Carolina Containers shipping containers Shipping containers are highly versatile, spacious, and easy to maintain. These containers can last for years with very little care, but you must be proactive in taking that care. The article below elaborates on some easy steps which you must follow to keep your shipping container in tip-top shape.

Purchase Shipping Containers from a Reputable Source

Do not skimp on your budget when purchasing shipping containers. Whether buying a new or used container, conduct some research about the seller, and only invest in good quality and dependable products. You can rely on Carolina Containers for renting or purchasing your container. We provide support at all stages for our customers

Avoid Putting Excess Weight on the Roof

The roof of the shipping container is its weakest point in the construction. The top lacks strength when compared to the corner posts (where the weight is carried when the containers are stacked). Hence, do not put excess weights on the roof, or it may result in dents and sagging.

Clear the Roof of Debris, Water, and Snow

Carolina Containers storage containers Durham If debris, water, or snow sit on the roof for an extended period, corrosion can develop and cause leaking. Keep tools and materials handy to maintain a clean roof. Clear any standing water and snow from the rooftop as quickly as possible. Water retention can result in rusting of the thin metal layer, which will accelerate the degradation of the shipping container. Clear any debris from time to time as debris may trap water and also put weight on the rooftop.

Follow the Manufacturer Provided Guidelines for Climate Control

The temperature regulatory system within the container is similar to that of any HVAC system. Hence, staying proactive with timely inspections and regular maintenance is very important.

Identify and Replace the Caulk and Weather Stripping

Moisture can penetrate through cracks and crevices created from exposure to weather. Water can also promote mildew growth. Avoid such incidences by regular inspections and replacement of the caulk.

Follow the steps listed above, and you’ll surely be able to prolong the life of your valuable shipping containers.

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