Luis Fernando famously said, “Wine is the only artwork you can drink.” Most people would completely agree with that statement. The same people would also agree that storing wine for future use is no simple task. Which is why we will look at a simple way to build a storage unit for your wine. For this do-it-yourself project, we are going to use a refrigerated shipping container.

Steps to building a wine cellar:

  • Get all the relevant approvals from the local government – Proper zoning and permits allow you to build on your land and are approved by the local government after inspection of your building plans.
  • Purchase a refrigerated shipping container – whether you decide to buy a new or used shipping container, it will be suitable as you will only need to replace the refrigeration unit with an air conditioner for controlling the cellar’s temperature and humidity. These types of shipping containers are already insulated and contain a three-phase current to power the air conditioning unit.
  • Dig a hole that corresponds to the shipping container’s dimensions as well as making sure the shipping container’s door is not obstructed. Make sure you also take into account space for things like stairs to and from the cellar.
  • Construct a concrete pad at the bottom of the hole – This will act as the base on which you will place the shipping container.
  • Cover the exterior of the shipping container with roofing tar to protect it from moisture.  Moisture will cause the container to rust if proper protection measures are not put in place.
  • Using proper equipment, place the shipping container on the concrete pad.
  • Once the shipping container is in place, frame the roof. Make sure you also install a skylight to improve light distribution in the cellar.
  • Buy a good air conditioner that will meet the necessary conditions of wine preservation. Replace the refrigeration unit on the shipping container with the recently acquired air conditioner.
  • Cover the shipping container in earth leaving plenty room to access the doors.
  • Hire a local contractor to build the stairs and make any additional improvements to the cellar.
  • Get a local carpenter to construct wooden racks to place your wine on.
  • Plant vegetation where possible so as to make the landscape around the cellar aesthetically pleasing.

Your self-made wine cellar is ready to store your drinkable artwork.

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