Planning a move can be complicated. Transporting all your belongings to your new location can be expensive. If you already have a Conex container to store items, this problem is easily solved. Conex containers are a convenient way to pack and ship items. These shipping containers allow individuals to make a move at their own pace.

Being able to sort and pack your items at your pace makes the moving experience less stressful. Personal items will be safe and secure because shipping containers are weatherproof, durable, and able to accommodate a houseful of items. Conex containers are incredibly mobile. They can be moved from one location to another location with ease and for a reasonable price.

There are a few techniques to use when packing a container that will make a move successful. Filling a container too hastily and with little thought can be dangerous for your property, especially if breakable items are placed improperly. When packing a container, one needs to take time and plan accordingly. Planning the packing will make the unpacking easier and with minimal damage to your belongings. Pack the items you need to have immediately at your new home last. That way you’ll unpack them first at the new place.

Boxes can be filled but should not weigh more than thirty pounds. This weight limit makes boxes easy to handle and stack. Also, be mindful of the placement of the boxes. Don’t just put them anywhere. As a rule of thumb, the heavier boxes should be below the lighter boxes. This placement avoids lighter boxes being crushed by heavier boxes.

Wrap breakable or delicate items before placing them in a box. Newspaper or bubble wrap works well, but if it’s a short distance move, some people use clothing. No matter which wrapping material is used, make sure there is minimal space inside the boxes, and items don’t bump into one another. Tight packing with cushioning material will reduce breakage.

Furniture can be placed in the container to fill more of the space. Wrap edges of all furniture that could be scratched. If needed, strap the furniture in place to keep it from shifting during transport. Try disassembling the large piece of furniture for easier placement in the container.

On the whole, Conex containers give you plenty of room to transport household goods to your new home. Pack these containers efficiently and tightly for a convenient move.
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