wide_open_doorsShipping containers in Raleigh NC are often used to store plant and machinery, chemicals and even household items. Making sure that the container you buy or rent is wind and water tight, doesn’t have holes, rust or any other condition that may damage your valuables, is important. If you are considering getting shipping containers for storage, below are a couple of things to consider.

Buying vs renting the shipping container

You’ll need to decide whether to rent or buy the shipping container. Renting makes sense if you are only looking for short-term storage. If you want to use the container for a long term period and also modify it to suit your needs, you will almost certainly have to buy it. If you choose to hire the container, then consider the cost of delivery and collection. You can have the shipping container company to store the container for you once you rent it and pack your items if you don’t have adequate space. Contact us if you are interested in buying or renting shipping containers in Raleigh.

New vs used containers

New containers are typically more expensive than the older versions. If you opt to buy or rent a used container make sure it doesn’t have structural issues that could damage the contents. The container may have a few dents and scratches but it should still be water and air tight. There shouldn’t be holes or nonfunctional doors even if the container is used. The used container needs to be in good condition for you to consider renting or buying it.

Choosing the right size of shipping container

Containers vary in length, width and height. The standard containers have an external width of 8ft but the length can vary from 8ft to 40ft. High cube containers are much higher than standard containers and are ideal for machinery or plant that can benefit from the extra foot. 20’ shipping containers can store household items in a 2-3-bedroom apartment. If you need a larger container for general storage, then the 40’ shipping container will do.

Other important features

You may want a shipping container that has doors on both ends in order to easily access your items. Containers that have partitions are also ideal for storage and can help you to stay organized. Some companies in Raleigh NC provide containers with shelves so you can maximize on the number of items you are able to store. If using the container to store perishables, make sure it is refrigerated. Lining and insulating the container can also help to control temperature and noise levels.

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