Shipping containers are the perfect storage options for anyone with short-term and long-term needs alike. At Carolina Containers, we have a massive inventory of shipping containers on-site and available immediately for rent and purchase! Listen, we’ve all been there; sometimes, you just run out of the easily accessible storage space you need, whether you’re at work or home. Beyond that, you need storage that you can trust to be safe and protect your valuables. It needs to protect not only from potential thieves but also from anything mother nature has to throw at it.

If you’re living in a rental home/property or space is at a premium for you, building entire additional structures on your property may not be an option. With a shipping container, though, we can drop it in an exact location where it will best serve you, then be there the moment you need it gone to ensure you have all the space you need.

Consider How Long You Need the Shipping Container

The general rule of thumb is that if you need a shipping container for anywhere from a week to around, but not more than a year, you’re going to come out better long-term renting it for that period. You get the storage or space you need with all maintenance and issues handled by us. Of course, there are conditions that we will have to go into below.

Now, if you’re planning to install the container as a permanent fixture or keep it for an extended period, you’re going to want to own it outright. Again, we’re generally talking a year or more; most will want to own it at that point.

Consider and Keep Your Budget in Mind

Even when renting, the cost of a container will generally vary based on size, age, and how many modifications have gone into it. So obviously, a brand new container with many custom additions will cost you more than a more heavily used standard container will.

Renting a Shipping Container

Shipping containers have come a long way since their inception, once used exclusively for the shipping and transportation of goods across the globe. They are still very heavily used in that regard but now are used to store things like construction materials or all the extra stuff piling up in your garage at home. In addition, they can be used for secure cross-country transportation and so many more custom uses. Renting a shipping container is the perfect answer for many.

Save Money with Shipping Containers for Rent

Building additional buildings on your property is always an option BUT compared to just renting a shipping container, it’s far more intensive, expensive, and hard to manage. Not to mention, once it’s there, a shed or building is much harder if not impossible to transport. On the other hand, shipping containers are relatively easy to transport – we need to show up with an 18 wheeler, and we can get your container picked up, moved, and placed where it’s most beneficial for you. One thing to note is that the doors DO swing out, so weigh that when selecting your drop location.

How much you will spend on renting a shipping container depends on a few things. Mainly the quality of the container itself, which is from Carolina Containers, will always be top of the line. As well as the duration you are planning to rent/use it. No paying for the extra time you just aren’t going to use. Or worse, you end up stuck with a shipping container you don’t need.

Renting a Shipping Container Offers Unmatched Flexibility

Many reasonable storage options are available to anyone who thinks they’ll stay in the same place. For example, there are few good options for anyone planning to transport goods and materials to different job sites or locations. You need a shipping container when you need storage that can move around as you do without the great hassle. Moving them is fast and easy. We’ve had customers who are moving homes use a shipping container to pack all of their things and transport them to the new home securely and all in one go. Conex containers also come in a wide array of size variations. We offer 10ft containers, 20ft shipping containers, and 40ft shipping containers for sale and rent. That way, you are only paying for what you need and no extra space you don’t.

We are very proud to offer the variety of containers that we do – far more than just your average Conex container retailer. We have more than we can list here, but just a few of the 20-foot container options that we have are

  • 20ft double door container
  • 20-foot open side container
  • 20′ top open hardtop container

If you need some serious storage space, consider renting or purchasing one of our 40-foot storage containers. Those too come in all the same variations as the 20-foot containers; here are some of those:

  • 40ft high cube container
  • 40-foot high cube open side container
  • 40′ high cube reefer container

When Would I Consider Purchasing a Shipping Container?

If you think you will need storage space for an undetermined, potentially infinite amount of time, we recommend you consider purchasing a container outright. Overall, it’ll likely end up being the cheaper option for you.

Purchasing Allows You All the Customization You Could Want

When renting a Conex container, you can, of course, go for any of the many options we went over above, offering you great variety. But one thing you can’t do is customize or alter it to fit your needs best. Unless you return it in a similar condition to where you got it, you may pay extra. But if you outright own that container, you can get it customized and modified to do just about anything you want. We offer custom container modification here at Carolina Containers; contact us directly to discuss details!

As for what someone may want to add to a container, the list is endless. It could be a mobile office that you need more storage in, or maybe you want to add more locks, possibly even heating and air conditioning to keep the inside comfortable. There are so many customization options with a shipping container. We’ve had construction companies ask us to make all kinds of modifications to shipping containers before so that they can store all sorts of things in them.

Carolina Containers are the Premier Shipping Container Retailers in NC

We cover a vast area of central North Carolina and have been for a long time. Check out our service areas. We have shipping containers available for rent and shipping containers for sale today. Please do not hesitate to reach out and contact us – we are more than happy to talk on the phone with you and respond to all requests as soon as possible.