals have taken the time to engage in “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) projects to create spaces for their personal use. Given the increase in the accessibility of educational resources in today’s world, shipping containers have moved beyond the industrial world and have seen expansion into the public. Many creatives have transformed these vessels into inspiring colorful spaces for outside lounges, home offices, bedrooms, gardens, and much more!

Shipping containers have proven to be useful in a diverse set of applications. Investing in them will provide you the ability to conduct administrative duties on-site, keep your workforce safe & healthy, and expand your storage facilities accordingly. If you think that renting or buying a mobile office is the right move for you, go to our page and learn more!

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