Shipping Container Maintenance

Shipping containers are a premier example of durability and extreme efficiency in a package used on land or sea. They are constructed from solid and resistant steel, have galvanized steel fittings, and floors specially designed to prevent all corrosion and rot.

These floors also protect the container itself in everyday use, though your container still needs some degree of maintenance if you want it to last and be usable for as long as possible.

How Long DOES a Shipping Container Last?

Shipping containers are large and intimidating. They seem like the kind of thing that would last more or less forever – but not without the proper maintenance.

If you take good care of your shipping container, you could expect to get a good 25-year lifespan out of your shipping container. You should plan a maintenance schedule for your container to keep it in good condition for years to come.

Maintenance is essential for containers:

  • It keeps the contents safe. That’s what they are built and designed to do.
  • It keeps repair costs to a minimum. You want to address issues before they get worse.
  • It preserves the financial value of your container. Not keeping it in decent condition is the easiest way to make the value sink like a rock.

So, How Can You Keep That Container in the Best Shape Possible?

Keeping your container in tip-top shape is a lot more than just doing all the needed repairs and having it maintained. It’s essential to be careful and get the help of professionals when transporting or moving your shipping container at all. If you want any modifications done, we can handle those for you. However, if you do them yourself, you risk the integrity of your container.

The shipping container experts at Carolina Containers are always just a phone call away should you need any assistance with your container. We can handle all the repairs you may need and answer any general questions. We are also experts in shipping container transportation, something you should only trust the professionals to do.

Water is Your Worst Enemy

If you have a used container, be mindful of dents on the roof. These frequently happen when containers are stacked when stored.

The issue starts when rainwater and debris sit in these small divots. Eventually, you’ll see corrosion as a result. But that’s not the end of the world. You can repair the dents and ensure the area is still fully treated with corrosion and rustproof paint. If you fix your dents but leave them with the paint scuffed off, it’s just delaying the inevitable.

Shipping containers are not entirely rustproof. In the right conditions, it will develop over enough time. This is especially true if you are rough with your container and scratch it frequently or live near saltwater. If you have a modified container, you have to be especially mindful and check these areas thoroughly for leaks or rust regularly.

We recommend that everyone who buys or rents a shipping container has a level and well-drained area somewhere for the container to sit. You never want it to be anywhere near sitting in water that will cause a lot of corrosion on the bottom.

If you don’t have any well-draining flat land to put your container on, you may have to reconsider putting a Conex container on your property.

Don’t Forget to Just Keep Your Conex Container Clean

Dirt and debris can build up and cause issues with mildew and mold if you don’t clean your shipping container regularly. It’s straightforward to give the container a nice easy cleaning now and again, and it’ll stay in great shape. Neglect will reflect in the condition of your container.

We’re not saying you have to get the scrubber and a bucket of soap out every time you lay eyes on it. Just be mindful and don’t neglect it.

Keep Pests Out

You do not want to have to deal with a pest infestation in your shipping container. The best way to deal with it is never to have it happen in the first place.

Check closely around the floor and any gaps in the container – make sure you have no holes at all. Any holes can be filled and sealed with something like silicone. Keep an eye up for spider webs and the like as well. It is also a great time to check for moisture and leaks.

Pests can and should be dealt with swiftly. You can always contact your local pest control expert if you have particular bugs or rodent issues.

Choose the Right Shipping Container Flooring

If you purchase your shipping container, you can install whatever flooring option you want. If you know you’re going to have heavy items in and out of the container, you want a heavy-duty floor, something that won’t break under that weight.

On the other hand, if you intend to use your container as an office or something similar, you should go with something a bit more comfortable and usable, like carpet or hardwood.

Whatever you need, Carolina Containers can get your shipping container set up with all the proper modifications and flooring.

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