Many businesses face storage challenges at some point. A storage shortage could result from growth, a seasonal surge, or extraordinary high production volume. Modified shipping containers are the solution and a growing segment in shipping container sales.

Modified Shipping Containers

Construction Sites

There are many different circumstances for which a business may need a shipping container. Job construction sites sometimes require extra storage for equipment, tools, or even office space. A storage container is great for materials that need to be secured at the end of the day while the construction is underway. There is no need to worry about the security of the items. Containers can be sealed and secured for peace of mind, so those materials required on-site stay there – no need to ferry them back and forth.

Office Space

If office space is needed, an office container can be delivered on-site. These modified containers are ready to go – windows, doors, electrical outlets, even a bathroom can be included. Containers are available to lease or buy and customized to meet a company’s needs.

Standard office containers include lights, outlets, air conditioning, heating, and tile floors. These types of containers can be altered to meet your specifications.

Shipping Container Sales

We offer a wide range of portable storage containers at affordable prices. Our shipping containers are dependable and fit your business’s needs. If you need something quick, we can do it.

Carolina Containers is a leading provider of storage containers for the east coast. With a full yard of 20′ and 40′ storage containers, the perfect container is waiting for your business. We also have ground-level offices for sale and rent. In as little as 24 hours, the ideal container can be delivered.

The ability to customize containers allows Carolina Containers to meet a business’ specific needs. Several modifications are available: roll-up doors, office doors, windows, electrical, air conditioning, heating, insulation, and drywall. Any other needed changes can be accommodated to create the ideal space.

Carolina Containers

Our shipping containers have a multitude of uses. Over the years, we’ve transformed our shipping containers into homes, mobile offices, garages, studio spaces, concession stands, greenhouses, training facilities, and more. No project is too big or too small. We can work with you to create your perfect space. Contact Carolina Containers to discuss your needs. Call 919-562-9187 today.