10 foot storage container roll up door_opt Conex containers can take on different jobs. They can be used for business, general storage or even as a mobile office. Cargo doors which usually come with standard steel containers may not be ideal for all of these uses. That’s why there are different types of containers and a variety of door styles to choose from. If you are in the market to buy a steel conex container, we are going to get rid of the confusion that comes with choosing the right one. We will provide you with information to choose the right door for your requirements.

Check the number of locking bars

There are some steel storage containers that have a single locking bar. These are S1 doors containers that also have a reduced weight and are ideal for domestic storage or any other purpose that has frequent use. S2 doors containers have double locking bars and offer a better form of security and are ideal for heavy storage or construction sites.

What’s the size of the container?

Most steel shipping containers come in two standard sizes 20ft and 40ft. Though we do also have 10ft containers. This standardization of containers is done to ensure that all containers can accommodate different uses. Even though the exterior specifications are usually standard, the interior measurements can be different. You may also have specialty containers such as flat track and open-top containers. High cube containers come with an extra height so that it can be able to accommodate certain types of equipment or storage. If you’re going to rent storage containers, it’s important to check the dimensions to make sure you’ll be able to get your things in and out properly!

Custom Conex Boxes

When you buy a steel storage container in Raleigh, you can then have all types of modifications to suit all your needs. Common custom container modifications done on steel containers include painting the exterior and interior, adding a lockbox, windows, security bars, side vents, electrical outlets, and exhaust fans. All these are done to transform a standard container that has been designed for carrying cargo into a living or proper storage space.

Most importantly, inspect the condition of the container to make sure it is worth the cost. You can choose between used and new steel containers, have a custom design, and transport it to the required destination. Building with a new container can give you the perfect space and save you money. Consider the overall cost of buying the steel container including the delivery charges when making a decision. Contact Carolina Containers any time you need to rent or buy a custom shipping container in the NC triangle area.